Update the R4i sdhc 3DS to Support 3DS v4.3.0-10

r4i sdhc 3ds

What we need:

1 x r4i sdhc 3ds card
1 x ds/dsi
1 x sd card


1. Go to the official to download the newest kernel v1.60b
2. Unzip it and put all files into the root of sd card
3. Before update, we will see the icon is like follow:

r4i sdhc 3ds update

4. Enter it, select the third one:

r4i revolution

5. Click the “upgrade”

upgrade r4i sdhc

6. Then click “start” to start updating, do not power off during the updating and make sure the power is full. Otherwise, it will damage the card.

how to update r4i sdhc

update r4i sdhc 3ds

7. When the update is finished, reboot console and the icon will change:

r4i sdhc 3ds update tips

Now your r4i sdhc 3ds card can work on 3DS v4.3.0-10 perfectly!