How to run WiiU games via Wiiu USB Hard Disk Drive?

Hello everyone! This post is about Wii U USB loading – install WiiU games to USB or internal memory. The original thread is comes from Brazilian team. In order to let the palyers better understanding, i collect some data and rearrange the tutorials, please read the below post.


  • 1x microSD card
  • 1x USB Hard Disk Drive
  • 1x Y cable

How to run ganes?
Step 1. Download the Brazilian Pirates games, and extract the downloaded rar files into the root of the SD card

Step 2. Insert microSD card to WiiU, and connect the Hard Disk Drive to your WiiU console, in order to get your HDD to be recognized you may need to use a Y USB cable. Follow the setps on screen, formart your HDD to WiiU format.

Step 3. Open WiiU brower and enter, click the first option one by one, and launch the homebrew launcher
wiiu-1 wiiu-2
Step 4. Then Launch the modified wup installed
Step 5. Press X to let the game install to your Hard Disk Drive. If you want to install in system internal storage, please press a button.

Step 6. When the install ends you will be rebooted back into the homebrew launcher, exit it and you’re games will be installed!


  1. The downloaded games need to be the same region with your Wii U. USA games only work on a USA Wii U, European games only work on European consoles…If you don’t it will brick!
  2. The games will be playable online
  3. Please install one game at a time. Of course, you can install as many games as you want one your system as long as you have enough space.