New Products: Mobile Phone Wide Angle Macro Fisheye Lens

Most people like to take photos, scenery, nature, building, animals, plants, and so forth, of course, includ selfie, take photos of family and friends. Mobile phone is much easier to carry than camera. But how to make your photos looks have the same effect with camera? Here i want to introduce you a new products: Mobile phone wide angle macro fisheye lens triad suit in external SLR camera. It can be used for iPhone, Samsung, and other brands mobile phone.
homeThere have three different lens: Fisheye lens, Macro lens, and Wide Angle lens.
HD Fisheye Lens, uses the metal wiredrawing craft, 180° panoramic fisheye
Macro Lens, take lacquer whorl design, 10 times HD macro
Wide Angle Lens, appearance is clear full
Front and backMobile phone wide angle macro fisheye lens triad suit in external SLR camera comes out through four processes at the level of checks
Blue membrane plating craft, protect lens
Superior aluminum alloy shell, apperance is rounded and full
High-quality optical lens, absorb strong lights, avoid vignetting
Silver metal wiredrawing craft, texture clear and beautiful
effect cntrast photographIt’s very easy to use, just fix it with the clip on your mobile phone lens, then take photos as normally, your photos will be more clearly, beautiful and stereoscopic.