The processing capacity of PS4 is over 10 times than PS3. It using 8G high-speed GDDR5 memory, at the same time use the best allocation of this 8G content unified optimization design. The host use a 8-core X86 cpus, and have powerful graphics processors.
PlayStation 4 how to download the game?
You can connect PS store through PS4, then purchase the download version. Or you can purchase digital game from PlayStation online store with pc or phone.

PlayStation 4 how to connect Internet?
PS4 can use the LAN cable or wi-fi connected to the Internet

PlayStation 4 how to update the system?
Choose the system software upgrade option, if there have new version file under the Internet connected circumstance, it will updated to your PS4 Automatically.

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Recently, many players are talking about the latest next-generation console PlayStation 4.5 (PS4.5/PS4K). There have some rumors spread on the Internet.
PS4.5 PS4K
According to the news from Giant Bomb, the new model of PS4 code-named PS4 NEO. Compared with original PS4, PS4 NEO has made some improvement on CPU, GPU and RAM. In addition, all of PS4 game will be sold with “Basic Model” and “NEO Model” at the same time to supprt the current version of PS4 and PS4  NEO since October 2016. Of course, whether it’s true or not, We need to wait for the official confirmation.

The game in NEO model must reflect the skills upgarding run with PS4 NEO. It will have more smooth and stable frames, and also a superior resolution ratio. Same as the previous news, PS4 NEO will support 4K output.

What’s PS4.5/PS4K? And what’s the difference between current PS4?

PS4.5/PS4K Is the PS4 which hardware upgraded. Has great promotion than current PS4, mainly performance in the resolution ratio.
Named PS4 NEO? has not been officially determined.

Hardware changes and characteristics

Althought with the more powerful GPU, volume is far less than the original; Image processing more faster, is twice than current.
Change the new CPU
Support 4KBlu-ray paly
Media player application enhance significantly, maybe used in combination with VR
All of PS4 games can be run on PS4.5/PS4K
Let’s expecting PS4.5/PS4K/PS4 NEO coming earlier! You can visit to buy cheap wireless PS4 controller.

The Upgraded PlayStation 4 is Codenamed NEO, Contains Upgraded CPU, GPU, RAM