How to use SKY3DS+ flashcard to play 3DS games?

For 3DS game players, it’s such a good news to know the exists of SKY3DS+ (or SKY3DSPLUS) flashcard. If you say SKY3DS is a breakthrough for playing 3DS games, then, we could say SKY3DS+  is a leap. It’s an updating version of SKY3DS,  which is easier in using or operating. Two orange buttons’ design makes it convenient to switch games back and forth. Believe it’s the best one for you to play 3DS games!

sky3ds+ new sticker

Here is the official website: , main features are listed below:
* Included all the features of sky3DS;
* Plug & Play, easy to use, no more console setup;
* Game update directly by eshop patch download;
* System firmware update free, no console bricked worry;
* Switch game back and forth by two orange buttons;
* Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews;
* AP checks solved. Firmware updatable.

Below are steps for new comers to know how to use it:

1.Please use a blank or new FAT32 with 64kb format microSD card for the c. If your sd card is not, please format it into, which is the right version sd card for SKY3DS+.

2. Then, to make clear the SKY3DS+  version, please insert the sd card into SKY3DS+, then put it out. After that, please read the sd card in your PC, there is a setting.txt file in it. When you open the file, you can see the version in the first line which may not be the newest one as you compare the version in SKY3DS+ official website. If it is not, then you need to update the firmware version. It’s easy as well.

3. For firmware version updating, please go to SKY3DS+ official website, download the newest firmware version which is the first one in official download page.

4. After you download it, please unzip it, and cope the unzipped file (named firmware.bin) to your sd card. Then, please insert your sd card to SKY3DS+. To update the version, please do as the official website suggested: connect SKY3DS+ and PC via USD cable(the cable is in the SKY3DS+ package). The red led light (in SKY3DS+ ) shows for several seconds, then turn to green light and keep flashing for a while. Please pay attention, you need to wait the light turning off without any stopping to finish the updating.

5. Once you have the firmware version updated to the newest. You can delete the file (named firmware.bin) in the sd card.

6. Now, you can download some 3ds games, like Pokemon, Mario…from reliable sources to your sd card, and insert it to SKY3DS+; then put SKY3DS+ into your 3DS console(please note the game version should be same as your console version: EU version game for EU version console… ).

7. Finished! You can play the games you downloaded directly. Btw, you can also switch the games by pressing the orange buttons. Please have a try, you will find how wonderful for this two buttons’ design!

Hope the simple sharing can help some game players a lot in how to use SKY3DS+ flashcard to play 3DS games.

SKY3DS flashcard functions testing review with demo video

We reported news about the new 3ds flashcard “sky3ds flashcard” several days ago , and according the official announced video that the sky3ds can work 3ds games on newest 3ds version 9.2.0-20. However, this time, we got a SKY3DS sample to make some functions testing for everybody.

Firstly, it’s almost the same as real 3ds gamecard, the same size with little differences in first over-view, but there is a slot on top of the sky3ds card, it’s used for inserting a microsd card loaded into 3ds game titles. And also it built in a physical button , a switch for changing game titles, with a signal light beside.  When you insert the sky3ds into slot or switch games after you need turn to another one, the blue signal light will be lighting all the time until the game titles loaded normally.

front of the sky3ds

Backside of the sky3ds . The top with slot , signal light and a switch

3DS users may have known that the sky3ds is region locking recently, the testing game titles are all US versions such as Pokemon y, animal crossing, mario 3d land etc…, sure they cannot be used on a Japanese 3DS console. We don’t know more about whether the region locking is based on game titles itself or the version of titles. We guess it’s the second reason.

After we carefully test for sky3ds, it approved that the sky3ds is really supporting 3ds games on any of the 3ds versions, included the latest V9.2.0-20 , you can easily to plug and play with multirom support, without doing anything for exploits preload , not the same as gateway 3ds flashcard.
What more, just simply pressing the little button for switching when you want to turn to another game, and at same time, the blue signal will be lighting for a few seconds. After the lighting stop , then you can enjoy such a game.

we have made a demo you can check it out here.

By the way, you cannot just simply copy games  into micro sd card directly.  you have to flash them into it  by a special tool.  And you cannot open to read the contents directly after connecting the microsd(pre-flashed roms by tool) to PC, it will be an warning for formatting the micro card. ..

Later , we will make more reviews about flashing roms to micro sd card and other useful guides here, keep focusing on our updating news soon.