AceNS Firmware V1.1 Announcement


AceNS Loader firmware v1.1AceNS Loader is the newest product from Ace3ds Team which is popular among switch users or switch hacking since it’s releasing. AceNS is with built-in 3 payloads-ATMOSPHERE, REINX and SX OS, supporting 6 payloads at most.

Here, Ace3ds team has announced AceNS Firmware V1.1, let’s take a quick look for Change logs as below:
1.Fixed the LED not off when injection fail problem.
2.Enhanced the stability of the injecting.

Firmware update instruction
1.Download the firmware file first.Unzip the firmware file.
2.Connect the AceNS Loader one to your Computer via the MicroUSB cable.
3.Copy the IAP folder to the root of USB drive.The file like this, USB DRIVE:\IAP\FIRMWARE.BIN.
4.Un-plug the MicroUSB cable.
5.Plug the MicroUSB again, the AceNS Loader will auto upgrade in 3 seconds, then the IAP folder in USB DRIVE should be auto deleted.

For AceNS Firmware V1.1 file download, please click here
For AceNS buying, please find here