Know more about R4i ds card

An R4i Card is the latest top-of-the line in DS SLOT-1 flash carts. The better version i.e. the R4 DS card is a unique device which is just like the original DS cartridge. It is much better than the original as it gives complete solution and has proved itself to be a true media enhancer. Hence it is a must for any DS owner. Now days R4 revolution is popular for describing the effects that occurred due to the launch of R4 device few years down the line.

There are various kinds of cards available now a days which is useful for data storage. A R4 DSI card is just like any other SD card available in the market. It is also known as R4 Revolution and is considered to be the next generation flash card that is used with the Nintendo DS & Lite consoles.R4i is a final solution with no requirement of buying any additional element or deal with any messed up software and really the simplest media enhancer you have ever sighted. Simply putting this is a must have peripheral for any regular Dsi/Ds Lite owner. NDS series consoles have R4i flash card for Ds Slot-1. It is has the similar size as a regular original card. SDHC is also supported and has multiple media facility and can execute that few games and homebrews. R4i is a tool that is must for the worldwide NDS series players.

The major advantage of R4i Ds Card is that it helps Nintendo for having fun on homebrew games very lightly with a cheap amount of value. Thus the
R4i Card not only help in increasing the limits of Nintendo DS but too is responsible for convert it into media tool for playing songs, movies, and extra multimedia files along with marketable downloaded and new homebrew games.

The more recent version of R4i Card is the R4 DS version 2. It is not made not only for gaming but it is also used for watching movies, playing music, and browsing pictures, and reading eBooks. It is a product of a very reputed and branded company’s r4 team. It allows the usage of micro SD card at cheaper price as well as gives large capacity for DS. Hence the main functions of r4 card are to obtain and copy files as well as playing movies or MP3 players. It also comes with options to read TXT files and has supports for moons hell & homebrew games. It also supports changes of the Operation Interface background and has a better user friendly interface along with an inbuilt browser hence allowing remaining connected on the go.

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