The prospect of Nintendo NX will having a portable handset?

Although Nintendo didn’t formal public their new generation consoles NX details so far, there still have many rumors about Nintendo NX, and some Nintendo’s patent had already been exposed for a while. According to the news, information and patents which released last year, it indicates that NX may be contain both home console and handheld console.
20160706182537284A few days ago, a new patent of Nintendo was exposed, it perhaps shows the model of NX. From the report of foreign site, this patent was applied in december 2015 by Nintendo, but didn’t appeared until recently. A fresh patent also shows a simple and
square touch-based interface, though the focus of the application is on sound and vibration technology.
20160706182537666Beyond that focus, one of our favourite images shows a peripheral that can be placed on the core device; as you can see it replaces parts of the screen that would otherwise be virtual buttons with physical inputs. It’s similar in concept to plenty of
controller options available on smart devices, for example, though as this is a patent we’d expect a final product to have more of a ‘Nintendo touch’.
20160706182537985This patent is interesting primarily for the fact that it reinforces the prospect of a portable aspect to the Nintendo NX. With Nintendo having merged its portable and home console departments some years ago, talk of a ‘new way to play’ and the sense that the company will want to shift to one set of development projects rather than supporting two (as with Wii U / 3DS), then it certainly seems likely.