When the Apple iPhone6 ​​released? The most likely date finalized

August 6 morning news, ReCode, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal  etc. have reported that Apple is preparing for the conference on Tuesday, September 9, the foreign medias have also been considered to be that Apple will release a new generation of iPhone6 on that day.

Foreign media said Apple has been finalized will be held a grand press conference on September 9, according to Apple’s press conference last September convention, the new products will be announced ,that’s the next generation iPhone, which will be 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches screen, equipped with the new phone A8 processor.


Sure, Apple has refused to comment on the message.

Apple usually sell in the global market first opened in the second week after the the new iPhone release , then China will continue to be iPhone6 first starter market.

Although, it still not 100% sure that iPhone6 Published in the September 9, after all, Apple has not yet sent an invitation to the medias , but this date is highly reliable, and just waiting short time for Apple’s publicly announced. There is a convention, Apple will send an invitation in the week before the new conference.

Currently there are rumors think the next generation iPhone6 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches two versions. But recently reported that 5.5-inch version will be postponed to October release, may even be postponed to 2015. Relatively clear is that the smaller 4.7 inches iPhone6 determined will be released in September.

iPhone 6发布时间曝光!

It appears, when will the iPhone6 released? iPhone6 time to market ? these two issues have had the answer.
Also as the beginning of the article mentioned, if iPhone6 released on September 9, then the iPhone6 to market date will be September 19 (Friday after the release of the second week).