Gateway 3ds 4.0 Private Beta Installation Tutorials

Gateway 3ds 4.0 Private Beta has been revealed, compared with the previous version, it’s mainly add the installation function of A9LH bootstrap program. I have tested on my old 3ds console with 9.2 system, the istallation is successful, here i want to share with you. The full name of A9LH is arm9 loader hax, this is a boot bug for 3ds console. It is much convenient than the previous break, like 414, page break and Ninja break

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Because this is a private beta, there maybe exist risk of brick, so please be careful to use Gateway 4.0 private bate. It will be better to backup your 3DS NAND before instal. We can use GW’s built-in NAND backup tool to backup.

A 3ds console E/U/J (old 3ds/3dsll/sdsxl, new 3ds/3dsll/3dsxl)
SanDisk memory card more than 4GB
Gateway 3ds flashcard

How to downgrade
1. Download gateway 4.0 private beta, and unzip
Copy the contents of the “Console SD” folder on to root of your consoles SD card.
Copy the contents of the “Red Card uSD” folder on to root of your GW Red Card uSD.

2. Open ‘Console SD’ file, copy ‘boot.3ds’ and ‘launcher.dat’, then cover boot.3ds file which in your 3ds console SD card,
3. Then copy the system ultra tm_o3ds_jap.bin to SD card.

24. Boot GW_TIMEMACHINE.3DSX using your favourite homebrew entrypoint. In the GATEWAY Time Machine menu select the 2.x downgrade, downgrade your console to [current] 9.2.0-20J. Please make sure your console have enough power during downgrade. it will be prompted to shutdown after finished.
How to backup NAND
old 3ds console: After downgrade, open brower, input the address to enter GW menue, and choose backup system nand, it will be ok.

new 3ds console: Choose backup system nand, press A, the screen will be like this, then press START to back NAND. Take out SD card, connect to PC, there have increased a file named NAND.bin, this is your system nand. Copy the file to PC, it will be used when instal A9LH.

How to setup A9LH on old 3ds/3dsll/sdsxl
1. Go to Gateway Time Machine menue, choose [upgrade] 10.3.0-28J
2. Then reopen your console, choose [downgrade] 2.1.0J, just like the steps in downgrade.
3. Reboot the console and go to system setting, it will show ver 2.1.0-4J

4. Then go to brower, input, enter GW menue, choose A9LH INSTALLER option
5. Press A, then press START button to start instal ( Make sure your console have enough power)
6. After A9LH installation finished, turn off and reboot, now you can access GW menu directly.

How to setup A9LH on new 3ds/3dsll/sdsxl
1. Just like old 3ds, downgrade the 3ds system to 9.2, then backup NAND
2. Backup your SD card, then go to GW menue to format emunand, choose the corresponding option, press A and start button to start. (Don’t power off)

3. After finished, copy the file to SD card, and copy Gateway_TM.3ds file to GW SD card.
4. Insert gateway to console, go to GW menue, it will enter GW mood automatically
5. Press select button, the screen will be like this, choose GATEWAY 3DS time Machine, follow the steps on screen.

6. Turn off and take out SD card, delete Nintendo 3DS catalog. Then copy NAND.bin to SD card.
7. Start your new 3ds, go to brower, input to enter GW menue
8, Then choose A9LH INSTALLER, just same as old 3ds, to instal A9LH. (Make sure your new 3ds connect WiFi and have enough power)


Gateway 3ds flashcard support all 3DS roms!