GATEWAY RELEASED NEWS Time Machine App & A9LH Installer

Finally after over a month of silent, Gateway Team has released news on two cool new apps called ‘Time Machine App‘ and ‘A9L Installer‘ with an planned full public release as early as of May 22nd for 3DS! This will be a good news for all of the gateway uses and 3DS communites. Please read the below post to know more about the updating, it will help you to make better use of gateway.
GatewayThe GateWait is over, we finally bring you the long awaited news of the big new firmware update for all of loyal Gateway 3DS owners, soon they can finally enjoy A9Hax and more more thanks to the hard-working efforts of their developers and beta-testers, it might had been a long wait, but it will surely be worth it in the end.

Gateway Time Machine App
It can be launched by the homebrew channel, valid up to v10.7.0-32 system or any higher homebrew advancements in the future. This free tool will have user verified region and device type files which greatly simplifies the a9 install procedure.

Gateway A9LH Installer
Gateway A9LH Installer is a highly integrated GW menu app exclusively for GW users, that auto detects system and state of install, considerably simplifying the install procedure especially for the N3DS. Once the A9LH Installer is complete the console will now boot automatically straight into GW menu within a few seconds after powerup.

To protect your console, please don’t download from other sources until the public released from Gateway official website.

If you want to play 3DS games on 3DS V11.0.0-33, Sky3ds and Sky3ds+ are the best choice for you.

Welcome to visit, you will get a free ACE3ds Plus, R4i Gold 3DS or memory card as gift if buy Sky3ds/Sky3ds+ before May 20th.



Great news! Today, Nintendo announced that 3DS System have updated to V11.0.0-33. This updating is mainly to improve the overall system stability and other small adjustments, to enhance the user experience.

This news is come from Sky3ds official website:
It’s confirmed! sky3DS/sky3DS+ can support the newest 3DS V11.0.0-33 (05/10/2016)


The players who want to update can connect eShop to download patches, and update 3DS System to the latest version
Ninjhax 2.7, oot3dhax, and Arm9LoaderHax can be also used with V11.0.0-33
All of the flashcard support the latest version 11.0.0-33 emuNAND, including Gateway flashcard. Sky3ds and Sky3ds+ support 11.0.0-33 directly.
For more details about Sky3ds and Sky3ds+, please visit



Gateway has released a new firmware: Gateway Ultra 3.5. But how to use the cheat function? Please read this post.

First things first, download the firmware from gateway official website

Step 1. Copy Launcher.dat into the root directly of built-in memory card. Install GW_INSTALLER.nds with Gateway Blue Card and enter into Emunand on the 3DS console.

Step 2. Copy cheats folder into the root of Gateway Red Card’s memory card. Each titleID.txt means a game, the name can be check online. Then download game from reliable source and copy the rom to memory card of Red Card.

Step 3. Boot into Gateway mode, press select button, the game menu will appear.
Step 4. Choose the game and press Y to run Cheat, just like the below picture
Step 5. Press direction button and A to enable cheats
Step 6. Press strat to load the game, then press A to play directly

Step 7. Craking successfully

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