How to install FBI on your 3DS (For CIA Files)

In case you don’t have a gateway or sky3ds, i will suggest you new 3DS exploit: FBI This can be an easy way to install Games (mainly). CIA files are basically unsigned code that you can run, so you run anything without any ‘checks’. You must already have a CFW installed for this to work, you can’t run unsigned code on OFW. Once you do that, come back here.

  • Download
  • Extract the files and copy the FBI folder to the 3ds folder on your SD Card.
  • There should be a file called fbi.cia inside the Extracted content, copy this file to the root of your SD Card or you can create a specific folder for .cia files inside the root and copy it there.
  • Put your SD Card back into your 3ds and go into your homebrew launcher. Open FBI and navigate to the location of the .cia you just copied and install it.
  • You should now have an FBI app in your home menu so you don’t have to use homebrew launcher every time you wanna install something new

For installing CIA files or games, just copy xyz.cia file to your SD card (again in root or a new folder you created in root).
NOTE:Installing large .cia files takes time, don’t worry if it says that the estimated time for installing is 20-30 minutes. It’s completely normal

If you think the tutorials is tedious, you can buy original flashcard from

  •  Sky3ds+  (orange button)
    * Included all the features of sky3DS;
    * Switch game back and forth by two orange buttons;
    * More easier to use,copy and play,no diskWriter required;
    * Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews;
    * AP checks solved;
    * Firmware updatable.


  • Gateway 3DS 
    * Gateway 3DS is the world’s first 3DS flash card!
    * Support the console within version 4.1-9.2
    * Gateway officical website release the news that the next big updates with 10.3 and A9hax support
    * Support backup 3DS roms perfectly, and almost all 3DS roms
    * Support cia, dlc, eshop, 3ds and nds games
    * No region locking



All of us is waiting for the updating of Gateway 3ds firmware since the news come out. In my previous post on dated May 23th, 2016, the public release will be within 48 hours after that. But yesterday, the official post a news:

We had a tremendous amount of feedback from our beta testers! We have been working hard on processing all feedback and to bring you a shiny new private beta that will blow everyone away. We are the only ones to present you the best, safest and user-friendliest way out there to install the GATEWAY FAST BOOT method also known as A9LH.
Due to the high demand for our beta we have decided to be more open with our private betas! You can find our new private beta on our new BETA PROGRAM page !

UPDATE: Due to popular demand we implemented a ‘arm9loaderhax.bin‘ file that can be used with existing (non-GW) A9LH installs.


Gateway 3ds is the premier flashcard for 3DS games. It support all 3DS roms, and the latest version 11.0.0-33 Emunand.

Gateway 3DS OMEGA 2.3b Release for public

So far as we known, the gateway 3ds were working hard for eMunand 8.x long days ago, now, the public release firmware omega 2.3b has been launched out finally. That would be very good news for such an important update.

Let’s look at the saying about this update from GATEWAY-3DS official:

Early this week we released our latest Gateway OMEGA 2.3b firmware to our beta testers.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our beta testers and we would like to thank them for taking the time to test the latest update.

Our beta testers have mentioned a few minor issues:
*  The Gameboy Advance virtual console games and DSiWare are not working yet.
We acknowledge this and we will try to get it working after the next firmware release.

*  Emunand 8.x boots up slower.
We have observed this too for some brands of SD cards. We suggest our users to try a different brand or a faster SD card.

Other than that no major issues have been observed so far, so we decided it’s time for a public release!

You can find the latest firmware Gateway OMEGA 2.3b in the Downloads section.

As always, ENJOY!


Which is the Best Flashcart for 3DS Roms?

We are paying attention to the 3DS flashcarts for a long time. As we known, Gateway 3ds is the first one can run 3DS roms and NAND-emulate.
Then R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe and 3DSLink Released with cheaper price.
At the end, MT-Card 3DS came out, which was the first and only 3ds flash card can support multi 3ds roms in one Micro sd card, it really has many powerful functions for players,  and just now , we noticed MT-Card official reseller news: MT-Card V1.1 firmware & V1.2 Hardware released!  With this update , it can support NAND-emulate, region free,ESHOP,NAND backup, the popular 3ds games are all available(such as Pokemon X/Y , Animal crossing …) . And so far as I known, the V1.2 firmware , which fixed many eshop games (eg: Harmo Knight , Phoenix Wright 5, Super mario bros deluxe) , will be coming soon!
So, till now, MT-Card’s functions and also the great value are the best 3ds flashcart as i known. Even for the OMEGA 2.1 firmware released , the GATEWAY 3DS‘s  multirom function had been extended and become the 2nd to support 3DS Multi-ROM.

Gateway 3DS Updating emuNAND to access 3ds official cart online

Someone may have 3DS official cart (such as Animal Crossing), can it play online without having to update the 4.5 console?
And with an official cart or the ROM? Also how do you update the emuNAND to access?

With the original cart,assuming you haven’t done any of that if you want to run and update emuNAND

1- launch the gateway boot screen ( while holding L )
2- backup system NAND will take about 10 minutes after that move the NAND from 3DS SD card to your PC and keep it safe.
3- from the same gateway boot screen select format emuNAND ( will take 5-10 minutes )
4- boot gateway mode
5- open settings to make sure that everything is ok and you must see GW before the firmware version that means you’re on emuNAND now
6- don’t exit or close the settings ( or you’ll revert back to the original NAND ) open internet settings and make sure the WiFi is on and set up your internet connection
7- after setting up your WiFi agree to the terms of service ( don’t close the settings like I said make sure there is GW before the firmware version) open other settings and system update
8- download the update
9- after the update the 3DS will restart after that open settings and make sure your original firmware is still the same 4.x or lower
10- if you succeeded in everything when you open the classic mode or gateway mode check your emuNAND it should be 7.x


FYI: when you close the settings the 3DS reverts back to the original firmware so you’ll have to boot the gateway again.

Revolutionary News of 3DS hacking

We known, the Nintendo 3ds had been hacked last year, during that time, there are many revolution news about 3DS hacking.

Information summary taken from

– PUBLIC RELEASE OF Gateway 3DS V1.1a Region-free and Firm-Spoof
– Release 1.2: iQue and HK support
– Gateway 3DS 2.0 Sneak Peak 1 of 2 (nand backup)
– Gateway 3DS 2.0 Sneak Peak 2 of 2 (emuNand)
– F.A.Q. (what they are doing, some promises etc etc)
– 3DSLINK Demo Video
– R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edtion for Playing 3DS Games is Officially Released!
– 2.0 release and clones (more promises and clones announcement)
– 3DSLINK Region Free Demo
– 3DSLinkV2.0 Change Log
– R4i Firmware 2.0 and Manuals Released
– 3DSLink V2.01 Change Log
– 3DSLink Demo of EmuNand
– R4i Demo of EmuNand
– Public Beta release of GW 2.0b1
– MT-Card Announced
– 3DSLink firmware 3.0 is released
– R4i firmware 3.0 is released
– 2.02b now available (brick code introduced)
– Happy new year (says 2.0f coming early days of 2014 AKA more lies)
– MT card will be released in January 3, 2014
– Nand-based saves demo
– 3DSLink firmware V3.3B is released (GW2.0b2 equivalent with brick code active)
– R4i firmware V3.3B is released (GW2.0b2 equivalent with brick code active)
– Clones Blue Screen (brickway-gate)
– MT-card announcement of new features
– Gateway 3DS 2.0 multiROM teaser
– Switching to Gateway (more promises and seems like they are pushing for you to buy them, also last bit of news from them till date)
– MT card Hardware Ver1.1 & Software V1.1 released (multirom+emunand)
– Demos Nand Save and first glimpse on the evo3ds menu
– Demos Multirom working with both Nand Games and eshop (multirom missing GUI, toggle via up button) EVO3ds
– Demos eshop titles working though its one game per sd card EVO3ds

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Gateway 3ds flashcart finally starting to ship!

Since gateway-3ds official team claimed the first units to ship since on 29/07/2013, many 3ds users want to order the gateway 3ds as it’s really most powerful to play backup 3ds roms ! But, as the stock of the gateway 3ds flashcart was so poor that many guys cannot order it anymore. They just waiting for the gateway 3ds finally starting shipment. At same time , many merchants just provide the pre order for the gateway 3ds.

gateway 3ds flashcart in stock
gateway 3ds flashcart in stock
However, today,just now,just here.  The gateway 3ds flashcart finally starting to ship on online store. In stock , No delay , shipment arranged once you order!
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Gateway news updated ! The gateway 3ds flashcard finally comes out next week

It’s over a month past since the news come for the real 3ds flashcard – gateway 3ds can play backup 3ds roms . Today the news has updated finally.

Quote the official news for you here:

GATEWAY 3DS UPDATE , Officially opening of pre-orders !

Gateway is please to announce start of manufacturing and the opening of pre-orders. We expect to roll out the first units to resellers within the next fortnight.

Please pay special attention to the following critical information regarding our current software development phase.

1) Yes, we are exploit based (Yay !?) and therefore very dependent on console firmware version: Our current plan is to release for firmware version 4.5 while continuing work on a solution for 6.x + after release. (please see note below)

2) Gateway will be shipped with 2 cards, the red Gateway shown in our video, which will handle 3ds backups, and a blue ds cart which will be used to prepare the console. ( more demo videos showing save game compatibility as well as setup procedures to follow soon )

3) Your console can be safely updated to 4.5 by using an original title released after March 2013 till current. Please double check the update message (version) before proceeding !


We currently have a very convenient and user friendly way to enter into our Gateway mode, while this entry point has been tested up to 6.0 we expect it to be shut off shortly after we release. We can not stress enough the importance of staying away from any further updates! ( 6.0 compatibility is only valid for our initial entry point, as stated in point (1) we currently only support firmware version 4.5 ).

OK, the great news is we can play the backup 3ds roms since it’s in stock. However , the bad news is we only play 3ds roms on 4.x system. That will be
the biggest problem , most of the 3ds / 3ds xl system may be force to update to 6.x as Nintendo want take action for the 3ds flashcart hacking.
What’s worse , the gateway 3ds flashcard maybe with region blocked which many players would not like it.
What earth will the gateway 3ds flashcard be? Maybe , we need to review after next week.


Want to know more news about Gateway 3ds? this FAQ will help you

So far as we known, the gateway rolled out the Gateway 3ds flashcard which working 3ds roms , this is a revolution item , so that manly users want to know more information about it. Let’s read  the following FAQ , and you’ll have a better understanding for it.

*The gateway 3ds flashcard hacked 3ds roms? Is this real?
Short answer: Yes. This is a real product and will really allow you to play 3DS ROMS on your 3DS unit.

*How does the gateway 3ds  work?
It’s a tiny bit more complicated than this, but I’m dumbing it down so that everyone can understand. Basically, this is a shell for an SD card slot which tricks the 3DS into thinking that the SD card is the game cart. By putting the ROM into the SD card, and the SD card into the shell, you’ve essentially created a 1:1 copy of a retail game; a bootleg.

*What does that mean for the user?
A couple things. The SD card has to be the correct size for the ROM. If you have a 2gb ROM you need a 2gb SD card, and so on. You cannot use a larger card than the ROM you’re using, which also means that there’s no way to store more than one ROM on the card at a time. Additionally, the save files are stored on the cart shell itself, as the spot for that is standardized. This means that if you change the ROM, the new game will see that information as a corrupted save and delete it. You’ll need to back up your save files before switching ROMs, and you may need additional hardware to do so.

*Can gateway 3ds run homebrew?
Nope. This won’t allow you to run unsigned code. The cart is set up in such a fashion that you’ve created a 1:1 copy of a retail cart. That is, it’s signed by Nintendo already, and that’s why you can run it.

*Can it get around region blocking?
Nope. For the same reason listed above, you’ll still need to use the correct region’s ROM for your hardware, and won’t be able to play any ROMS of games that haven’t been released in your hardware’s region. You also can’t modify the ROMs without stripping the Nintendo signature and thus making this method no longer work.

*But since the 3DS can’t tell the difference between this and a real cart, it means Nintendo can’t block it with an update, right?
No. Nintendo can and will block this device. Currently, the 3DS can’t tell the difference. However, it’s just not being instructed to check the right things. There’s plenty Nintendo can do to identify this device. For only one example, they can check the read speed of the cart and see that it isn’t the same as an official card.

Worse, since ROMs can’t be modified, Nintendo also can and will simply include the update on future game carts, making it impossible to play those games with the device since doing so would force an update that made it no longer function.

*So what will I need in order to use this to full effect?
You’ll need:
1) The device itself
2) One MicroSD card to standard SD card adaptor for your computer, or a USB card reader device with a MicroSD card slot.
3) One MicroSD card of every standard 3DS ROM size – 512mb, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB
4) A method of getting save data off the cart, storing it for later, and putting it back on the cart (an R4i save dongle, for instance).

*Will this open any doors for better versions in the future?
Nope. Again, because it’s running 1:1 copies, and can’t run any modified or unsigned code, it won’t be leading to better technology on its own. It will, however, serve to motivate those that are currently working to crack that nut in two ways: First, because someone is out there getting a piece of the pie already and potentially eating their sales, and second because people will be unhappy with the complicated way this one works and demand for a proper system will increase.

For more infos about the gateway 3ds card, please continued to focus our blog news …