Gateway 3DS Updating emuNAND to access 3ds official cart online

Someone may have 3DS official cart (such as Animal Crossing), can it play online without having to update the 4.5 console?
And with an official cart or the ROM? Also how do you update the emuNAND to access?

With the original cart,assuming you haven’t done any of that if you want to run and update emuNAND

1- launch the gateway boot screen ( while holding L )
2- backup system NAND will take about 10 minutes after that move the NAND from 3DS SD card to your PC and keep it safe.
3- from the same gateway boot screen select format emuNAND ( will take 5-10 minutes )
4- boot gateway mode
5- open settings to make sure that everything is ok and you must see GW before the firmware version that means you’re on emuNAND now
6- don’t exit or close the settings ( or you’ll revert back to the original NAND ) open internet settings and make sure the WiFi is on and set up your internet connection
7- after setting up your WiFi agree to the terms of service ( don’t close the settings like I said make sure there is GW before the firmware version) open other settings and system update
8- download the update
9- after the update the 3DS will restart after that open settings and make sure your original firmware is still the same 4.x or lower
10- if you succeeded in everything when you open the classic mode or gateway mode check your emuNAND it should be 7.x


FYI: when you close the settings the 3DS reverts back to the original firmware so you’ll have to boot the gateway again.