In order to meet the needs of 3DS players, here i want to introduce you some 3ds games (US version) which will be come out very soon: Mini-Mario & Friends – amiibo Challenge, Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives 2 / Sega 3D Classics Collection,  Minna no Pokemon Scramble / Pokemon Rumble World

Mini-Mario & Friends – amiibo Challenge (US version)
Mini-Mario & Friends – amiibo Challenge is launched by Nintendo on 3DS and WiiU. After read amiibo, the corresponding role image will appear in the game with the form of clockwork toys. Same as the classical series ‘Mario vs Donkey Kong’, the players need to avoid obstacles to arrive the destination. Besides, different roles have different power. There have above 60 levels in this game, and have much hidden level waiting for you. It will be very interesting!
Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives 2 / Sega 3D Classics Collection
Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives 2 is the second 3DS game of SEGA company. It’s follow the previous mode, make the SEGA 16 classicial game appeared through 3d screen. The game recodes including ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, ‘The Milky Way force II’, ‘Galaxy Force II ‘, ‘Altered Beast ‘, ‘POWER DRIFT’, ‘MAZE WALKER’ and so forth.

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Known from the official resource, some new 3DS games will be released in April, such as Youkai Sangokushi (JP version), Pom Pom Purin (JP version), The Misshitsukara no Dasshutsu Archiver 1 & Archiver 2 (JP version), Mario & Sonic at Rio Olympics / Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Bravely Second – End Layer, Youkai Watch, and so forth.

This is a good news for much players, but how to play these new released 3DS game with flashcard? Let me tell you here. Yes, you need a 3DS flashcard– Sky3ds Plus. This is the second-generation product from sky3ds team. It only released half a year, and has become the hottest flashcard on the market. Why so many people trend to choose Sky3ds+? See below

Sky3ds+ Features

1. Compatible all the functions which Sky3ds supported
2. Two orange buttons, switch the game back and forth freely
3. Copy the game which with .3ds format directly, no DiskWriter required
4. Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews
5. AP checks solved
5. Can update the inside firmware

Sky3ds plus
Sky3DS+ can play the newest “Dragon Quest Joker 3” and others new released games(The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes and Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer – JPN) new released games. Have any doubt? Click here to view the video.

You can enter into Hax 2.7 homebrew launcher with Sky3ds plus card. Then use the region free tool to play JP 3ds game Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 on other region 3ds/n3ds/2ds consoles.

DQM joker 3
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Beautiful Nintendo 3DS Console Stickers

In order to protect our mobile phone and make it look as good as new, most of us like to use phone shell. Nowadays, Nintendo 3DS Console is very popular among youngsters. This is same as our phone and table PC, we should protect it well.

In this situation, you can cover your Nintendo 3DS Console with a sticker. It can provide full protecting from inside and out. You will not worry about  your device is scratched at anytime after with it.

It is made with a High quality environmental protection material, no pollution, very light and thin.There have many different colors and cartoon patterns for your choosing, including Personality, Fashion, Kawaii, Cool. The very important is it can be used repeatedly, no glue residue.

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How to play with Sky3ds Plus


Why many people choose Sky3ds Plus? Here i list some tips for your reference.
1. Compatible all the functions which Sky3ds supported
2. Two orange buttons, switch the game back and forth freely
3. Copy the game which with .3ds format directly, no DiskWriter required
4. Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews
5. Can update the inside firmware


Step 1. Format your microSD card to FAT32 in Windows before use
Step 2. Download the newest firmware.bin and gamelistbin from the office website, then copy it directly to mircoSD card.
Step 3. Insert the mircoSD card to Sky3ds+, and connect with PC. You will see flashing with red light for about 10 seconds, then flashing with green light, then lights out. It means the firmware have installed to your Sky3ds Plus.

Step 4. Insert Sky3ds Plus to your 3DS console, and pull out after the game icon appeared. Then insert again to your PC again, you will find two files built in your microSDm setting.txt and .sav file. After open setting.txt, the first line is the version of firmware. and the below is open .cfg file ( that is if you want to build a individual .cfg file for each game) 0 means close, change to 1 then save mean open.

Step 5. Copy the game directly to the mircoSD card, then you can play game with your Sky3ds Plus.


Note: Because Sky3ds+ compatibility is not much strong, it is best to use Sandisk memory cards.

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