PSVita Cobra BlackFin new updates

As usual, after about a month, Cobra Team release an new updates. They said they will now develop support for Android devices which support BlueTooth Low Energy connectivity. Most new mid range Android devices support this functionality, which means soon you will be able to enjoy BlackFin with Vita on the go! And besides, they are also developing further features and improvements for the PC and Android BlackFin applications such as:

  • Ability to format Micro SD cards to BlackFin format and transfer Vita ISO’s to the Micro SD via the BlackFin application, without the need for the BlackFin reader, simply using any MicroSD card reader for PC.
  • Support for Unicode characters; Japanese and Chinese character file names for ISO’s
  • Improved game dumping stability
  • Enhancements to the User Interface system

Stay tuned for further updates, Cobra Team will continue to innovate and support BlackFin with many new enhancements. The Vita scene has only truly just begun, and with the dawn of homebew loaders on Vita many new possibilities can be explored! We will be at the forefront of scene development and bring great features to our users, as you would expect from Team Cobra.

More and more games are added into Blackfin, just like the famous DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS , Hatsune Miku Project Diva X , Resident Evil – Revelations 2, and there have many game names listed on the Cobra BlackFin official website. 

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PSVita Cobra BlackFin software updated

Cobra Black Fin 02

After wait some time, Cobra BlackFin new software application v1.1 have been released by Cobra team. This updating includes BlackFin reader hardware update and add a preferences dropdown menu. The below is the original from Cobra BlackFin official webste:

News Update!  We are pleased to announce that we have been hard at work on the BlackFin 1.1 software application, which further improves stability and robustness of the authentication system across networks. The 1.1 release also includes a BlackFin reader hardware update which ensures stability on pc’s when running multiple readers. Furthermore, and most importantly, we have added a preferences dropdown menu which allows you with a couple mouse clicks to define the server location closest to you to ensure lowest latency possible, which is important for stable authentication of games. Americas, Asia and Europe are now covered with our server locations, ensuring global reach for users and fast authentication times. Check out the updated user manual for details which includes screengrabs of the settings configuration menu:

BlackFin setup and user guide v1.1 (applicable to BlackFin 1.1 application)
BlackFin software v1.1 (includes Reader firmware update)

Team Cobra has many, many more features plannned which will continue to bolster the power of the BlackFin product and bring flexibility to users.

Latest news about PSVita Cobra Black Fin

Recently, PSVita Cobra BlackFin is very active on currently market. And the BlackFin official website is continuously updated news. Here is the original post.
IMG_4199News Update! Cobra BlackFin team is adding server coverage for Asia and the Americas which should help to ensure that you can authenticate games over the severs in those regions without any possible time out errors which you could experience using current European server.
Cobra BlackFin can be used on your own PC (localhost) to play any of your own game cards, over the BlackFin servers for maximum number of titles, or on a friend’s private network by setting the IP address in the config to that of your friend’s PC IP address. We will be adding an easier config drop down to the BlackFin PC software in the next week or so to allow easily swapping between localhost, Asia, Americas or European server or input IP address of your friends server. Should sites decide to review BlackFin before the additional server coverage is in place, we would emphasize the importance of testing the device over a private
network (such as between two pc’s on the same IP address or a friend’s PC in the same region. Please ensure you open respective ports on the LAN or wifi routers.) in order to properly test the BlackFin hardware. Of course we will post an additional
news over the next few days when additional server coverage is in place. The process is already underway, so it will be very soon.
We have heard that close to 100 different titles have been acquired by contributors for use by all on the the Asian servers and similar will follow on the European and Americas servers shortly after.
Cobra Black Fin 03I will update in the first time if there have any news released about Cobra BlackFin, please focus blog.digimartz!

PSVita Cobra BlackFin Users’ Manual

Recently, PSVita Cobra BlackFin have began to sale on the market. In order to make you know more about it, i collect some data, please read below users’ manual.

Cobra Black Fin Emulator Initialization
Formatted mircoSD card and dump ISO files, connect the BlackFin Reader to PC through USB cable. Before access the BlackFin Reader, you need to install ‘Drivers’ on PC. Then enter the Drivers directory, run ‘CDM211216-Setup’, following the intructions to install FTDI drivers.
BlackFin user guide 1
Right Click Blackfin dongle and choose Update Driver Software, select Browse my computer for driver software, then c:\Blackfin-1.0\Drivers Software, the installation will be finished automatically.
BlackFin user guide 2
Open BlackFin App, then insert a blank microSD card into BlackFin Emulator, then plug to BlackFin Reader, any slot is ok.
BlackFin user guide 3Format the microSD before add game dumps.
BlackFin user guide 4


Setting the server tp use with the BlackFin Software
The BlackFin Software can be configured to use any server (local server and public server) You can edit C:\Users\<user>\AppDate\Local\BlackFin\settings.conf to change the server, see the below picture.
BlackFin user guide 5
Using the BlackFin Software
There have some tabs on BlackFin Software.The first one is for accessing the Card Emulator and a new tab will be created for Readers that the application detects. The windows will be like this. If the BlackFin Dongle is not find, just click ‘Retry’ button to try again. You can switch the tab to see the status of your BlackFin Reader.
BlackFin user guide 6
Identify your game cards
To identify a card, you need to follow these intruction:
First, select a card
In this part, the BlackFin Emulator must not be inserted in the Reader or in PS Vita, or the Vita must be off, then selet the card
The Software will start scannin for the BlackFin Emulator
BlackFin user guide 7
You can insert the BlackFin Emulator into PS Vita, it will be detected by the Software and authentication of the game card will begin
BlackFin user guide 8
The game have been recognized by the BlackFin Software, and now it can be dumped.
BlackFin user guide 9

Dumping a Vita Game Card to disk
Make sure the game card is authenticated, then select the game card to dump
Select the ‘Dump to disk’ option from the reader’s menu
BlackFin user guide 10
Select the directory and filename to save the ISO file
The game will be dumped from the Reader to the file you selected, wait until the game dumped finish.
BlackFin user guide 11
Add a game dump to the BlackFin Emulator MicroSD card
Insert the BlackFin Emulator to the Reader, any slots is ok.
Ensure the microSD card is formatted.
Select the BlackFin Emulator from the list of cards in the reader, then click ‘Add game’ button from the menu
BlackFin user guide 12
Select the ISO file you want to add to the micro SD card, then game will be added to the microSD card of the Emulator
BlackFin user guide 13BlackFin user guide 14

Launch a game through the BlackFin Emulator
Make sure the microSD card is formatted and with ISO games, insert into the BlackFin Emulator, then select ‘Card Emulator’tab
Click the ‘Bluetooth: Connect’ button.
BlackFin user guide 15
Inset the BlackFin Emulator into the PSVita after it finished, the software will be like this. On the left side, the game will show up as green if it is available on the server; If not, then shows red. All of the available games will be shown at the right side.
Select a game that you want to launch, then click ‘Launch game’ button, the game will be authenticated by the PSVita through the BlackFin Server.
BlackFin user guide 17The game have been launched and enjoy the game on your console.
BlackFin user guide 18Cobra BlackFin is currently supported up to PS Vita Firmware 3.57. We are now developing for fireware 3.60. Please don’t update your console over 3.57 fireware on the meantime — comes from BlackFin Team.