News update — Cobra BlackFin software v1.12 released!

It have just passed about 10 days since BlackFin v1.1 software released, cobra black fin team aslo released v1.11 in succession, and today, the Blackfin software have updated to v1.12. The below is the original from cobra blackfin official website:

News Update!  Cobra Team have been hard at work again with further improvements to the BlackFin software. We have uploaded a new BlackFin 1.12 application pack which improves stability for using multiple BlackFin readers on a single PC. Especially useful for those who want to set up their own server networks! BlackFin 1.12 is available here:
BlackFin software v1.12 (includes Reader firmware update)
Cobra Black Fin 02


If you want to know more about PS Vita Cobra BlackFin, please focus my blog, i will post at here the first time if there have any updated news.

Deep analysis about PSVita Cobra BlackFin Dongle

After a period of slience, Cobra Black Fin are start perked up in the market. This p2p Vita game sharing device implicitly promises to be Vita pirates’ wet dream, allowing people to share games with their “friends” worldwide. The Cobra Black Fin team, behind the dongle, have updated their official website recently.


There have 7 slots on Cobra BlackFin Reader, maybe many player are very curious about what’s inside the Cobra BlackFin. Here i’d like to share a few screenshots of the inside of the cobra blackfin. The screenshots reveal what kind of hardware architecture is powering the piracy dongle.

Quite a number of people on the scene are expecting to get their hands on the device in order to reverse engineer it. Although such a thing is pretty typical (the scene is always keen on reverse engineering the likes of TrueBlue, Gateway, etc…), in the case of the BlackFin I’m wondering if there’s even an incentive to do so. The concept sounds pretty “simple” and non-magical to me: the device uses actual, legit games at the authentication step, getting just enough data for the PS Vita to then accept to run the iso. I’m of course over simplifying things here, but the rest is mostly glue for all the software components to work together.

The screenshots show that the blackfin uses an Actel A3P250-VQG100 (FPGA) as its main CPU and an FTDI FT2232HL for USB communication.  And of course, there have another slot is available for a microcontroller, but that one appears empty on the screenshots.



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