iosuhax is released for Wii U

Last week, 3DS hacker Smealum released a new tool iosuhax for Wii U. This is a “Kind of” Custom Firmware for the Wii U.

What is iosuhax?

iosuhax” is launched by Smealum, the name is connect with 3DS *hax series. It doesn’t include any exploit, only useful for Wii U devs out there. The iosuhac comes behind Wii U 5.5 Kernel Exploit. If you are a hacker looking into details for the Wii U Security, iosuhax might be a great choice for you.


software nand dumping (bunch of ways to do this, dumps slc, slccmpt and mlc, either raw or filetree or something in between)
redNAND (redirection of nand read/writes to SD card instead of actual NAND chips)
remote shell for development and experimentation (cf wupserver and wupclient, it’s super useful)
some basic ARM debugging stuff (guru meditation screen)

You can download iosuhax form Semalum’s github.