Supercard DSTWO EOS v1.11 Download

DSTWO patch updated History

Q:How to upgrade DSTWO firmware?
Step 1: Download the firmware..
Step 2: Unzip and copy the upgrade file such as “dstwoupdate.dat” to MicroSD.
Step 3: Make sure you have DSTWO EOS system in your MicroSD, if you don’t have, please download: DSTWO EOS v1.11_0521(2012-05-21).
Step 4: Find a DS console (NDSDSDSLiteDSi3DS) which can run this EOS system, if you have the latest version console can not run EOS system, sorry, you have to find one.
Step 5: Turn on the power, EOS will detect the upgrade file, press A to upgrade.

Now, the DSTWO support the latest version console. Off cause if the firmware declared support the latest version console.

DSTWO v1.11_20120521(2012-05-21)  Download
Fixed for Meitantei Conan – Kakokara no Zensou Kyoku

DSTWO v1.11_0323                                        Download
Added support for DSi v1.4.4 & v1.4.5
Note: If the icon of your card is “Fish Tycoon” it will cost 5-6s to load. If it’s “Alex Rider: Stormbreaker”, will be faster.
DSTWO v1.11_1108(11-08)                         Download
1, Fixed for Camping Mama: Outdoor Advenures(U)

DSTWO v1.11_0723(07-23)                       Download
1、Fixed: Captain America: Super Soldier(E)

DSTWO v1.11_0630(06-30)                      Download
1、The support for the latest NDSI 1.4.3 (Chinese to 1.4.4) system.

DSTWO v1.11_0512(05-12)                       Download
1、The support for the latest NDSI 1.4.2 (Chinese to 1.4.3) system.

DSTWO v1.11_0427(04-27)                     Download
1、Fixed: Ace Attorney DS Homebrew crash bug.
2、Fixed: NitroTracker-v0.4 crash bug.

(For 3DS) DSTWO Fireware ver1.09(03-11)                  Download
1、Fixed: sometimes the cart cannot be recognized after resetting on NDSi/N3DS.
Added a system11.dat file which is a patch file under the _dstwo folder.
2、Changed: use separate boot program for N3DS/NDSi/NDS.
3、Added: reboot and re-upgrade after Upgrade failed.
How to use: Copy ds2update.dat file and the newest OS to the root of your microsd card, then insert DSTWO into the DS (or DSLite, DSi which can work with DSTWO) to upgrade your DSTWO. Make sure DO NOT power off until it finished upgrading!
***Important: The firmware v1.09 must work with the latest EOS v1.11.***

DSTWO EOS v1.11(03-22)                     Download
1:Fixed ds, dsi, dsill using v1.11 system, reset the game after the sonic boom of the error.

DSTWO EOS v1.11(03-11)                     Download
1、Updated to v1.11 EOS. Added AutorunLastRom function, you can turn on/off it in the setting option of game select menu. You can run your last played game directly by selecting “DS_GAME” in the plugin menu after turned on this function. If you want to enter game select menu after turned on this function, please hold on B to select DS_GAME plugin.
2、Fixed some Japanese letters can’t be recognized.
(For 3DS) DSTWO Fireware ver1.08(update:03-04)              Download
Upgrade fireware version with ver1.08, Increase support for N3DS NDS mode for N3DS.
Added a system11.dat file which is a patch file under the _dstwo folder.

DSTWO EOS v1.10(update:03-04)                                                 Download
1、Added a system11.dat file which is a patch file for N3DS under the _dstwo folder.
2、Fixed the lag bug under patch mode for #1404-Mogitate Tingle No Barairo Rupee Land(J)

SUPERCARD DSTWO V1.09(update:2011-1-22)                    Download
Note: This is version 1.09 OS. Some New DSTWO carts have no fireware, you need to write in it by yourself before using. This is the way:
1、copy the correct _dstwo folder and ds2boot.dat file to the root of your microsd card.
2、insert DSTWO into your console. Boot the console, dont turn off it untill you see the DSTWO cart LOGO(the logo of Fish Tycoon, maybe need about 1 minute). Then re-boot your console.

1、copy the correct _dstwo folder and ds2boot.dat file to the root of your microsd card.
2、insert DSTWO into your console. Boot the console, then re-boot when you entered the menu of NDS.

1、Fixed Hello Kitty Big City Dreams(E)
2、Fixed Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects(U)
3、Fixed Bleach Dark Souls(U)
4、Fixed Real-Time-Cheat display bug for some games (include “0” in their crc32)
5、Fixed Real-Time-Guide display bug for some games when your named RTG file as different letter case with rom file
6、Fixed the GBA union for Rockman(#0484) and Pokemon(#0026)
7、Fixed the bug for some homebrews which use (__system_argv), like “MyNitro”
SUPERCARD DSTWO V1.08(update:12-22)                            Download
1、Fixed Part games downPlay bugs.
Note: Old version patch database can not be use in new OS.

SUPERCARD DSTWO V1.08(update:10-25)                           Download
1、Fixed file system (Fixed the crash bug when filename is less than 8 letters and there is space in it).
2、Fixed save bugs of Summon Night(J) & Summon Night 2(J).
3、Fixed crash bug of Pokemon Black connection.
4、Fixed touch bug of Real Time Menu.

SUPERCARD DSTWO V1.07(update:09-28)                          Download
1、Fixed Rabbids Go Home.
2、Supports V1.4.2C/V1.4.1J/V1.4.1U/V1.4.1E Fireware.
3、Save wirte/read speed up.
4、Fixed the bug of some cheats cant be shown in Real-Time menu.
5、Fixed a save files recognise mistake bug.

SUPERCARD DSTWO V1.06(update:09-04)                         Download
1、Fixed the unstable crush bug in game (added a check to check if the card is reading busy).
2、Added a simple hotkey mode. Full hotkey mode is the same as the in-game hotkey mode before. But in-game menu does not work with some very special games (like Mario RPG 3) before, so we had added a simply hotkey mode, you can enter in-game menu by simply hotkey mode, but Real-Time-Save&Real-Time-Load dont work, other functions work.
You can set the hotkey in the start menu of game browser windows.
3、Use hardware mode to emulate the special command of pokemon games.

SUPERCARD DSTWO V1.05(update:08-21)                        Download
1、Fixed the crush bug of Brain Age Series.
2、Fixed the crush bug of Animal Crossing Chinese translated version.
3、Added the rumble, browser funcation(set in the system menu) for slot-2 series, supports SC slot-2 carts and 3in1 cart.
4、optimized read speed.
5、added reset hotkey(Select button) for the Real-Time menu.

SUPERCARD DSTWO V1.04(update:08-06)                        Download
1、Fixed 0396, 5140 Galaxy Racers reading save data error problem.
2、Fixed 0856 Bleach 2nd can not save problem.
3、Fixed 5116 Keshikasu Japanese version (clean mode).
4、Fixed the cheat code blank list problem in some games.
5、Added GBA linkage function.
Q: How to use GBA linkage function?
A: Usage: NAME.nds, NAME.nds.gba, NAME.nds.gba.sav. These three files are DS game file, GBA game file, GBA game save. NAME which can be user defined. This feature is selected by the user to open, choose the interface in the start menu, select System Settings option.
6、Added the WII linkage functions.
7、The main menu by using cyclic mode.
8、Added support ez3 in 1, superCard lite, superCard MINI SD, superCard SD, superCard CF.
9、Update Korean language package.
10、Added prevent halt in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.

SUPERCARD DSTWO V1.03(update:07-02)                 Download
1、Fixed 2971 Star Wars Clone Wars.
2、Fixed save corrupt problem of 0856 – Bleach DS 2nd – Kokui Hirameku Requiem (JP) (WRG).
3、Enable to modify the desktop icon “DS_GAME”, just edit the dstwo_game.ini file (it’s in “_dstwoplug” folder, edit the same way as other plug-ins).
4、Added a sort type, text list.
5、Fixed a bug which touch invalid of text part in file list.
6、Fixed reset in the game return to desktop, switch to game list
7、Fixed the amount of shin limitation.
8、Changed desktop icon from cycle show to single way, and removed the space plug-in icon.
9、Fixed the real-time menu splash screen problem.
7、Enhanced homebrew compatibility.
8、Fixed Eigokoro Kyoushitsu DS(J) The save file size should be 64Mb, please del the old 512kb save file of it.

SUPERCARD DSTWO (update:06-01)                            Download
1、Update the file system, remove checking storage space function to improve reading speed.
2、Added system file protection, user could not operate on system files to avoid system corrupt.
3、Fixed save problem, when the patch database save size is different from customer save size setting, will keep customer save size.
4、Fixed a cheat code bug. Sometimes, the cheat code does not display.
5、Fixed GameWatch Games Collection, RPG tools.
6、1222 – Archime DS (J)
2360 – LOL (U)
2645 – Bakushow
Fixed these game downplay function.
7、Added DSTWO provide Soft-Reset function for Homebrew. Any homebrew software run “_dstwo/reset2desktop.nds” file can return to DSTWO desktop.
8、Fixed ReadTime Save display time error bug.

SUPERCARD DSTWO (update:05-22)                        Download
1、Fix “Made in Ore”&”RPG Tool DS”
2、Fix “4951 Daigasso! Band Brothers”,The save is normal now
3、Fix “4952 Prince of Persia(Black screen Error)”,If you want to play,Premise is clean mode
4、Increase capacity detect in disk for enter the game,Avoid roms generate the bad damage the game system
Download&decompression DSTWO suite to root of TF,you’d better format the TF on first use
This suite contain DSTWO system core V1.01,GBA simulator V1.13,guide slot2 port&DS mode plugins and the latest moonshell software for DSTWO dedicated

SUPERCARD DSTWO (update:05-18)                  Download
1. RealTime Functions: RealTime Save(Enhanced, 3D game more stable), RealTime Game Guide(txt, bmp) & RealTime Cheat. (More stable, more easy to use, cheat code compatible with popular cheat file)
2. Multi Saves (Up to 4 slots), Easy to backup and restore saves.
3. New exclusive feature. Free Cheat function. During game play will allow you to search for and enable various cheats and hacks, such as modifying or even locking your characters health.
4. Unlimited MicroSD storage space support. SDHC support. FAT or FAT32.
5. Multiple languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish)
6. Built-in GBA Emulator. More Emulator will be developed on schedule. Such as SNES.
7. Hotkey user-defined.
8. New Hardware Control Action Slow Motion (Up to 4 levels).
9. File Management System (Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete, long file name support).
10. eBook (BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, TXT, PDF).
11. New exclusive feature. Intelligent clean mode, automatically detect memory card speed and save type.
12. New exclusive feature. Hardware defence DS Anti Piracy. No Patch needed.

3DS Video Converter v2.3 Download

3DS Video Converter v2.3 Download

File description:

Nintendo 3DS dev NekuSoul is back with another good update to the 3DS Video Converter bringing the release to version 2.3.  Some awesome features of the 3DS Video Converter are the ability to convert multiple files, drag and drop functionality, support for both 2D and 3D videos, the ability to set your output folder.  Also, if you are a Windows 7 user you can see the progress in the taskbar.


Multiple File Conversion
Drag’n Drop
Supports multiple Cores
Supports 3D and 2D Videos
Changeable Quality
Output-Folder can be set
Progress-Bar in Windows 7
Renaming Videos to automatically fits into 3DS’s naming scheme
Automatically cuts Video into multiple 10 minutes Videos

3DS Video Converter  Change log (v2.3):

– ProgressBar now more detailed
– Some Interface fixes
– Added 3D-Mirrored Conversion
– Removed 3D-Side-by-Side and Splitted conversion
– Closing Dialog redone
– Updated ffMPEG
– Added README
– Sourcecode put under WTFPL

RGLoader 0v290 Beta Download

RGLoader 0v290 Beta Download

File Description

RESET GLITCH LOADER-dev. This Windows tool creates a DevKit NAND for retail consoles with the Reset Glitch Hack, and give you most of the DevKit functionality on your retail Xbox 360. Requirements: You will need .NET Framework 4 installed. May work with Mono. The /Filesystems directory needs to be filled with the files from a devkit 14699 or 14719 NAND. (keywords: RGBuild2, 360 reset glitch hack, RGH) New in this rel: -Fixed RGH2 -Added flexible systemroot patches! (no hdd needed!) -Added xell to jtag images -Fixed ini problems -Slightly faster phat boot times

Version: 0v290
Developer :    Team RGLoader
Created     05/27/2012

0v290 changelog of this version:

– Corrections to the RGH 2
– Added patches systemroot flexible! (no HDD required!)
– Adding images to Xell JTAG
– Fixed problems with initial
– Time to boot slightly faster on FAT

True Blue v2.7 firmware update 2.7 Download

True Blue dongle firmware v2.7  download here

True Blue dongle firmware v2.7 has been released.
Changes include:

True Blue dongle authenticity status displayed on PS3 XMB system information screen

Fixed yet another important game compatibility issue affecting recent 4.xx games

Q: How can I verify that my True Blue is authentic and not a clone?

A: Install True Blue dongle firmware v2.7 or later. Then in the PS3 XMB, navigate to Settings -> System Settings -> System Information. Next to the “System Software” version will be information relating to your True Blue dongle. If your dongle is authentic then it will display something like “True Blue v2.7” (this will vary depending on the version of the dongle firmware you have installed). If your dongle is a clone then it will display “True Blue CLONE” as shown in the following image:

WoodRPG 1.48 Download

Official reseller in the USA:
Caution: The Wood R4i Gold firmware is only for the R4i Gold made by ( R4iDS. Other R4i Gold cards, due to different hardware, can not use the Wood R4i Gold firmware (including the R4i Gold v2, etc)
Change log (v1.48):

– ‘moyeora! kirby (korea)’ fixed.
– ‘detective conan – kakokara no zensou kyoku (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘super scribblenauts (europe) (en,sv,no,da,fi)’ fixed.

Wood R4iDSN 1.48 Download exclusive software!  dwtechz is one of the biggest official reseller in the USA (Reference:


Important Information
Since v1.17, there is a Wood R4i Gold firmware released by the ( team. This firmware is produced in close cooperation between me and the R4iDSN team, it gets the same support from me as do my other firmwares.

Caution: The Wood R4i Gold firmware is only for the R4i Gold made by ( R4iDS. Other R4i Gold cards, due to different hardware, can not use the Wood R4i Gold firmware (including the R4i Gold v2, etc)

Change log (v1.48):

– ‘moyeora! kirby (korea)’ fixed.
– ‘detective conan – kakokara no zensou kyoku (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘super scribblenauts (europe) (en,sv,no,da,fi)’ fixed.

Wood R4 1.48 Download

Official reseller:
More official resellers,please visit official site:
Wood R4 is the most famous alternative to the original R4 menu. It brings tons of new exclusive features, perfects ROM compatibility and support along its numerous updates, it is by far the best system for your flashcart. There are multiple versions available, this one being the orignal version, for the original R4. For other versions please read below.
Important Information
Since v1.17, there is a Wood R4i Gold firmware released by the ( R4iDSN team. This firmware is produced in close cooperation between me and the R4iDSN team, it gets the same support from me as do my other firmwares.

Caution: The Wood R4i Gold firmware is only for the R4i Gold made by ( R4iDS, Other R4i Gold cards, due to different hardware, can not use the Wood R4i Gold firmware (including the R4i Gold v2, etc)

Change log (v1.48):

– ‘moyeora! kirby (korea)’ fixed.
– ‘detective conan – kakokara no zensou kyoku (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘super scribblenauts (europe) (en,sv,no,da,fi)’ fixed.

Xbox Shadow Box

Back in the day I used to be into modding the original Xbox. I put together a shadow box display with various cheap modchips. The motherboard was pulled from a bad box due to a leaking aerogel(clock) capacitor which is a common problem. Remove them from the board to avoid damage(1.0-1.5).
Posted Image

DS Two Fix Firmware Update Faile Fix Download

How to Fix Fireware after upgrade fireware failed

1, you need a DS/DSL and another flashcart which can run homebrew (e.g. DSONE/R4/DSTT… etc)
2, download latest EOS and dstwoupdate.dat file which from the latest fireware of DSTWO
3, Run dstwo_load_NDSL.nds dstwo_load_NDSL.rar (21.91 KB) with another flashcart which can run homebrew (e.g. DSONE/R4/DSTT… etc) on a DS/DSL
4, insert DSTWO (without microsd card!!!)
5, insert the microsd card which stores latest EOS and dstwoupdate.dat file into DSTWO
6, Press B

DS Two Fix Firmware Update Faile Fix    :  Download here

FBZX Wii 2 Download

FBZX is a ZX Spectrum emulator for FrameBuffer written by Sergio Costas and ported to Wii by Oibaf.
FBZX Wii can be found on google code at
The port uses SDL Wii.

• Emulates accurately the Original 48Kspectrum (both issue 2 and issue 3), the classic 128K, the Amstrad Plus 2, the Amstrad Plus 2A and the Spanish 128K. This include screen, keyboard and sound (both speaker and AY-3-8912 chip).
• Screen emulation is extremely accurate, so it can emulate border effects and even attribute effects.
• Supports Z80 snapshots, both loading and saving, and loading .SNA snapshots.
• Supports TAP (both read and write) and TZX (only read) tape files, supporting normal speed loading and fast speed loading.
• Emulates up to 2 joysticks: kempston, cursor and sinclair1 and sinclair2.
• All the wiimote, nunchuck and classic controller buttons and joypad are fully configurable.
• Virtual keyboard support.
• Emulates the Interface I and Microdrive.
• Emulates the ULAPlus
• Based in a new, fully free, Z80 emulator (Z80Free).

Change log (v2):
• Added smb support
• Added usb disk support
• Added joypad as joystick function
• Added saving of all configurations and buttons
• Improved virtual keyboard
• Fixed bug in sound emulation
• Fixed some other sm