Operating experience compared: iPad mini VS. Nexus 7

In the past two years, the emergence field of small-sized tablet lanuchered many new products, however, most notably perhaps only the Google Nexus 7 . Google Nexus , OEM ASUS, the quad-core high-performance 7 inch QHD screen, with low price of $ 199, all the strong elements are integrated together will push Nexus 7 onto the the strongest 7-inch tablet throne, naturally, Nexus 7 is hot sales! A few days ago, Google continues to make force, the introduction of a more powerful Nexus 10,10.1 inch screen, 2560 × 1600 ultra-high resolution, the degree of detail than retinal Edition iPad equipped with Cortex-A15 architecture Exynos 5250 dual-core processor, clocked 1.7GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB $ 399, 32GB version is $ 499, excellent combination is likely to continue the Nexus Tablet’s hot sales.

Back to the theme of contrast up, Apple iPad mini and Google Nexus 7, I believe they have a lot of fans, then I will share everyone with a simple compare these two excellent small-sized tablet.

 Apple iPad mini VS. Google Nexus 7
iPad mini
 Nexus 7
7.9-inch IPS
 7-inch IPS
1024×768  ppi 163
1280×800  ppi 216
Dual-core Apple A5
Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3
Storage(GB) 16/32/64  8/16/32
Camera (megapixels) Front 120  Rear500  Front120  Rear:none
iOS 6.0
 Android 4.1
Interface Lightning、3.5mm耳机 Micro USB、3.5mm耳机
Portable 200×134.7×7.2mm 308g  198.5×120×10.45mm  340g
Battery 16.3Whr(4400mAh)  16Whr(4326mAh)
Price 16GB:329USD

Comparing the above parameters, it is not difficult to see some differences, but what about the actual experience ? Look at the experience of the video.

Operating experience compared video

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