Mt-card official news updated : MT card Hardware Ver1.1 & Software V1.1 released

It’s long time that 3ds flashcard has no good news come out. However, it  has changes since  Mt-card official news updated on Feb.28th,2014. They had released MT card Hardware Ver1.1 & Software V1.1 . That’s a great news for those mt-card users.

MT card Play 3ds games Support multiROM
MT card Play 3ds games Support MultiROM

There is the official news referred.

“Thanks for your support.Our R&D team keep working hard on the firmware improvement, with continuous testing and evaluation, we decided to release the latest version hardware and firmware today. The update file contains software and hardware update programs, which will bring you new functions, better compatibility, more games and more TF card selection, details as below :

1.Hardware update(VIA USB)

1.1 Improve the compatibility of MT card with TF card

1.2 The build-in KEY enabled after the game icon showing finished


2. Software update( Launcher. Dat on SD card)

2.1 Support runing high version game Rom

2.2 Support NAND-emulate system ver 7.1.0, support official carts running on high version 3DS

2.3 Support official carts region free

2.4 Support NAND backup

2.5 Support ESHOP


3.we are trying to achieve targets for:

3.1 Support animal crossing ,Pokemon XY

3.2 Support saveEditor

3.3 Card dump