More info about fire cards

R4 DS fire cardBy burning, so a lot of games or a variety of content can be stored in a recording chip, and then the machine reads the contents of the chip, using the contents of Cary.
Fire cards can be used continuously rewritable memory chip, the memory game of the FLASH ROM chip to store the game as a FLASH ROM chip is used to run programs (games) on a high speed random access request Therefore, almost all Fire cards are used in the FLASH as the NOR-type memory chip that because processing reasons, the capacity is relatively small, with capacity far higher than the price set for the production of U-type NAND FLASH class chip, which is much higher than the price of burning the system the main reason for U disk.
Global production, NOR FLASH chip manufacturers are mainly two INTEL and AMD & FUJITSU, as INTEL speed slightly slower, so use AMD & FUJITSU as the storage game ROM, FLASH chip is a programming cassette of choice, well-known writers Brand EZ, EZFA , EWIN, GBALINK are, without exception, the use of the same type of chips, you can see a better use of better recording cassette FLASH memory chips should be a basic requirement, which is the fundamental guarantee for the game to run stable .
In addition, an important part of Fire cards: control chip to control the joint card, archiving memory, clock and other functions of the core components, but also the entire recording system can best embody the technical content of one of the hallmarks of the current cassette recording control chip can be divided into two categories, one is self-development needs of the logic code, and through the programming programmable logic device CPLD chips after forming, the other is vinyl package with a simplified version of the ASIC chip.
Current control using CPLD chip programming card are as follows: EZ series, GBALINK ZIP series, Ewin series, EZFA series, EFA-LINKER, the cassette relative to those with ASIC control chip version of the programming cassette speaking, more perfect functions, together card supports unrestricted, most cassette support clock function, and can archive FLASH hardware emulation, and because software and hardware matching more understanding of these flashcard software features are relatively comprehensive, basically to provide a soft reset menu and gold fingers and other functions, of course, due process and cost CPLD own problem, that the price of cassette recording is relatively high, power consumption is also slightly larger.
ASIC control chip currently used Fire cards are as follows: XG2TURBO, GBAMAGIC, (and XG2T belong to a class of products), Tai Chi sharks, TT-FLASH, intellectual treasures and early GBALINK cassette, MPG cards, EZ mass cards, EZ Magic card, FireWire card and many other low-end brands.
Vinyl Packaging ASIC controller chip because of their logic is very simple, using this control chip flashcard general function is weak, or a single card or a card using 32Mbit regional cooperation, most tapes do not support the clock, file support is not enough high, the cassette of the software development above the current limit due to almost all of the hardware can not support the soft reset and cheat function, and its low power consumption (and D card at a power level), low prices.
Burn some of the main memory card archiving archive files from the game’s SRAM memory chip and circuit for charging the composition of the cartridge generally less than 512Mbit 2Mbit chips are used, while more than 512Mbit (including 512Mbit) cassette will use more than 4Mbit SRAM (XG2T512 rather special, because SMS is an archive of its core, it does not need much capacity SRAM), for the SRAM by a 3V power supply is a button battery, and now many Fire cards are used in rechargeable battery, main battery power exhausted in order to avoid can not provide sufficient power to the SRAM, so the problems caused by lost files.
Some cards also have other special functions, the cassette must be some non-burning structure, special features section is the development of manufacturers to provide more selling points and features developed, and currently the most important part is the clock circuit, and clock circuitry mainly by the clock chip and crystal composition.
There are still non-district game backup Fire cards must form, mainly for recently introduced products have a number of writers, is more representative EZ3, its composition is equivalent to the replication cassette plus 128Mbyte 256Mbit U-disk, which 128Mbyte of NAND-type memory chip using FLASH, which provides a low-cost high-capacity backup storage solutions of the game, of course, the game is stored here can not be directly run, still need to extract the SRAM cassette or region after region, NOR FLASH run.