How to play with Sky3ds Plus


Why many people choose Sky3ds Plus? Here i list some tips for your reference.
1. Compatible all the functions which Sky3ds supported
2. Two orange buttons, switch the game back and forth freely
3. Copy the game which with .3ds format directly, no DiskWriter required
4. Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews
5. Can update the inside firmware


Step 1. Format your microSD card to FAT32 in Windows before use
Step 2. Download the newest firmware.bin and gamelistbin from the office website, then copy it directly to mircoSD card.
Step 3. Insert the mircoSD card to Sky3ds+, and connect with PC. You will see flashing with red light for about 10 seconds, then flashing with green light, then lights out. It means the firmware have installed to your Sky3ds Plus.

Step 4. Insert Sky3ds Plus to your 3DS console, and pull out after the game icon appeared. Then insert again to your PC again, you will find two files built in your microSDm setting.txt and .sav file. After open setting.txt, the first line is the version of firmware. and the below is open .cfg file ( that is if you want to build a individual .cfg file for each game) 0 means close, change to 1 then save mean open.

Step 5. Copy the game directly to the mircoSD card, then you can play game with your Sky3ds Plus.


Note: Because Sky3ds+ compatibility is not much strong, it is best to use Sandisk memory cards.