How to Launch Other Payloads via AceNS Pro?

AceNS Pro Loader which including AceOS, is compatible with all firmwares and all regions on every NS released before June 2018.

It’s been several days since AceNS Pro releasing, there are different voice among this switch hacking loader. Users who have got AceNS Pro may have found an advantage which is using AceNS Pro to launch other payloads.

payload launch

So, how to launch other payloads via AceNS Pro? Please see the three simple steps as below:
1.Put the payloads files to your TF card root directory.
2.Insert AceNS Pro loader to Switch, holding vol+ button, then, click power on button to enter AceOS interface, then you could loose vol+ button.
3.CLICK option–payloads, select the payloads you want, then, press “launch” to inject other payload.

AceNS Pro will have more attractive thing for users to discover. Also, looking forward to more updating from AceNS Pro team.

Enjoy your Switch Playing with AceNS Pro!