How to run WiiU games via Wiiu USB Hard Disk Drive?

Hello everyone! This post is about Wii U USB loading – install WiiU games to USB or internal memory. The original thread is comes from Brazilian team. In order to let the palyers better understanding, i collect some data and rearrange the tutorials, please read the below post.


  • 1x microSD card
  • 1x USB Hard Disk Drive
  • 1x Y cable

How to run ganes?
Step 1. Download the Brazilian Pirates games, and extract the downloaded rar files into the root of the SD card

Step 2. Insert microSD card to WiiU, and connect the Hard Disk Drive to your WiiU console, in order to get your HDD to be recognized you may need to use a Y USB cable. Follow the setps on screen, formart your HDD to WiiU format.

Step 3. Open WiiU brower and enter, click the first option one by one, and launch the homebrew launcher
wiiu-1 wiiu-2
Step 4. Then Launch the modified wup installed
Step 5. Press X to let the game install to your Hard Disk Drive. If you want to install in system internal storage, please press a button.

Step 6. When the install ends you will be rebooted back into the homebrew launcher, exit it and you’re games will be installed!


  1. The downloaded games need to be the same region with your Wii U. USA games only work on a USA Wii U, European games only work on European consoles…If you don’t it will brick!
  2. The games will be playable online
  3. Please install one game at a time. Of course, you can install as many games as you want one your system as long as you have enough space.


Brook Super Converter introduction for PS3/PS4/Xbox one/Wii U controller

SONY PlayStation series game console is more and more popularize nowadays. It’s believed that most families have at least one or two devices, the most popular should be PS4, XBOX One and Wii U.

How to make the best of old controllers? This is a question. Please read my below post with patience。

At first, i’d like to introduce you this brand products: Brook. It is built by a Taiwanese company with over 20 years of experience in the hardware gaming industry. The Super Converters is their first product series. It make your old gamepads, joysticks, racing wheels and other controllers compatible with your new consoles. Breathing life into favorite, old controllers that had fallen into disuse, the Super Converters allow you to save money while having fun. Flexible, adaptable and colorful, Brook is the chameleon of gaming.

Product Features:

  • Works with PS3/PS4/Xbox One/Wii U and PC
  • Compatible with gamepad, racing wheel and joysticks
  • Hot swapping
  • Bluetooth supports wireless controllers
  • Auto-register controllers
  • Full compliance with ecvironmental standards
  • Optimal button mapping
  • USB interface
  • Vibration support
  • Remember up to 4 controllers
  • Lightweight and USB-sized
  • No original controller needed for verification


PS3/PS4 to PS3/PS4 Controller Super Converter

  • US$42.5/pcs with free shipping
  • Lets you use your PS3/PS4 controllers to play games on PS3/PS4 consoleps3-ps4-to-ps3-ps4

Xbox 360/Xbox ONE to PS4 Super Converter

  • US$42.5/pcs with free shipping
  • Lets you use your wired Xbox One /Xbox 360 controllers to play PS4xbox-360-xbox-one-to-ps4

PS3/PS4 to Wii U Controller Adapter

  • US$34.5/pcs with free shipping
  • Lets you use your PS3/PS4 controllers to play  games on Wii Ups3-ps4-to-wii-u

Xbox 360/Xbox One to Wii U Super Converter

  • US$34.5/pcs with free shipping
  • Lets you use Xbox360/XboxOne controllers on Wii Uxbox-360-xbox-one-to-wii-u

PS3/PS4 to Xbox One Super Converter

  • US$42.5/pcs with free shipping
  • Let you use your PS3 and PS4 wireless controllers to play games on Xbox One console.ps3-ps4-to-xbox-one

Xbox 360/Xbox One to Xbox One Super Converter

  • US$33.99/pcs with free shipping
  • Lets you use your Xbox 360 /Xbox One controllers to play Xbox Onexbox-360-xbox-one-to-xbox-one


  1. Each Brook Controller Adapter can only handle one wireless controller at a time
  2. The wireless gamepad can connect to the Controller Converter automatically, but must be connected with a USB cable at first time use for the purpose of registering the controller
  3. After register, please wait 3 – 5 seconds before pressing the PS button to ensure that the connecting to wireless is smooth

iosuhax is released for Wii U

Last week, 3DS hacker Smealum released a new tool iosuhax for Wii U. This is a “Kind of” Custom Firmware for the Wii U.

What is iosuhax?

iosuhax” is launched by Smealum, the name is connect with 3DS *hax series. It doesn’t include any exploit, only useful for Wii U devs out there. The iosuhac comes behind Wii U 5.5 Kernel Exploit. If you are a hacker looking into details for the Wii U Security, iosuhax might be a great choice for you.


software nand dumping (bunch of ways to do this, dumps slc, slccmpt and mlc, either raw or filetree or something in between)
redNAND (redirection of nand read/writes to SD card instead of actual NAND chips)
remote shell for development and experimentation (cf wupserver and wupclient, it’s super useful)
some basic ARM debugging stuff (guru meditation screen)

You can download iosuhax form Semalum’s github.


The Wii U 5.5 kernel exploit has been discussed for some time. But no matter how hard Nintendo tries to protect its hardware, there always have someone somewhere always breaks through the walls.

Yes, Wii U 5.5 kernel exploit was just leaked three days ago on GBATemp. It is said this exploit allows console modification was in development. In this post, i will introduce you some use tutorials about Wii U 5.5 kernel exploit.

Step 1. Download the Wii U 5.5 Kernel exploit and rename

Step 2. Install Java 8

Step 3. Make sure port 80 is not used

Step 4. Run hackserver.jar, make sure it runs correctly
wiiu_55_kexploit 4
Step 5. In a Dos command line (“cmd”), type “ipconfig” to get your computer’s ip address

Step 6. On your Wii: enter your IP address followed by /hax?kexploit31, for example
wiiu_55_kexploit 6
Step 7. Click on done and load the page to run the Wii U 5.5 kernel exploit
wiiu_55_kexploit 7