Good news, Kirby latest series Planet Robobot JPN have launched. It is released on 3ds platform by Nintendo on dated April 28th, 2016. This new 3DS ACT Kirby- Planet Robobot suit for each stage of the ages. The actor Kirby equip more than 25 robotic bodies, and with a new Kirby mecha. Kirby can take the mecha to use its power against the enemy Nova.
As in my previous post, Sky3ds+ can support the Latest released 3DS game. So i download the rom of Kirby- Planet Robobot from reliable source, and copy it directly to the root directory of Sky3ds+ memory card. Make sure your Sky3ds+ with V112 firmware and format the memory card to FAT32 before use. It will be better with SanDisk memory card.
After done, now you can enjoy the game, Sky3ds+ support Kirby- Planet Robobot perfect well. Press the two orange button to switch the game back and forth.
Kirby04 is a reliable seller which on the list of Sky3ds+ official website, welcom to visti! Besides, the promotion extend to May 20th, you will get a free ACE3ds Plus or 8GB memory card as gift if buy Sky3ds+


sky3DS+ &sky3DS can support the newest 3DS V10.7.0-32

Now Nintendo 3DS system has been updated into Version 10.7.0-32U, we can update our system by wireless Internet connection. The updated system will be more stable, some adjustment has been made to improve the user experience.At the same time, I’ve tested the sky3DS+ and sky3DS flash card. After testing, it can perfectly run on the newest 3DS V10.7.0-32. The below is the picture when I test.

Do you know how to play the games is the most fashion trend today?  Yes, we can play all the 3DS games which download from Internet with only one flash card. We don’t need to buy so many expensive Nintendo 3ds game card any more. Because we just need to take only one flash card, then we can play all the 3DS games which we want. Also, we don’t need to change the Nintendo 3ds game card one by one when play games, what we need to do is to download the games which we like from Internet, buying a flash card, then we can start to play the games. Now the sky3DS+ &sky3DS can support the newest 3DS V10.7.0-32 directly, I’ve tested it.You can check the below picture here.

Which flashcart work with newest 3DS update V9.8.0-25?

Nintendo released to update 3ds firmware up to 9.8.0-25 on June 1st,2015 . We may eager to know how manly flashcart will survive for this new update? Will sky3ds still work perfectly like last update did? Gateway 3DS emunand 9.8 work fine or not?

Firstly, let’s look at what changes for this 3DS V9.8.0-25 firmware update?

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

New 3DS:

TitleID Region Description Title No. Versions Status
0004003000008F02 USA Home Menu v19456 9.8.0-25 Changed
000400DB00017302 USA CVer v9344 9.8.0-25 Changed
0004013000008002 USA NS system-module v17408 9.8.0-25 Changed
000400300000CE02 USA mint (eShop applet) v11264 9.8.0-25 Changed

Total titles sizes: 5494288

SOAP TitleHash: B7DD7A46079E62DC5C92DAF773ECB82A


TitleID Region Description Title No. Version Status
0004003000008F02 USA Home Menu v19456 9.8.0-25 Changed
000400DB00017302 USA CVer v9344 9.8.0-25 Changed
0004013000008002 USA NS system-module v17408 9.8.0-25 Changed
000400300000CE02 USA mint (eShop applet) v11264 9.8.0-25 Changed

Total titles sizes: 5494288

SOAP TitleHash: B1C5E21BB0C32F59527D10D680BF176C

Through editor’s experience before , all flashcart should work fine like last update did if nintendo provide us such change logs. Haha,will  the new update  really  not block any flashcart ?  However, after editor’s test one by one, find out the last 9.8.0-25 compatibility list as follow:
– regionfour still work (with sky3ds to play free-region games 🙂 )
– emunand on Rxtools Old3DS works (great! 🙂 )
– Emunand on Gateway Old3DS partial work: broken rom loader & region free (bad thing that gateway didn’t survive 🙁 )
– Eshop spoof still works (great! 🙂 )
– Sky3DS works right (great! 🙂 )
R4i GOLD 3DS, ACE3DS PLUS, R4I-SDHC 3DS RTS etc ds flashcarts all work (great! 🙂 )

Lastly , editor did reference from sky3ds official video that sky3ds work smea’s regionFour for playing free region game on New 3DS 9.8.0-25 , just take a look at here

Instructions to start PASTA CFW with Sky3ds for install CIA

Recently, there is new CFW loader, the PASTA CFW for both N3DS and O3DS had been made, it requires Cubic Ninja (or Sky3DS) and allows you to install and run unsigned CIAs. Also, unsigned DSIware works as well as GBA Virtual Console ! It works on New3DS(new3ds xl/ll) 9.0-9.2 and O3DS(3ds/3dsxl/3dsll) 4.1-9.2. It’s amazing and extreme popular news since its released. This means you can install any unsigned cia without gateway card, that’s revolution changes! No longer use Gateway 3DS anymore!! Starting to follow me to install cia just simply use a sky3ds now!

Sky3DS working for any 3DS games directly on 3DS/2DS/NEW3DS 9.7.0-25

1. Download latest PASTA CFW 1.1 , Ninjhax loader ,FBI
2.  Unzip those downloaded files and copy them (also with DEVMENU CIA or other game cia) to the ROOT folder of O/N3DS SD card
3. Running  Cubic Ninja (or  CN  pre-written Sky3DS), press A, select “EDIT”->”QR Code”->”Create QR CODE”->Scan your O/N3DS QR code (Got it here ), then install to load the Ninjhax homebrew launcher
4. Select “Pasta CFW loader” and it will auto load the exploit and black screen 2~3 seconds to return system menu
5. Once again to load   Ninjhax homebrew launcher, this time you have to select “FBI”, press A to go on, then you can select the DEVMENU CIA to install.
6. Press START or return black and again to system menu
7. The devmenu icon will display , then you can install any cia through the devmenu

Note:If you get an error when installing a CIA with FBI, remember to make a title.db file in your “Nintendo 3DS/id1/id2/dbs” folder, and go to software management to fix the issue, you will then be able to install CIAs with FBI.

It is strongly recomended to close and open the lid of your console to have proper 3D support, and you are able to run Out of region cartridge games (with unsigned dlc ?) with this CFW, by launching either smealum’s region three on O3DS or NTR on N3DS.


Gateway or Sky3DS?

Since sky3ds team first announced sky3ds support any newest  3ds version, gateway was always catching up with it to follow this step but without any sense result so far.  Then, What’s your choice? gateway or sky3ds?

Firstly, let me show you the newest features for you to compare with what’s differences:

Sky3DS working for any 3DS games directly on 3DS/2DS/NEW3DS 9.4.0-21
* First 3ds card to support all of 3ds/xl,2ds,new 3ds(xl/ll)
* Compatible with newest V9.4.0-21 (include lower versions)
* No game limit (new sky3ds with blue button)
* 100% 3DS Multi-rom compatibility
* Support eShop game  playing
* Plug & play , easy to use
* Compatible with any of micro SD, SDHC, SDXC 2GB~64GB

Gateway 3DS flash card SUPPORTS ALL 3DS ROMS
Gateway 3DS 
* First card to support 3ds (xl/ll) (only support to v4.5)
* emuNAND 9.4.0-21 available
* eShop game support
* No game limit , region free
* CIA, Devmenu, Homebrew support
* blue card to play ds games (only support to 3ds v6.3 & dsi v1.45)

Through gateway released a video to show that gateway will support new 3ds 9.2.0-20 months ago, but there is no update patch released anymore. They just roll out news again and again ,  comfort users to wait with more patience, perhaps you can easily count how many words appear such as “soon”,”very soon”,”close to release”, “within days”… Some of the gateway fans may wait more days with patience , but the common users will think this make them very dispoint for such long time waiting but turn to choose the sky3ds flashcard.

new updated sky3ds template file is out

Today , Sky3DS template file updated once again. This update mainly bring users with more 3DS games compatibility. Sky3ds team claim they will update more game in the next update edition.

Where to download the newest updated sky3ds template file?

[updated to 11/19/2014]

How to use sky3ds template after downloads?

Download the newest updated sky3ds template file , rename the it to “template.txt” and overwrite the old ones (the old files is what you downloaded the newest flash tool software “diskwriter v1.01” and extract it you have got).

SKY3DS flashcard functions testing review with demo video

We reported news about the new 3ds flashcard “sky3ds flashcard” several days ago , and according the official announced video that the sky3ds can work 3ds games on newest 3ds version 9.2.0-20. However, this time, we got a SKY3DS sample to make some functions testing for everybody.

Firstly, it’s almost the same as real 3ds gamecard, the same size with little differences in first over-view, but there is a slot on top of the sky3ds card, it’s used for inserting a microsd card loaded into 3ds game titles. And also it built in a physical button , a switch for changing game titles, with a signal light beside.  When you insert the sky3ds into slot or switch games after you need turn to another one, the blue signal light will be lighting all the time until the game titles loaded normally.

front of the sky3ds

Backside of the sky3ds . The top with slot , signal light and a switch

3DS users may have known that the sky3ds is region locking recently, the testing game titles are all US versions such as Pokemon y, animal crossing, mario 3d land etc…, sure they cannot be used on a Japanese 3DS console. We don’t know more about whether the region locking is based on game titles itself or the version of titles. We guess it’s the second reason.

After we carefully test for sky3ds, it approved that the sky3ds is really supporting 3ds games on any of the 3ds versions, included the latest V9.2.0-20 , you can easily to plug and play with multirom support, without doing anything for exploits preload , not the same as gateway 3ds flashcard.
What more, just simply pressing the little button for switching when you want to turn to another game, and at same time, the blue signal will be lighting for a few seconds. After the lighting stop , then you can enjoy such a game.

we have made a demo you can check it out here.

By the way, you cannot just simply copy games  into micro sd card directly.  you have to flash them into it  by a special tool.  And you cannot open to read the contents directly after connecting the microsd(pre-flashed roms by tool) to PC, it will be an warning for formatting the micro card. ..

Later , we will make more reviews about flashing roms to micro sd card and other useful guides here, keep focusing on our updating news soon.


Sky3ds now support to 3DS V9.0 for working any 3ds game directly

A new foreign team announcing the new amazing 3ds flashcad SKY3DS to work directly for any 3ds consoles, including recent V9.0.0-20, that is really revolution work, almost all different from GATEWAY 3DS  ! we have to define that the sky3ds has changed the world , right?

This is quote from sky3ds official :


The official features as following:

  • Plug & Play, easy to use.
  • Support any 3DS system version(including the newest V9.1.0-20J).
  • Support all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP).
  • Play 3DS game smoothly like a real gamecard(with all saving,load,online game, etc..functions).
  • Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB, 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB SDHC cards.
  • Play up to ten 3DS games maximum for each flashcard (any game but 10 in total only).
  • Region locking.

Wanna know more details about sky3ds , click here