Brook Super Converter introduction for PS3/PS4/Xbox one/Wii U controller

SONY PlayStation series game console is more and more popularize nowadays. It’s believed that most families have at least one or two devices, the most popular should be PS4, XBOX One and Wii U.

How to make the best of old controllers? This is a question. Please read my below post with patience。

At first, i’d like to introduce you this brand products: Brook. It is built by a Taiwanese company with over 20 years of experience in the hardware gaming industry. The Super Converters is their first product series. It make your old gamepads, joysticks, racing wheels and other controllers compatible with your new consoles. Breathing life into favorite, old controllers that had fallen into disuse, the Super Converters allow you to save money while having fun. Flexible, adaptable and colorful, Brook is the chameleon of gaming.

Product Features:

  • Works with PS3/PS4/Xbox One/Wii U and PC
  • Compatible with gamepad, racing wheel and joysticks
  • Hot swapping
  • Bluetooth supports wireless controllers
  • Auto-register controllers
  • Full compliance with ecvironmental standards
  • Optimal button mapping
  • USB interface
  • Vibration support
  • Remember up to 4 controllers
  • Lightweight and USB-sized
  • No original controller needed for verification


PS3/PS4 to PS3/PS4 Controller Super Converter

  • US$42.5/pcs with free shipping
  • Lets you use your PS3/PS4 controllers to play games on PS3/PS4 consoleps3-ps4-to-ps3-ps4

Xbox 360/Xbox ONE to PS4 Super Converter

  • US$42.5/pcs with free shipping
  • Lets you use your wired Xbox One /Xbox 360 controllers to play PS4xbox-360-xbox-one-to-ps4

PS3/PS4 to Wii U Controller Adapter

  • US$34.5/pcs with free shipping
  • Lets you use your PS3/PS4 controllers to play  games on Wii Ups3-ps4-to-wii-u

Xbox 360/Xbox One to Wii U Super Converter

  • US$34.5/pcs with free shipping
  • Lets you use Xbox360/XboxOne controllers on Wii Uxbox-360-xbox-one-to-wii-u

PS3/PS4 to Xbox One Super Converter

  • US$42.5/pcs with free shipping
  • Let you use your PS3 and PS4 wireless controllers to play games on Xbox One console.ps3-ps4-to-xbox-one

Xbox 360/Xbox One to Xbox One Super Converter

  • US$33.99/pcs with free shipping
  • Lets you use your Xbox 360 /Xbox One controllers to play Xbox Onexbox-360-xbox-one-to-xbox-one


  1. Each Brook Controller Adapter can only handle one wireless controller at a time
  2. The wireless gamepad can connect to the Controller Converter automatically, but must be connected with a USB cable at first time use for the purpose of registering the controller
  3. After register, please wait 3 – 5 seconds before pressing the PS button to ensure that the connecting to wireless is smooth

SONY PS4 gamepad converter USB Adapter recommendation

Maybe many families have at least one SONY Game Console, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4. The standard configuration of each consoles are equiped with one gamepad. Now the most popular console is PS4.

Sometimes we want to play fighting games together with friends at home, how can we do? You need one more gamepad. It’s not wise to buy a new one, is expensive after all. In this post, i’d like to introduce you two USB adapters which allows you to convert your exist PS2 and PS3 gamepad to play on PS4 console or PC. They will help you save some extra money, very worthwhile!

PS3 to PS4 Controller Super Converter Adapter
ps306This amazing product is compatible with your gamepad, racing wheel, joystick and more. It also lets you customize your button layout and to add a turbo button to old and second patry controllers.

Each PS3 to PS4 Controller Converter can only handle one wireless PS3 controller at a time. With this converter you can use your existion PS3 controllers to play games on your PS4 console and PC.

Product Features

  • USB interface which permits hot swapping
  • Installation and use of the PS3 to PS4 Controller Adapter is effortless
  • Full button compatibility
  • Full compliance with all relevant regulations and standards
  • Vibration support
  • Lightweight and USB-sized

PS2 to PS4 Gamepad Converter Adapter
ps203The PS2 to PS4 Gamepad Converter is a USB-based adapter designed to convert your Playstation 2 peripheral for use in the Playstation 4 console or PC.

PS2 to PS4 / PC Converter is a dedicated converter box to convert PS2 Gamepad to PS4 / PC game control device,  to achieve remote PS2 controller on PS4 device for gaming operations. Very easy to use, press L3 and R3 on the PS2 controller at the same time to emulate the Touch pad of the PS4 controller.

Product Features

  • This amazing products is compatible with your gamepad, racing wheel and joystick
  • Both vibration and turbo function are supported
  • Support the use of the PS4 / PC with PS2 Gamepad device
  • Use your PS2 gamepad pn PS4 and PC
  • With this converter a family or group of friend can use their existiong PS2 gamepad to play games on PS4
  • USB interface which permits hot swapping
  • Perfect button mapping
  • Full compliance with all relevant regulations and standards
  • Vibration support (only for PS4 consoles)


PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller is very good to use


PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller is very good to use

PlayStation 4, it is a home console which launched by Sony, is the the fourth generation consoles of PlayStation game series.
It’s the hottest console in nowadays.
PS 4
Last week i received my PS 4 PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller, it’s much better than i expected. After tested, i found it’s completely same as the original, the material, the feeling, the shape, the speed, of course, except the price. It’s much cheap than the official. And the sensitivity design of PS4 for the buttons and sticks can give you a super experience. Here i want to share with yours guys. I believe you will like it.
There are several output ports built in controller, and also including a Mirco-USD port, an expansion connection port, and a mono speaker. The controller can charge the battery through the mirco – USB or exclusive charging dock.

When you get a new PS4 Controller, you need to activate it with a fine needle, just like the below picture. Click the small hole for a while, don’t loosen until the LED light flash orange color

Then you can connect it to PS4 console with a USB cable. Press ps button and the LED light will flash white at first, then stay blue all the way. You need to creat an user account for your controller, press confirm button to access. Now the USB cable can be pulled out, it can be controlled via Bluetooth function.

The screen will come to a new interface, you can click the menu to start a game.
If you don’t want to continue the game, press the ps button for some seconds, then choose quit.

Before you close the power, remember to log out your PlayStation 4 Controller safely (Just press ps button for some seconds and choose lou out)


PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller is very good to use


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