Beautiful iPhone 7 protect case introduction

Are you an Apple fans? According to Apple’s convention, the new generation of Apple smartphone iPhone 7 will be on sale this month, maybe just after a fews days. On the basis of previous reports, except the size, iPhone 7 maybe add wireless charging function with iOS 10  operating system and other new function. How to protect your new iPhone 7? Here i’d like to introduce you some beautiful cell phone case / shell.

This case is made with high quality silicon material,  have soft texture, can be corved and ametabolic, durable. Four corners without tear of collision,  360 degress of thoughtful protection, and precise cutting, prevent dust, crash, scratch, and so on!

The 3D stereoscopic embossed design on the back prevent creep down. High definition emboss pattern looks very nice, there have 7 different patterns for you choose with cartoon style, please see the below iPhone 7 protect case


Smartphone waterproof bag recommendation for iPhone / Samsung

According to many data reported, people are now more and more inseparable from the mobile phone. In this post, i will inntroduce you a smartphone waterproof bag. It allows you to carry your mobile phone underwater.
09This waterproof bag are suitable for all of the smartphones under 6 inch size, just like iPhone 4 / 5 / 6 / 6s Plus, Samsung Note 2 / 3, and other brands. It is made with high quality polyvinyl chloride material and ABS, the maximum waterproof depth is 20m, very sealed switch to prevent water intake, you needn’t to worry water at all.
13Superstrong waterproof, proper size
In the design of the waterproof bag, it take into account the current market mobile phone size, choose an exactly size, does not hinder, not an encumbrance, easy to carry!
15Transparent touch screen, sensitive response
This waterproof bag just like a screen membrane, don’t affect to use. Support chat, Internet, play game, take photos, send message, phone, and so forth. You’ll not miss any important message or call when you are drifting, diving and swiming.
17The colorful fashion beautiful cartoon patterns, increase many vitality, have 6 differnt colors for your choose. With double transparent, more convenient and quickly!
19The smartphone waterproof bag also comes with an adjustable hang rope, the length is about 29-53m. You can hang it around the neck, eary to carry underwater, is very convenient to use, right?

New Products: Mobile Phone Wide Angle Macro Fisheye Lens

Most people like to take photos, scenery, nature, building, animals, plants, and so forth, of course, includ selfie, take photos of family and friends. Mobile phone is much easier to carry than camera. But how to make your photos looks have the same effect with camera? Here i want to introduce you a new products: Mobile phone wide angle macro fisheye lens triad suit in external SLR camera. It can be used for iPhone, Samsung, and other brands mobile phone.
homeThere have three different lens: Fisheye lens, Macro lens, and Wide Angle lens.
HD Fisheye Lens, uses the metal wiredrawing craft, 180° panoramic fisheye
Macro Lens, take lacquer whorl design, 10 times HD macro
Wide Angle Lens, appearance is clear full
Front and backMobile phone wide angle macro fisheye lens triad suit in external SLR camera comes out through four processes at the level of checks
Blue membrane plating craft, protect lens
Superior aluminum alloy shell, apperance is rounded and full
High-quality optical lens, absorb strong lights, avoid vignetting
Silver metal wiredrawing craft, texture clear and beautiful
effect cntrast photographIt’s very easy to use, just fix it with the clip on your mobile phone lens, then take photos as normally, your photos will be more clearly, beautiful and stereoscopic.


Bicycle bracket waterproof bag for mobile phone

More and more people like to drive go outside, but sometimes, you may feel it’s very difficult to find a place to park. If meet traffic jam, you will be stuck on the road for ten minutes, even one hour or more. And it’s not good for environmental protection. So i think it’s better to ride on a bicycle to work, this is also a good way to exercise.
bike bag
You may not familiar with the route, in this post, i will introduce you an useful products: Bicycle bracket waterproof bag formobile phone. Select your route on mobile phone, then put into the bag, it will lead you to the place where you want to go. It can be used as GPS holer on bicycle, mountain bike and motobike. Very important, this bag is waterproof, it can protect your phone from water and raining, very ultra stable and durable. Of course, you can listen music in your bike riding.
This bike bracket waterproof bag is specialized tailor-made for motorcycle riders, very popular in Europe and the United States and southeast Asia. It can be fixed on the motorcycle handlebar, provide much convenience for the riders.
Product parameters
Name: Outdoor waterproof mobile phone bag
Color: Black
Material: ABS plastic + waterproof fabric
Weight: 0.11KG
Suitable size: 3.5 inch, 4.7 inch, 5.5 inch (Not only for iPhone, but also suitable for Samsung, oppo, Lenove and other brands.)