iDrive USB2.0 Flash Disk for iPhone/iPad/iPod Backup

Nowadays, as the technological development faster and faster, people’s leisure life becomes more and more rich. But how to record every wonderful moment of life with iPhone or iPad when we are out. Most of us may meet this question: insufficient memory.

In this post, i will introduce you iDrive USB Flash Disk, which is specialized made for IOS system device. It’s competiable with iphone5/5C/5S/5SE/6/6P/6S/6SP, iPad 4/5/6, iPad mini2/3, iPod 4/amc, and even for the new upcoming any iphone products.
Compared with other flash card, iDrive is more stable and with fast transmission speed, use fluency! High-speed transmission, Data sharing, Needn’t jailbreak, Needn’t wifi, Batch operations, Resource Manager, one-click upload to share, Kmplayer.


What’s the function?
1. Backup photograph, video and files;
2. Easy to carry. Copy files to APP
3. View the video and files directly
4. Share pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
20160514_112218_031_Why choose iDrive USB flash disk?
1. Needn’t iTunes: Directly copy pictures and files at any time any where, no internet and PC required.
2. Support all of the computer and iphone above IOS7 and Windows/win7/win8/win10
3. Compared with other flash card, iDrive is more stable and with fast transmission speed, use fluency!
4. Very easy to use! Only need to download iDiskk Pro from App Store, support movie, music, picture and office use
transmit speed
How to use?
1. When the user insert iDrive/iReader first time to iphone device, there will appear a dialog box automatically. Follow the step to
download iDiskk Pro application from App Store, and install.
2. Open iDiskk Pro, there have four buttons on the below: iDiskk, App, iPhone, Set. All of the application files are saved in App. iPhone including all of the photographs. You can copy or share the pictures and files in iDiskk page.


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How to use mophie/rammore Space Pack v2 for ipad?

The Rammore Space Pack from Mophie® increase battery life and offer additional storage. Its quite easy to wear out your iPad’s battery within a day. What’s more,it is a smart case cover to protect your iPad! However , how to use the mophie/rammore Space Pack v1 for your ipad?

caotu 副本2

ipad air

ipad sd

ipad blue

1. Get ready.

Prepare a formatted SD card, Windows7 can not format 32G SD card to FAT32 format. 64G SD card default format is exFAT, if you want to get first-compatible with the sd card, then the package is formatted as NTFS, and convert to FAT32 format with software. Or formatted to HFS+ for Apple-compatible format(high speed), but the disadvantage is must be used in the MAC driver is installed in the PC. Keep the SD card in unlock state.

Sets the Rammore reader installed on Apple products, the reader sets the switch to the reader Logo. After installation, your Apple product will automatically open the App Store, if not open it yourself and search iFlashDrive and click install.

If you frequently plug your RamMore on iPad, it may cause your iPad turn in the protected status, iPad does not support external devices in this state, you need to restart iPad.

2. Open iFlashDrive.

Open the i-FlashDrive, click on the external memory can directly browse the contents on the SD card.

i-FlashDrive is a file manager, it can do copy, paste, move to your files and so on.

Click the file directly which you are going to play, no need complex operations, very easy to use.

3. File support.

The following is the i-FlashDrive support direct play files.

It supported video file types are AVI, FLV, MP4, MOV, MPV, M4V, MKV, MPG, RM, RMVB, TS, WMV. Does not support the audio format AC3/E-AC/MLP files.

It supported audio file types are MP3, CAF, ACC, AIF, WAV, AIFF, M4A.

Supported image file types are BMP, TIF, TIFF, XBM, GIF, ICO, CUR, JPG, PNG.

Document file types supported TXT, HTML, KEYNOTES, NUMBERS, PAGES, PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, RTF.

For unsupported file formats, to do as the following: copy the files from the SD card into the internal memory, and then click Open can be used to support the format with third Party Apps which can play.

4. Other features.

Music player.

i-FlashDrive has its own music player, allows you to easily play music in SD card and create a playlist.

Transfer files to other iPad like Flash-Disk.

RamMore can be used as a Flash-Disk, easily transfer files between iPads.

Backup your contacts.

RamMore can be used as a backup disk, so you don`t need to afraid of accidentally losing your contact information with others.

File Encryption.

RamMore can protect your personal privacy, encrypt important files.

Operating experience compared: iPad mini VS. Nexus 7

In the past two years, the emergence field of small-sized tablet lanuchered many new products, however, most notably perhaps only the Google Nexus 7 . Google Nexus , OEM ASUS, the quad-core high-performance 7 inch QHD screen, with low price of $ 199, all the strong elements are integrated together will push Nexus 7 onto the the strongest 7-inch tablet throne, naturally, Nexus 7 is hot sales! A few days ago, Google continues to make force, the introduction of a more powerful Nexus 10,10.1 inch screen, 2560 × 1600 ultra-high resolution, the degree of detail than retinal Edition iPad equipped with Cortex-A15 architecture Exynos 5250 dual-core processor, clocked 1.7GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB $ 399, 32GB version is $ 499, excellent combination is likely to continue the Nexus Tablet’s hot sales.

Back to the theme of contrast up, Apple iPad mini and Google Nexus 7, I believe they have a lot of fans, then I will share everyone with a simple compare these two excellent small-sized tablet.

 Apple iPad mini VS. Google Nexus 7
iPad mini
 Nexus 7
7.9-inch IPS
 7-inch IPS
1024×768  ppi 163
1280×800  ppi 216
Dual-core Apple A5
Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3
Storage(GB) 16/32/64  8/16/32
Camera (megapixels) Front 120  Rear500  Front120  Rear:none
iOS 6.0
 Android 4.1
Interface Lightning、3.5mm耳机 Micro USB、3.5mm耳机
Portable 200×134.7×7.2mm 308g  198.5×120×10.45mm  340g
Battery 16.3Whr(4400mAh)  16Whr(4326mAh)
Price 16GB:329USD

Comparing the above parameters, it is not difficult to see some differences, but what about the actual experience ? Look at the experience of the video.

Operating experience compared video

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