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Wholesale SKY3DS Plus(Orange Button) Flashcard        Sky3ds+Sky3ds+ price


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Wholesale R4i Gold Revolution for 3DS, DS, DSL, DSi V1.4.5 r4iGold3DS_New1R4i gold 3ds price


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Another update live! R4i-SDHC kernel V1.80B released

A good news comes from r4i-sdhc official site that r4i-sdhc kernel V1.80B has updated for public. The kernel updated with many improvements,  especially in ds games compatibility.

R4I-SDHC RTS 3DS support 6.2.0-12

Download R4I-SDHC V1.80B here

 R4i -sdhc V1.80B Update Logs:

1. Fix some RTS games white screen issues.
2. Fix some RTS games hang issues.
3. Fix some RTS games problem.

4. Solved games:

XXXX – Gauntlet (US)

XXXX – Gauntlet (EU)

6290 – Transformers – Ultimate Autobots Edition (US)

6291 – Transformers – Ultimate Autobots Edition (EU)

XXXX – Akumajou Dracula: Gallery of Labyrinth(CN)

XXXX – Professor Layton en de Melodie van het Spook(CN)

XXXX – Kingdom Hearts(CN)

XXXX – Dementium2(CN)

XXXX – Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (JP)

XXXX – Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 (EU)

5. Solved RTS games:

6368 – Beyblade – Metal Fusion (US)

6369 – Beyblade – Metal Fusion (US) (ToysRus Exclusive)

6370 – Beyblade – Metal Fusion(US) (Walmart Exclusive)

6371 – Beyblade – Metal Masters (US) (Best Buy Exclusive)

6372 – Beyblade – Metal Masters(US) (Collectors Edition)

6373 – Beyblade – Metal Masters (US) (Target Exclusive)

6374 – Beyblade – Metal Masters(US) (ToysRus Exclusive)

6384 – Lera Glaciale 4 – Continenti alla Deriva – Giochi Polari(IT)

XXXX – Apprends avec Pokemon: A la Conquete du Clavier ‍(FR)

XXXX – Suite Precure Melody Collection‍ (JP)

XXXX – Lernen mit Pokemon – Tasten-Abenteuer (GE)‍

R4iSdhc Dual-Core(2013) works for 3DS V5.0.0-11&DSi V1.4.5 Directly team released the official news on Mar.26,2013. The 2013 R4i Sdhc-Silver Card and 2013 R4isdhc Dual-Core Card  have been confirmed to support the newest 3DS V5.0.0-11 and DSi V1.4.5 without any upgrade patch. However, it should make sure that the cards are 2013 version, not the version with “New” marked.

R4isdhc Dual-Core card for DS/NDSL/DSI/3DS

Quote from R4isdhc official website

[2013-3-26] 2013 R4isdhc Dual-Core Card Supporting the latest 3DS 5.0.0-11 and DSI V1.45 in the world.Our cards support directly 3DS latest version V5.0.0.11 and NDSi V1.45,no need update anymore,free games forever.

[2013-3-26] 2013 R4i sdhc-silver Card Supporting the latest 3DS 5.0.0-11 and DSI V1.45 in the world
Our cards support directly 3DS latest version V5.0.0.11 and NDSi V1.45,no need update anymore,free games forever.

R4i-SDHC RTS released by R4i-SDHC team & supports 3DS 4.5.0-10& DSi 1.4.5

According to r4i-sdhc official news, they have released another 3DS flashcard- “R4i-SDHC RTS“,it with RTS functions and support directly for 3DS 4.5.0-10& DSi 1.4.5 . For the price of the R4i-SDHC RTS,
it’s more expensive than R4i-SDHC 3DS card. It mostly due to built in difference chip and also more convenient functions added, such as the big sales point is “RTS-real time save function” added…
Let’s look at the product firstly from official:

R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS luxury package R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS economical package R4I-SDHC 3DS RTS Upgrade

Revolution for DSi

RTS Functionality
● Real-time save features.
Allows user save current game state at any time of the game. Player can immediately continue the game state by reload the save file after the game failed or shut down the console. R4i-SDHC launches unique sharing features where RTS save files can be share between the users.
● Real-time guide features
Real-time guide features allows user to read hints/guide of the games immediately without exit to the game. Real-time guide support 2 types of format (text and picture). User can write guide into any “txt” file or “bmp” file. The size of the “bmp” file should be “256×192”. The “txt” file support English, Simplify Chinese and Japanese language coding. If both “txt” and “bmp” file exist, “bmp” guide file will have a priority.
● User-cheat features
Enhance the features of user cheat. User allow to activate/deactivate/modify user cheat at any point of the game. To do these changes, user need to save the state of the game then return to the MENU to configure the user cheat. After that just need to run the game and reload the RTS save file again.
Operation manual  (Real-time save and real-time guide operation guide)
STEP.1 Go to game menu list

STEP.2 Select “ROM” (upper screen right hand side). User can activate/deactivate RTS features for that particular game. If you wish to keep the setting after shut down console, press “Save” button.

STEP.3 While play game, user can press hot-key “L+R+A+B” to enter the RTS menu.

STEP.4 Below is a RTS menu after pressing hot-key

R4i-SDHC marked V4.5 supports 3DS V4.5.0-10 directly!

So far as we known, there many flashcard blocked for 3DS v4.5.0-10 updated ,However, R4i gold 3ds first to support for this updating in first time . Now , the R4I-SDHC Team also claims they launched new card marked “V4.5” which support V4.5.0-10  latest! This is amazing news for R4I 3DS users. Let me show your the latest “V4.5”  flashcart :

If you have got this card, you’re luck to working directly on your 3DS 4.5.0-10, but to the previous R4I 3DS users, please be patient! R4i-sdhc team promise that they will issue corresponding upgraded package as soon as possible and keep you informed here. Please do not update your old version 3DS firmware into V4.5.0-10 now…

You can order the newest  R4i-SDHC 3DS card from our official

[Great News] R4i gold 3ds 4.4.0-10 patch will come out within 1 weeks!

R4ids official released news and confirmed the 3DS 4.4.0-10 update patch for R4i gold 3ds will be launched very soon -within a week !
That is really great news and it will be first to support to 3DS 4.4.0-10 !
Technology Video:

3DS 4.4.0-10 Blocks many Flashcards

As Nintendo updated the 3DS firmware to 4.4.0-10 yesterday,it proved to block many flashcards ,included R4i gold 3ds,ace3ds plus,dstwo ….

Flashcards Working:

Please wating for our test….

3DS 4.4.0-10 (Blocks Flashcards)
R4i gold 3ds (
Supercard dstwo (
ACE3DS Plus (
Acekard 2i (
R4i gold (
M3i zero (

Please wait for our updating for this news!

Latest News: Nintendo 3DS updated firmware to 4.4.0-10

Nintendo has just released a new version of the Nintendo 3DS to 4.4.0-10

Quote changed log in this version:
The update appears to only contain adjustments stability for the laptop.

Possible Block Flashcards (under testing)
Note: We will make testing the compatibility for r4i gold 3ds ,ace3ds plus, r4i-sdhc 3ds,dstwo and other 3ds flashcarts on new 3ds 4.4.0-10 firmware.Please keep on focus on our blog news…

Update the R4i sdhc 3DS to Support 3DS v4.3.0-10

r4i sdhc 3ds

What we need:

1 x r4i sdhc 3ds card
1 x ds/dsi
1 x sd card


1. Go to the official to download the newest kernel v1.60b
2. Unzip it and put all files into the root of sd card
3. Before update, we will see the icon is like follow:

r4i sdhc 3ds update

4. Enter it, select the third one:

r4i revolution

5. Click the “upgrade”

upgrade r4i sdhc

6. Then click “start” to start updating, do not power off during the updating and make sure the power is full. Otherwise, it will damage the card.

how to update r4i sdhc

update r4i sdhc 3ds

7. When the update is finished, reboot console and the icon will change:

r4i sdhc 3ds update tips

Now your r4i sdhc 3ds card can work on 3DS v4.3.0-10 perfectly!