Just after two months since Gateway public Beta 4.0 released, with hard working, gateway team announced that Gateway 4.1B private Beta released today. This minor updates further improve stability and reliability of new GATEWAY FASTBOOT feature.

Compare with the previous version, this new version fix some vulnerabilities and improve some function, the below is small changelogs:

  • Fixed >9.2 down to 9.2 GATEWAY TIME MACHINE issue for N3DS
  • Fixed WiFi issue for GATEWAY TIME MACHINE on O3DS
  • Fixed auto rename of Nintendo 3DS folder when downgrading to 2.x for N3DS
  • Repacked N3DS & O3DS US GATEWAY TIME MACHINE data pack
  • Amended N3DS install procedure to cater to >9.2 system versions
  • Menu lockout implemented

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How to install FBI on your 3DS (For CIA Files)

In case you don’t have a gateway or sky3ds, i will suggest you new 3DS exploit: FBI This can be an easy way to install Games (mainly). CIA files are basically unsigned code that you can run, so you run anything without any ‘checks’. You must already have a CFW installed for this to work, you can’t run unsigned code on OFW. Once you do that, come back here.

  • Download
  • Extract the files and copy the FBI folder to the 3ds folder on your SD Card.
  • There should be a file called fbi.cia inside the Extracted content, copy this file to the root of your SD Card or you can create a specific folder for .cia files inside the root and copy it there.
  • Put your SD Card back into your 3ds and go into your homebrew launcher. Open FBI and navigate to the location of the .cia you just copied and install it.
  • You should now have an FBI app in your home menu so you don’t have to use homebrew launcher every time you wanna install something new

For installing CIA files or games, just copy xyz.cia file to your SD card (again in root or a new folder you created in root).
NOTE:Installing large .cia files takes time, don’t worry if it says that the estimated time for installing is 20-30 minutes. It’s completely normal

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Recently, there have some players often ask me what’s the difference between Sky3ds and Sky3ds Plus. Here i want to give you a detailed specification. Nintendo 3DS flashcard Sky3ds (blue button) and Sky3ds Plus (orange button) are released by Sky3ds Team. From the name to distinguish, Sky3ds Plus is the 2nd generation of Sky3ds, just like iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
sky3ds+USB_Cable-500x500 digimartzSame Features
Both of Sky3ds and Sky3ds Plus support all 3DS console, New 3DS/3DSXL/3DS/XL, Old 3DS/3DSXL/3DS/XL, 2DS consoles (US, EU, JP, KR, Au…)
Both of Sky3ds and Sky3ds Plus support any 3DS system version (including the latest V11.0.0-33)
Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB SDHC/SDXC card.
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Sky3ds Plus is the updated version of Sky3ds. It comes with two orange button, you can switch game back and forth, included all the features of Sky3ds. And more important, Sky3ds Plus didn’t require DiskWriter and Template file, you can copy the rom to microSD card and play directly, more easy to use. And Sky3ds+ compatiblw with other 3rd party homebrews and AP checked.

1. Sky3ds+ include all features of Sky3ds, which could play 3ds games on all 3ds console, any firmware, any region.
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Besides, after tested, Sky3ds+ support all of the latest 3DS games, including the most popular Pokemon, Kirby – Planet Robobot, Monster Hunter X… The popularity of Nintendo 3DS games introduction

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How to build a game header information file


Before start, please note: make sure the rom you downloaded is from the original retail game pad dump, not an eShop game or others!!
Wheather a game support to write or not for Sky3ds (blue button), it depends on the template file (game tittle header information)
If the game can’t be supported to write, it will shows like below. You can make a game tittle header template to ask for updating.
1. Download “WinHex” from and install
2. Open WinHex, choose option“File”->”Open”to  load the game rom

3. The game rom will be like below, then press key “ALT”+ “G”, input 1150 and click “OK”
4. As long as the back-end of line 1150 shows CTR-P, it means this game can be wrote normally.
5. Press KEY“ALT”+ “G”again and fill 4010 (Hex: 4010; Decimal: 16400), click “OK”to go on
6. After done, press “SHIFT+ CTRL+ END”, the code after line 4010 will be selected. Then press “Delete” key, the page will be like this, click “Yes”
87. Make sure the line number is 04000, it means you have done successfully
98. After confirmation, choose option “File”->”Save As…
109. The saved file name will be end with“_temp”
10. Compress your temp files to “RAR”or “ZIP” format, named with ”_temp”
11. Then send the compressed file to sky3ds official website, they will process and add it into the new updated template file later.

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The ways to add a game file header for Template with Sky3ds (blue button)

sky3dsThis tutorials will teach you to add the game to template file, then play with Sky3ds (blue button), need’t to wait the Sky3ds official website update.

1. Download template and extract, you’ll get two files.
1How to build a game header information file

2. After you finished the game header information file, modify the file ends up with “_temp” to “.3ds”, and copy to the same catalog with unzip tools.

3. Run “Parsed.bat”, and there will generate ”parsed.txt” file automatically

4. Open “parsed.txt”, all of the game header information file will be listed, here have two files.

5. Copy the game header information file to the end of “template.txt”. Then you can copy the game rom to your TF card which Sky3ds official website didin’t add to “template.txt” file.

6. Now you can enjoy the game, need’t to wait the Sky3ds official website update.

This tutorials is only useful for the game non-AP checked with Sky3ds (blue button). If you want to play AP checked game, suggest you buy Sky3ds Plus (orange button). Sky3ds+ don’t require Diskwriter and Template, just copy the rom to TF card, then you can play directly. Sky3ds+ suppor all of the latest 3DS games.

Gateway 3ds 4.0 Private Beta Installation Tutorials

Gateway 3ds 4.0 Private Beta has been revealed, compared with the previous version, it’s mainly add the installation function of A9LH bootstrap program. I have tested on my old 3ds console with 9.2 system, the istallation is successful, here i want to share with you. The full name of A9LH is arm9 loader hax, this is a boot bug for 3ds console. It is much convenient than the previous break, like 414, page break and Ninja break

gateway news

Because this is a private beta, there maybe exist risk of brick, so please be careful to use Gateway 4.0 private bate. It will be better to backup your 3DS NAND before instal. We can use GW’s built-in NAND backup tool to backup.

A 3ds console E/U/J (old 3ds/3dsll/sdsxl, new 3ds/3dsll/3dsxl)
SanDisk memory card more than 4GB
Gateway 3ds flashcard

How to downgrade
1. Download gateway 4.0 private beta, and unzip
Copy the contents of the “Console SD” folder on to root of your consoles SD card.
Copy the contents of the “Red Card uSD” folder on to root of your GW Red Card uSD.

2. Open ‘Console SD’ file, copy ‘boot.3ds’ and ‘launcher.dat’, then cover boot.3ds file which in your 3ds console SD card,
3. Then copy the system ultra tm_o3ds_jap.bin to SD card.

24. Boot GW_TIMEMACHINE.3DSX using your favourite homebrew entrypoint. In the GATEWAY Time Machine menu select the 2.x downgrade, downgrade your console to [current] 9.2.0-20J. Please make sure your console have enough power during downgrade. it will be prompted to shutdown after finished.
How to backup NAND
old 3ds console: After downgrade, open brower, input the address to enter GW menue, and choose backup system nand, it will be ok.

new 3ds console: Choose backup system nand, press A, the screen will be like this, then press START to back NAND. Take out SD card, connect to PC, there have increased a file named NAND.bin, this is your system nand. Copy the file to PC, it will be used when instal A9LH.

How to setup A9LH on old 3ds/3dsll/sdsxl
1. Go to Gateway Time Machine menue, choose [upgrade] 10.3.0-28J
2. Then reopen your console, choose [downgrade] 2.1.0J, just like the steps in downgrade.
3. Reboot the console and go to system setting, it will show ver 2.1.0-4J

4. Then go to brower, input, enter GW menue, choose A9LH INSTALLER option
5. Press A, then press START button to start instal ( Make sure your console have enough power)
6. After A9LH installation finished, turn off and reboot, now you can access GW menu directly.

How to setup A9LH on new 3ds/3dsll/sdsxl
1. Just like old 3ds, downgrade the 3ds system to 9.2, then backup NAND
2. Backup your SD card, then go to GW menue to format emunand, choose the corresponding option, press A and start button to start. (Don’t power off)

3. After finished, copy the file to SD card, and copy Gateway_TM.3ds file to GW SD card.
4. Insert gateway to console, go to GW menue, it will enter GW mood automatically
5. Press select button, the screen will be like this, choose GATEWAY 3DS time Machine, follow the steps on screen.

6. Turn off and take out SD card, delete Nintendo 3DS catalog. Then copy NAND.bin to SD card.
7. Start your new 3ds, go to brower, input to enter GW menue
8, Then choose A9LH INSTALLER, just same as old 3ds, to instal A9LH. (Make sure your new 3ds connect WiFi and have enough power)


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The popularity of Nintendo 3DS games introduction

Nintendo and other video game firms are launched some new 3DS games with different version every month. I collect some information comes from players’ feedback and the online download data, here i wan to introduce you these popular 3DS games in 2016 summer so far.


PokemonAlthough Pokemon have released for two months, but it’s still the most popularity 3DS game. The elf is different from the previous three versions, this time is Pikachu. Pikachu is always follow behind the hero, and make a sound now and then, very cute!
Pokémon Yellow (EUR): – CTR-P-QBGA [german] MEGA -CTR-P-QB [spanish]
Pokémon Yellow (USA): MEGA – CTR-P-QBFA
Pokémon Yellow (JPN): MEGA – CTR-P-RCPA

Bravely Second – End Layer

BravelyUS Bravely Second – End Layer had released on dated April 15th by Nintendo. This is a new 3DS role-playing game, is called the sequel of Bravely Default. Magnolia, the heroine of Bravely Second, with a head of silver hair, is very brave and lovely.     Sky3ds+ can play US Bravely Second – End Layer
Cat War

PONOSThis game was released almost a year, but the boom is not recede, it’s very popular amount the youngsters. The war was happened between cats, as the gametime goes on, you will obtain more and more money, then you can get different cats.

Kirby – Planet Robobot

KirbyThe Japanse version Kirby – Planet Robobot had been launched on the end of April. Kirby is a super robot, hehave 25 different changing ablity, and in adition equip with robot mode. To meet the strongly requirements of players come from different countries, the US version and Euro version will be launched June 10th.                     Sky3ds+ support JP Kirby Planet Robobot
Fire Emblem If – Birthright & Fire Emblem If – Conquest

BirthrightConquestFire Emblem If have two different version: Birthright and Conquest. Fire Emblem If – Birthright focus on the peace, while the target of Fire Emblem If – Conquest is for supremacy. Both of them are released by Nintendo on dated May 20th, and won the highest score  from players among the latest released 3DS games.

Youkai Watch

Youkai WatchYoukai Watch belongs to role-playing game. A boy lived in a city named cherry blossom, and there have also lived many monster together with human, but layfolk can’t seen them. One day, the boy played in the mountains, he found a strange machine and released a monster unaware, he get a Youkai Watch, since then, he can see different kinds of monsters, and the store happened.

Mario & Sonic at Rio Olympics EU

Mario $ SonicMario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is the lastest creation Olypmic series of Mario & Sonic. The stage was simulated on the base of Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games. The two side of Mario and Sonic are competing for each other. The game not only including Football, Golf, Beach Volleyball, Javelin, Gymnastics, Running, and also Jumping, Boxing, Table Tennis, Freestyle, Archery, Mountain Buking, Equestrian, and so forth 14 kinds of official events. Except these games, it also added some additional sports events with entertainment.

Youkai Sangokushi

Youkai SangokushiYoukai Sangokushi is a new 3DS Strategy Game, very famous in Japanese, which was launched by LEVEL-5 and KOEI TECMO company, had released April 2nd, and it’s also the 30th anniversary of the souvenir game for Sangokushi series. Although it has just released less than a week, Youkai Sangokushi is always on the top of the 3DS game list.                                                                                                                 Sky3ds+ support Youkai Sangokushi

Dragon Quest Monsters – Joker 3

DragonThe famous DQ series DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS JOKER 3 have comes out on dated March 24th by Square Enix.
This time, the protagonist is a boy who lost his memory of past. Because installed with Reactor, his life is much different than normal. He noticed that his past was changed by someone, in order to get himself back, he started a long journey. The total monster is exceed 500, and strengthen the skills on the basis of Joker 2. You can ride all of the monsters in your play. It can increased the movement speend and can also take you to some unusual place just like sky and water. It have won the champion on the download game list.

Monster Hunter X

Monster HunterThe famous action game Monster Hunter X  was first launched with JP version last winter. There have four different hunting styles for choose, the story was happened in a village, and added four terrible monsters. The US and EU version will be on sale on July 15th, 2016. And besides, a new series RPG game Monster Hunter Stories will be launched behind them.

Super Smash Brothers – Nintendo 3DS EU

Super Smash BrothersCompare with the previous series, Dairantou Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS add two new roles, and the game system follow the Wii Super Smash Brothers – Nintendo 3DS X, of course retain the skill system.

Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives 2

SegaSega 3D Fukkoku Archives 2 is the second 3DS game of SEGA company. It’s follow the previous mode, make the SEGA 16 classicial game appeared through 3d screen. The game recodes including ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, ‘The Milky Way force II’, ‘Galaxy
Force II ‘, ‘Altered Beast ‘, ‘POWER DRIFT’, ‘MAZE WALKER’ and so forth.

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All of us is waiting for the updating of Gateway 3ds firmware since the news come out. In my previous post on dated May 23th, 2016, the public release will be within 48 hours after that. But yesterday, the official post a news:

We had a tremendous amount of feedback from our beta testers! We have been working hard on processing all feedback and to bring you a shiny new private beta that will blow everyone away. We are the only ones to present you the best, safest and user-friendliest way out there to install the GATEWAY FAST BOOT method also known as A9LH.
Due to the high demand for our beta we have decided to be more open with our private betas! You can find our new private beta on our new BETA PROGRAM page !

UPDATE: Due to popular demand we implemented a ‘arm9loaderhax.bin‘ file that can be used with existing (non-GW) A9LH installs.


Gateway 3ds is the premier flashcard for 3DS games. It support all 3DS roms, and the latest version 11.0.0-33 Emunand.

pkhex use tutorials

Pokemon have many different series, the latest Pokemon Yellow have released for two months, but it’s still the most popularity 3DS game. The elf is different from the previous three versions, this time is Pikachu. Pikachu is always follow behind the hero, and make a sound now and then, very cute! In this post, i will introduce you a modifier tool, it named pkhex.
pkhex is a special modifier for Pokemon series 3ds games. Please check the below steps and pictures, i will teach you how to use pkhex.

Step 1. Install pkhex
170002_41333084Step 2. Acess advanced mode
Step 3. Search 3DSSE folder
Step 4. Open 3DSSE folder, copy main to PKHeX
Step 5. Right click elf, the date of elf are listed on the left side, click save after setting. Then choose the second option tools, click the forth submenu code to generate a code, copy it and return back to simple mode, now it can be used.

As i previous post, Sky3ds Plus (orange button) can support the latest 3DS games, for more details, please click here


Last week, Gateway official website announced that gateway flashcard will have two new cool apps coming soon on May 22nd: Gateway Time Machine App and Gateway A9LH Installer. After waiting a long time, the official website post a delay news, it said like this:

First we would like to apologize for the small delay on the release of our latest  firmware.  The  good news is that we have just sent to an extended panel of beta testers our newest firmware. If, as expected, all goes fine, the public release will be within 48 hours after that.

We indicated to this new panel of selected beta testers that they are welcome to share  screen  shots,  videos, comments etc. on the pending release, so during that small wait, you should have most details on what is coming.

We understand the frustration of some of our users, but we value our customer’s safety before anything, and we felt this delay was necessary to bring you the best, safest, most complete and easy to use solution for N3DS, 3DS and 2DS.

Thank you for your continued support.

The kernel release delay because the Gateway Team have a final phase of beta testing before public release. Let’s wait some more more! I will constantly the updating if there have any news released, please pay attention to my post.

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