Which 3ds flashcards can support the latest 3ds v4.3.0-10

As we all know, the latest nintendo 3ds system v4.3.0-10 has been released. Yeah, are you wondering about whether it will block 3ds flashcards?

Well, it has been confirmed that these following cards can support the newest 3ds v4.3.0-10:
Ace3DS PLUS (Ace3ds.com)

Supercard dstwo (supercard.sc)

R4i gold 3ds (R4ids.cn)

R4i-gold pro(R4i-gold.com)

Ace3DS PLUS can support the 3ds v4.3.0-10 directly, no need of patch to do some updating.

Supercard dstwo firmware v1.17 has been released to support the latest 3ds v4.3.0-10, download it from official site to do updating please.

The 3DS patch of R4i gold 3ds from r4ids.cn team has been released, This patch is for R4i Gold 3DS only.Just download this Patch for R4i gold 3ds card and update your flashcard.After updating, R4i gold 3DS can support 3DS V4.3.0-10 and NDSi V1.4.4.

R4i-gold pro can support the latest 3ds v4.3.0-10.

BTW, acekard 2i from acekard.com and r4i-sdhc 3ds from r4i-sdhc.com released the news that don’t update your card until the updaitng patch has been released.

How to repair your r4i gold 3ds

Sometimes, the r4i gold 3ds is damaged and can not work. such as white screen, “no card insert”, black screen with red word “loading” and ect. Now let’s see how to repare these problems.

What we need?
1. the damaged r4i gold 3ds
2. a good flash card (no matter what card it is, i use dstt)
3. ds/dsl console
4. sd card

The repair patch

 V2.0.0-2 Patch

Step1: download the repair patch and unzip it.
Step2: put the dstt kernel and the patch file “3DS20_Patch_R4iGold_3DS_NDSL.nds” into the root of sd card, put the sd card into dstt
Step3: start dstt on ds/dsl console, select the 3DS20_Patch_R4iGold_3DS_NDSL.nds
Step4: enter it and follow the instruction to put out dstt, put the damaged r4i gold 3ds wholesale into the console (don’t power off here)
Step5: press A to start
Step6: when it become “success”, done!
Then you can use your r4i gold 3ds again!
Thanks for reading!

How to Download Kernel for R4i Gold 3DS

Many people tell that they always download wrong kernel for their R4i gold 3DS and do not know the detailed reasons. Here are some useful tips that may help you.
To download the latest kernel for R4i gold 3ds, you need a micro SD card besides a R4i gold 3ds flashcard. Also there are seven steps for you to follow. Here we go now.
Step1 Put your sd card into the card reader and connect the card reader with the computer.

Step2 login the R4ids.cn official site, and go to the download page.

Step3 Find the latest Wood kernel and download. After finish the download , you will get the wood R4 kernel V1.28.rar file.

Step4 Extract the file, and you will get the Wood kernel folder. there are four files in the folder.

Step5 Copy the five files to your sd card.

Step6 Prepare a game to test : i use the pokemon. Copy the game file to the sd card too.So there will be six files in the root of your SD card. Then you have done everything and ready to play the game.

Step7 Unplug the card reader from pc and put the sd card to r4i gold 3ds flashcard. Step8 Plug the r4i gold 3DS to the 3DS console and power on the 3DS.Now start the console.

Now enjoy the game!