R4i Gold 3DS wood v1.51 kernel released

r4i gold 3ds

Good news! The r4i gold 3ds wood kernel v1.51 released. Quick speed again. When the r4 wood kernel update to v1.51, just a few hours later, r4i gold 3ds (r4ids.cn) released their wood v1.51 kernel. Let’s see what the updating:

  • ‘pokemon conquest (Europe)’ fixed.
  • ‘harvest moon – the tale of two towns (Europe)’ fixed.
  • ‘moxie girlz’ fixed.
  • ‘cars 2 (Europe) (En,Es)’ fixed.
  • ‘maru goukaku – shikaku dasshu!special shakai fukushishi shiken’ fixed.

Look forward the other r4 series update their own wood kernel! But what i am interested most is the Ace3DS PLUS. This new card use wood kernel but we don’t know if it can keep pace with the r4. Hmm~Hope it can update quick.

M3i Zero Update Manual

m3i zero

When you get the m3i zero in your hand, you cannot use it directly, you need update it. Before this, we need to know that there are 2 kinds of m3i zero card, one is Japanese version, the other is International version, please confirm which card you get, because the kernel is different too, if you use the Japanese kernel on your International version card, it will show: “no system file”, so if your card show this message, please confirm you card version first.

Then let’s see how to update m3i zero card:

1. Download this patch: 「F_CORE_v1.6.1」  , unzip it and put it into the root of sd card

2. Put the sd card into m3i zero, use the cable (which is included in the m3i zero package box) to connect the m3i zero to pc

3. Then you can see there is a red light is flashing on the m3i zero card, that means it is updating

4. After about 35 seconds, the light will die out, then the card update finished

Now, here is a problem. Sometimes, your updating is unsuccessful. The red light is not flashing, it is lighting. That is really gloomy, i tried many times, but almost all the time, it is lighting. And i don’t know why.

how to update m3i zero

And after you update the card, the last thing is the kernel. M3i zero support 2 kinds kernel, one is sakura system, This is the biggest features of m3i zero, it is very beautiful and this is also the reason why many people like it. And there is another kernel named real system. If your card  cannot work on sakura system, then try the real system, because some cards cannot work on sakura system.

How to Repair Acekard 2i

How to Repair Acekard 2i

If your Acekard 2i is white screen, or “no card insert”, what would you do? Before you through it away, please see this first, may your card can be repaired back to a good one again.

What we need?

1. Bad acekard 2i card
2. A good card (any card i use ace3ds plus)
3. sd card and card reader


1. Download the acekard 2i update patch and the newest kernel of ace3ds plus
2. Unzip them and put them into the root of sd card
3. Put the sd card into ace3ds plus, and start it on ds
4. Start the .nds file, before press B, please take out of the ace3ds plus, then put the acekard 2i in (you need download the newest acekard 2i kernel into bad card before)
5. Then press B and start, after the updating, the acekard 2i will be repaired back to a good card

But this is just for some card, the other bad card maybe cannot be repaired because the damage is not software, maybe the hardware. But you can try it once.

How To Update Acekard 2i To Support 3DS V4.2.0-9

As we know that 3DS new system has been updated to V4.2.0-9 in about two weeks ago, the new firmware blocked many flashcards including acekard 2i, about two weeks passed, acekard official team finally released the update patch today. With this updated patch, acekard 2i users can update their acekard with this update patch, after the update, acekard 2i can work on the updated 3DS V4.2.0-9 again.

However, if you bought the acekard 2i before the 3ds V4.2.0-9 released, then you need to update your acekard 2i with a DS Lite console.

Before you do the update, you need to know, you will bave to get a DS Lite or DSi console to do the update, and if you use a DSi console, the system should be lower than V1.44, so it should be V1.43 or lower. because you can not use a DSi V1.44 to do the update, another, you can not use a 3DS console to do the update.

If you don’t have a DS Lite to do the udpate, then you just wait until you can get one to do the update, just remember never update the 3DS before you update the acekard 2i.

Update the acekard 2i method will be very easy, you only need to download the update patch and the latest AKAIO V1.89. put them in a SD card and then insert the Acekard 2i and sd into the DS Lite, run the update patch and start the updating.

Here is the detailed steps you can followed

Step1: Download the latest akaio firmware from official site: http://www.acekard.com/download/akaio/AKAIO.1.8.9.zip Unzip it, put the file “-aio” into the root of your SD card,

Step2: Download the latest patch for ak2i from here: http://www.acekard.com/download/ak2/ak2ifw_update_3ds42_dsi144.zip, unzip it, put the file”ak2ifw_update_3ds42_dsi144_onDSL.nds” in the SD card.

Step3: Insert your SD card and the ak2i into the DSL console.Power on it, Click the file””ak2ifw_update_3ds42_dsi144_onDSL.nds”, Then you will get the tips that you need to remove the flashcard, and insert it again.

If you plan to buy a acekard 2i, then just make sure you buy a preflashed one, so you don’t need to update it with a DS Lite when you receive it. How to buy a preflashed acekards, just click here http://www.digimartz.com/acekard-2i-for-dsi-dsl-idsl-ds-and-ids_p284.html

What is Ace3ds Plus

ace3ds plus

What is Ace3ds Plus?

Ace3ds Plus is a flash card which is not like a flash card. What is that mean? An usual flash card is a square card in the plastic package or in a paper box. But ace3ds plus, it is hide in a USB loader! When you receive this card, you just can see an USB loader,where is the card? you need open the USB plastic box! And the card will appear. It is safer and make users feel at ease.

buy ace3ds plus

What is the function of Ace3ds Plus?

It is use the wood kernel, support the newest 3DS v4.2.0-9 perfectly! It contains all the function other cards has. Here is the function which is listed on the official:

  • Work perfectly on 3DS V4.2.0-9 and DSi V1.44
  • Several built-in emulators including FC、GBC、GB、MD、NEOGEO, play different games.
  • Use the third generation chip, working faster and lower power consumption
  • Customized wood firmware for Ace3ds Plus, designed by Ace3ds team.
  • Support all the commercial roms and homebrews
  • Auto detect the game save data size.
  • Built-in DLDI Auto-Patching, auto patch homebrew.
  • Running different SD cards at high speed
  • Support SDHC. (2G, 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G)
  • Support Slot-2, GBA package, Rumble Pack and other devices.
  • Support Wifi game, Download play
  • Built-in multi-language
  • Different UI for choosing
  • Support soft reset
  • Support AR Cheat
  • Moonshell V2.10 attached in the ace3ds firmware.

ace3ds plus card

The biggest superiority of this card is the price. We know the Ace3ds is very cheap, but some users think the Ace3ds is not good enough because the function is so basal. This Ace3ds Plus is better than Ace3ds and have more functions. The price is still very low! Safer, cheaper and better! It will bring users a new feeling!

Ace3DS Plus Review

ace3ds plus review

Since the Ace3DS PLUS released. many users ask: how about this product?  Why it is like a sd card reader? And is it have any new function?

OK. I got this card last week and tried it. To be honest, when i received it, it is really interesting, just a sd card reader. According to the official, you need opern it. Then i found the card. as same as other flash card, a square one.

Because this card is use the wood kernel, the game list update is as same as wood kernel, so this is better than the original ace3ds card. Another bright spot is “Several built-in emulators including FC、GBC、GB、MD、NEOGEO, play different games. ” This is interesting. So why they create it like a card reader? Hmm.. i think it is because of the custom. For a seller which is in euro or other country, the flash card is not allow to sell. if the custom found you import the flashcard, they will confiscate it and destroy by melting or burning. For a buyer, it is also risk for buying the flash card over sea. So if the card is make like this, it is become a normal card reader, that is safe. Have to say, it is clever.

By the way,  this card is on sale already, and the official released the wood kernel also. There are 2 fles on the download page, one is the wood kernel only, the other one is including Emulators such as FC/GB/GBC/MD/ NEOGEO and Moonshelll V2.10. You can choose anyone you like.

Difference between Ace3DS PLUS and Ace3DS

There are 2 items realeased by Ace3ds Team: Ace3DS and Ace3DS PLUS. One is blue and the other is pink, many users say it like the boys and girls. So what the difference between them? And which one is better?

The first is the appearance. The Ace3DS is a blue card use plastic package like other flashcart, the front is card and back is card reader. The Ace3DS PLUS is a pink card hiden in a big card reader, use plastic package too, but you can not see the card in front, you just find a fat card reader in the back, when you open the card reader, you will find the flashcart in it. This is a clever idea, we know many flashcart shop is not in local, so you need buy them over sea. This can protect your cards from the custom and safer.

The second is the kernel. Ace3DS use a r4 kernel, has the base function including cheat and soft reset. The Ace3DS PLUS use wood kernel, more function and can play more games. What’s more is that the Ace3DS PLUS can work on 3DS v4.3.0-10 perfectly, no need ds or dsi, no need patch, this is so convenience. That is why the Ace3DS PLUS catch users eyes right now!

The third is the price. We know Ace3DS is very cheap, it is the cheapest card which can work on 3DS. But the Ace3DS PLUS seems cheaper! The function is better, the card is safer and the price is cheaper. This is a good news for all users.

So, we can say the Ace3DS PLUS is the update version of Ace3DS.

How to Use Ace3DS PLUS Cheat Function

To use cheat function, the steps are very simple.
step1: download the latest kernel AOS V2.01, unzip it and out all the files on the root of the sd card.
Step2: download a nes game and also out it on the root of your sd card. let take super mario as an example.
Step3: insert your sd card intoAce3DS PLUS and insert Ace3DS PLUS into your console, power on.

R4i Gold 3DS Not Working Problem Tips

Before starting this tutorial, I should make clear about several things firstly. The N3DS I was playing is Nintendo 3DS Japan Version with latest version. The R4 card I used is Wood R4i Gold 3DS with latest kernel.

I installed the R4i gold 3ds into the game console and planned to play the most classic Nintendo game – Pokeman White. Then I could not found my R4 card on the loading screen or home screen. The first solution I thought is to restart the console. However it could not help. Then I thought should I reinstall the R4 card? Of course not. It troubles a lot.

I checked the card slot to make sure the card had been fixed in a right way. Then I restarted the game console. You know what? The problem got solved. It is so unbelievable and such an easy thing.

I searched some other tutorials online when I went back home and got such a conclusion. If R4i Gold 3DS does not work on your game console, there may be three reasons. First, you update your console to the latest version but the kernel of your flash card does not support it. This is why many official websites of flash cards will strongly recommend you not to update your game console. Second, you set up the R4i gold 3ds in a wrong way. It means that you maybe download wrong kernel files or do wrong operation steps. Third, unknown reason like my experience. When you restart the game console or reset the flash card, the problem will get solved in an unknown way. Maybe your console or flash card needs to get a little relaxed.

There are many flash cards sold in the current market, such as R4i SDHC, R4 revolution, M3i Zero, and so on. I strongly recommend you buy R4i Gold 3DS. It is with a very powerful support team. Every time when Nintendo updated their console, they will update their update their flash card immediately. What is more, you do not need to update your flash card sometimes even when Nintendo updates their console. R4i Gold 3DS can support all Nintendo 3DS versions unless Nintendo makes a very big change.

Although R4i Gold 3DS is with a 3DS in name, it does not mean it does not support other Nintendo game consoles, such as DSi LL and DSi. It supports all Nintendo game consoles and all versions. To learn more details about R4i Gold 3DS, please click here.