Atmosphere updated to 0.8.0, supporting Switch FW 6.2.0

Atmosphère 0.8.0

Atmosphere updated to 0.8.0 has just arrived thanks to the work of SciresM, elmiroac, naehwert, and more, bringing about new features and notable support for users on switch 6.2.0 firmware.

A full update changelog is available below:
*A custom fatal system module was added.
*Title flag handling was changed to prevent folder clutter.
*Changes were made to the mitm API, greatly improving caller semantics.
*smhax is no longer enabled, because it is no longer needed and breaks significant functionality.
*Functionality was added implementing basic protections for NAND from userland homebrew.
*A bug involving HDCP titles crashing on newer firmwares was fixed.
*Support was added for system version 6.2.0; our thanks to @motezazer for his invaluable help.
*General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

For information on the featureset supported by 0.8.0, please see Atmosphere official release notes.

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Video for Atmosphere 0.8.0 supporting Switch FW 6.2.0: