PSVita Cobra BlackFin software updated

Cobra Black Fin 02

After wait some time, Cobra BlackFin new software application v1.1 have been released by Cobra team. This updating includes BlackFin reader hardware update and add a preferences dropdown menu. The below is the original from Cobra BlackFin official webste:

News Update!  We are pleased to announce that we have been hard at work on the BlackFin 1.1 software application, which further improves stability and robustness of the authentication system across networks. The 1.1 release also includes a BlackFin reader hardware update which ensures stability on pc’s when running multiple readers. Furthermore, and most importantly, we have added a preferences dropdown menu which allows you with a couple mouse clicks to define the server location closest to you to ensure lowest latency possible, which is important for stable authentication of games. Americas, Asia and Europe are now covered with our server locations, ensuring global reach for users and fast authentication times. Check out the updated user manual for details which includes screengrabs of the settings configuration menu:

BlackFin setup and user guide v1.1 (applicable to BlackFin 1.1 application)
BlackFin software v1.1 (includes Reader firmware update)

Team Cobra has many, many more features plannned which will continue to bolster the power of the BlackFin product and bring flexibility to users.

Pichaxx – A new 3DS homebrew exploit upcoming for game Pokémon Picross?

Just a week later behind Basehaxx, developer MrNbaYoh announced that he also has an exploit running on Pokémon Picross. This a secondary exploit to access homebrew launcher and has nicknamed “pichaxx“.
pokemon_picrossIn order to install the hack, you need a primary exploit such as Ninjhax. The hack for Pokémon Picross has not been released yet and MrNbaYoh has not provided any release date.

Pokémon picross is free and only available on the eShop, so whether you’re interested in the hack or not, you might want to download the game before Nintendo remove it from their eShop. Again, at this point no release date has been announced, let alone promised, but the game is free so there’s not much risk in downloading it.

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Deep analysis about PSVita Cobra BlackFin Dongle

After a period of slience, Cobra Black Fin are start perked up in the market. This p2p Vita game sharing device implicitly promises to be Vita pirates’ wet dream, allowing people to share games with their “friends” worldwide. The Cobra Black Fin team, behind the dongle, have updated their official website recently.


There have 7 slots on Cobra BlackFin Reader, maybe many player are very curious about what’s inside the Cobra BlackFin. Here i’d like to share a few screenshots of the inside of the cobra blackfin. The screenshots reveal what kind of hardware architecture is powering the piracy dongle.

Quite a number of people on the scene are expecting to get their hands on the device in order to reverse engineer it. Although such a thing is pretty typical (the scene is always keen on reverse engineering the likes of TrueBlue, Gateway, etc…), in the case of the BlackFin I’m wondering if there’s even an incentive to do so. The concept sounds pretty “simple” and non-magical to me: the device uses actual, legit games at the authentication step, getting just enough data for the PS Vita to then accept to run the iso. I’m of course over simplifying things here, but the rest is mostly glue for all the software components to work together.

The screenshots show that the blackfin uses an Actel A3P250-VQG100 (FPGA) as its main CPU and an FTDI FT2232HL for USB communication.  And of course, there have another slot is available for a microcontroller, but that one appears empty on the screenshots.



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Latest news about PSVita Cobra Black Fin

Recently, PSVita Cobra BlackFin is very active on currently market. And the BlackFin official website is continuously updated news. Here is the original post.
IMG_4199News Update! Cobra BlackFin team is adding server coverage for Asia and the Americas which should help to ensure that you can authenticate games over the severs in those regions without any possible time out errors which you could experience using current European server.
Cobra BlackFin can be used on your own PC (localhost) to play any of your own game cards, over the BlackFin servers for maximum number of titles, or on a friend’s private network by setting the IP address in the config to that of your friend’s PC IP address. We will be adding an easier config drop down to the BlackFin PC software in the next week or so to allow easily swapping between localhost, Asia, Americas or European server or input IP address of your friends server. Should sites decide to review BlackFin before the additional server coverage is in place, we would emphasize the importance of testing the device over a private
network (such as between two pc’s on the same IP address or a friend’s PC in the same region. Please ensure you open respective ports on the LAN or wifi routers.) in order to properly test the BlackFin hardware. Of course we will post an additional
news over the next few days when additional server coverage is in place. The process is already underway, so it will be very soon.
We have heard that close to 100 different titles have been acquired by contributors for use by all on the the Asian servers and similar will follow on the European and Americas servers shortly after.
Cobra Black Fin 03I will update in the first time if there have any news released about Cobra BlackFin, please focus blog.digimartz!

BaseHaxx – A new homebrew exploit for Pokemon ORAS

In this post, i will introduce you a new homebrew exploit – Basehaxx, this is a savegame homebrew exploit for the Pokemon ORAS games on 3DS. It’s very easy to use, here i will tell you how to install basehaxx.

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire ver 1.0/1.4 with the ability to have a secret base
An access to the homebrew launcher
A 3DS firmware v9.0 – v11.0

1. Make sure you have a secret base and are able to rename your team.
2. Download the latest version of Homebrew Starter Kit and basehaxx_sploit_installer, and unzip to the root directory of your microSD card
3. Backup your save file
4. Access homebrew launcher and run basehaxx sploit installer, then select the firmware and follow the instructions.
5. Run the Pokemon ORAS game and rename your secret team, the basehaxx will be installed and the in-game menu will appear.
6. Just select the first option to enter the homebrew launcher

How to downgrade your 3DS from 10.x/9.x to 9.2 using homebrew

If you choose to proceed with this downgrader, use it at your own risk as bricking may occur. So it’s much more safer to use an Old 3ds console with 10.3 or below.

Get a Homebrew launcher (You can download Ninjhax from
downgradeHow to Setup?
Step 1. Download sysUpdated app from, and unzip
Step 2. Place the contents in your ‘3ds’ folder
Step 3. Download the updated file from 3dsiso, then copy to your SD card
Step 4. Open Homebrew launcher and enter sysUpdater, select “Downgrade”. If the app didn’t response or occur error, just try more times or use another homebrew launcher and try.
Step 5. Your console will restart automatically after the process finished.

If you want to update, the steps is same as downgrade, only different in setp 4, just select “Update” instead of “Downgrade”.


Recently, there have some players often ask me what’s the difference between Sky3ds and Sky3ds Plus. Here i want to give you a detailed specification. Nintendo 3DS flashcard Sky3ds (blue button) and Sky3ds Plus (orange button) are released by Sky3ds Team. From the name to distinguish, Sky3ds Plus is the 2nd generation of Sky3ds, just like iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
sky3ds+USB_Cable-500x500 digimartzSame Features
Both of Sky3ds and Sky3ds Plus support all 3DS console, New 3DS/3DSXL/3DS/XL, Old 3DS/3DSXL/3DS/XL, 2DS consoles (US, EU, JP, KR, Au…)
Both of Sky3ds and Sky3ds Plus support any 3DS system version (including the latest V11.0.0-33)
Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB SDHC/SDXC card.
Compare with Sky3ds, why choose Sky3ds Plus?
Sky3ds Plus is the updated version of Sky3ds. It comes with two orange button, you can switch game back and forth, included all the features of Sky3ds. And more important, Sky3ds Plus didn’t require DiskWriter and Template file, you can copy the rom to microSD card and play directly, more easy to use. And Sky3ds+ compatiblw with other 3rd party homebrews and AP checked.

1. Sky3ds+ include all features of Sky3ds, which could play 3ds games on all 3ds console, any firmware, any region.
2. Sky3ds+ is more easier to use, copy and play, not diskwriter need to install, which will not waste your time on setting up again and again.  How to play with Sky3ds+
3. You can use the SKY3DS+ enjoy at least more than 160+ free 3DS games. The latest and old games are all work as the retail game card, which will save your money no need to buy different game card or other flashcard which is not support as much as SKY3DS+. How to backup the rom from Sky3ds to Sky3ds+

Besides, after tested, Sky3ds+ support all of the latest 3DS games, including the most popular Pokemon, Kirby – Planet Robobot, Monster Hunter X… The popularity of Nintendo 3DS games introduction

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The brief introduction of Kirby – Planet Robobot

Kirby – Planet Robobot was launched on dated 28th April with JPN version, and becomes the top sales on the game list, it’s the hottest game in Japanese market. You can play this game directly with Sky3ds Plus (orange button) Here i want to give you a brief introduction about this game, because there a good news, the EUR and USA version will be released 48 hours later, 10th June, you’ll not miss it!
KirbyThis new 3DS ACT Kirby- Planet Robobot suit for each stage of the ages. The actor Kirby equip more than 25 robotic bodies, and with a new Kirby mecha. Kirby can take the mecha to use its power against the enemy Nova.

The leading role of this game is called Kirby, with a chubby body, very cute. Kirby was equipt with more than 25 COPY power.

Copy Skills:
Poison (just like Splatoon)
Doctor (throw capsule and produce drug)
ESP (attack)
COPYRoboarmor: Kirby can take the enemies’ mecha after defeating the BOSS. Mecha have about 10 different modes, each mode is different, they are Beam Mode, Fire Mode, Sword Mode, Spark Mode, Jet Mode, Cutter mode, Bomb Mode, Wheel mode, and so forth. And you can decorate the mecha which you collect during the game.
imageKirby hunter mode: 4 people fight together. You need to choose an role, then fight against the BOSS with other 3 people. Different role have different skills. If you collect 4 debris, you can summon star to bring a huge damage to an enemy.
indexKirby 3D challenge mode: Need to defeat all the enemy, use double hit to get higher scores.
Amiibo: This game correspond the previous Amiibo, like Sword COPY and Umbrella COPY
imagesThis game is very suit for the younger, the cute Kirby, colorful image, and the challenging and interesting will give you a special experience. Let’s expect the releasing of Kirby – Planet Robobot EUR/USA version! After the game released, i will test and show you the pictures in my next post, so please your concern!

New Products: Mobile Phone Wide Angle Macro Fisheye Lens

Most people like to take photos, scenery, nature, building, animals, plants, and so forth, of course, includ selfie, take photos of family and friends. Mobile phone is much easier to carry than camera. But how to make your photos looks have the same effect with camera? Here i want to introduce you a new products: Mobile phone wide angle macro fisheye lens triad suit in external SLR camera. It can be used for iPhone, Samsung, and other brands mobile phone.
homeThere have three different lens: Fisheye lens, Macro lens, and Wide Angle lens.
HD Fisheye Lens, uses the metal wiredrawing craft, 180° panoramic fisheye
Macro Lens, take lacquer whorl design, 10 times HD macro
Wide Angle Lens, appearance is clear full
Front and backMobile phone wide angle macro fisheye lens triad suit in external SLR camera comes out through four processes at the level of checks
Blue membrane plating craft, protect lens
Superior aluminum alloy shell, apperance is rounded and full
High-quality optical lens, absorb strong lights, avoid vignetting
Silver metal wiredrawing craft, texture clear and beautiful
effect cntrast photographIt’s very easy to use, just fix it with the clip on your mobile phone lens, then take photos as normally, your photos will be more clearly, beautiful and stereoscopic.


How to use freakyhax to start 3DS homebrew on the latest v11.0 (EUR/USA)

freakyhax1 Here i want to intorduce you a exploit to start 3DS Homebrew diredtly. freakyhax is a QR-code homebrew exploit for the 3DS game Freakyforms Deluxe. The use steps is very simple, please check below.


· A EUR/USA copy of the game (either eShop or cartridge)
· Recent 3DS firmware, including latest (11.0.0-33) as of this writing


Step 1. Download the latest version of freakyhax from,  extract it to the root of your SD card.
Step 2. Then download “otherapp payload” for your 3DS firmware from The Homebrewer Launcher – 3DS website
Step 3. Copy the otherapp bin on your SD card root and rename it to “otherapp.bin”.
Step 4. Download the “homebrew starter kit” from The Homebrewer Launcher – 3DS website and copy to your SD card
Step 5. Now you can start 3DS homebrewer directly, enjoy the game!


In the game menue, you can follow these picks to trigger the exploit: Play → Camera → Load a QR code → pick the image. If it doesn’t work, follow the below Troubleshotting guide.
· Make sure you have freaky.bin and the DCIM directory in your sdcard root.
· Make sure you have a otherapp.bin in your sdcard root.
· Make sure the otherapp.bin matches your firmware version, region and console type (new/old).


If none of the above helps, try the below resetting save file.
· Clear your save by holding A+B+X+Y when the game starts.
· Set your planet name to “a”.
· With minimal effort create 5 formees with name “a”, favourite phrase “a” (you have to go through the tutorial, unfortunately).
· Remove all 5 formees.
· Leave game and enter 3DS Settings. Move date one day forward.
· Start the game again.
· Create a formee with name “a” and favourite phrase “a”.
· Restart the game.
· Trigger the exploit.