Bicycle bracket waterproof bag for mobile phone

More and more people like to drive go outside, but sometimes, you may feel it’s very difficult to find a place to park. If meet traffic jam, you will be stuck on the road for ten minutes, even one hour or more. And it’s not good for environmental protection. So i think it’s better to ride on a bicycle to work, this is also a good way to exercise.
bike bag
You may not familiar with the route, in this post, i will introduce you an useful products: Bicycle bracket waterproof bag formobile phone. Select your route on mobile phone, then put into the bag, it will lead you to the place where you want to go. It can be used as GPS holer on bicycle, mountain bike and motobike. Very important, this bag is waterproof, it can protect your phone from water and raining, very ultra stable and durable. Of course, you can listen music in your bike riding.
This bike bracket waterproof bag is specialized tailor-made for motorcycle riders, very popular in Europe and the United States and southeast Asia. It can be fixed on the motorcycle handlebar, provide much convenience for the riders.
Product parameters
Name: Outdoor waterproof mobile phone bag
Color: Black
Material: ABS plastic + waterproof fabric
Weight: 0.11KG
Suitable size: 3.5 inch, 4.7 inch, 5.5 inch (Not only for iPhone, but also suitable for Samsung, oppo, Lenove and other brands.)



More and more people are keen on sports, not only for younger, but also including middle-aged and elderly. How to make you get rid of boring and longly when doing sports? In this post, i will suggest you an amazing products.
The appearance of this product close to watch, it looks like a watch. But please remember, it’s not a watch. This product named B20 Bluethooth music watches speaker. It’s an outdoor portable mini audio speaker which can be controlled by wireless bluethooth.
It’s only weigh 0.18KG, much lighter than mobilephone, very convenient to carry in hand, you can listien some soft music.Don’t worry, the soft touch leather will give you easy portability, stay away to a musical journey! You can also switchable insert TF card mode, music player, listen to songs without bluetooth. And it with FM radio function, you can enjoy the news and music in your sports
Sometimes, it is inconvenient to carry iphone or ipad, but in order to avoid to miss some important phone call, how can we do? This watch style speaker solve this problem for you. It can be used as mobilephone to call or take photos by bluetooth remote control, exceptionally clear call quality. It is built-in Li-ion battery, supply you a long standby time.
Full color
Have any interested in this bluethooth music watch speaker? Weclome to visit, there have five colors for your choose: Black, White, Blue, Red and Gold.



Last week, Gateway official website announced that gateway flashcard will have two new cool apps coming soon on May 22nd: Gateway Time Machine App and Gateway A9LH Installer. After waiting a long time, the official website post a delay news, it said like this:

First we would like to apologize for the small delay on the release of our latest  firmware.  The  good news is that we have just sent to an extended panel of beta testers our newest firmware. If, as expected, all goes fine, the public release will be within 48 hours after that.

We indicated to this new panel of selected beta testers that they are welcome to share  screen  shots,  videos, comments etc. on the pending release, so during that small wait, you should have most details on what is coming.

We understand the frustration of some of our users, but we value our customer’s safety before anything, and we felt this delay was necessary to bring you the best, safest, most complete and easy to use solution for N3DS, 3DS and 2DS.

Thank you for your continued support.

The kernel release delay because the Gateway Team have a final phase of beta testing before public release. Let’s wait some more more! I will constantly the updating if there have any news released, please pay attention to my post.

If you want to know more about gateway flashcard, will give you more details!


PSVita Cobra BlackFin Users’ Manual

Recently, PSVita Cobra BlackFin have began to sale on the market. In order to make you know more about it, i collect some data, please read below users’ manual.

Cobra Black Fin Emulator Initialization
Formatted mircoSD card and dump ISO files, connect the BlackFin Reader to PC through USB cable. Before access the BlackFin Reader, you need to install ‘Drivers’ on PC. Then enter the Drivers directory, run ‘CDM211216-Setup’, following the intructions to install FTDI drivers.
BlackFin user guide 1
Right Click Blackfin dongle and choose Update Driver Software, select Browse my computer for driver software, then c:\Blackfin-1.0\Drivers Software, the installation will be finished automatically.
BlackFin user guide 2
Open BlackFin App, then insert a blank microSD card into BlackFin Emulator, then plug to BlackFin Reader, any slot is ok.
BlackFin user guide 3Format the microSD before add game dumps.
BlackFin user guide 4


Setting the server tp use with the BlackFin Software
The BlackFin Software can be configured to use any server (local server and public server) You can edit C:\Users\<user>\AppDate\Local\BlackFin\settings.conf to change the server, see the below picture.
BlackFin user guide 5
Using the BlackFin Software
There have some tabs on BlackFin Software.The first one is for accessing the Card Emulator and a new tab will be created for Readers that the application detects. The windows will be like this. If the BlackFin Dongle is not find, just click ‘Retry’ button to try again. You can switch the tab to see the status of your BlackFin Reader.
BlackFin user guide 6
Identify your game cards
To identify a card, you need to follow these intruction:
First, select a card
In this part, the BlackFin Emulator must not be inserted in the Reader or in PS Vita, or the Vita must be off, then selet the card
The Software will start scannin for the BlackFin Emulator
BlackFin user guide 7
You can insert the BlackFin Emulator into PS Vita, it will be detected by the Software and authentication of the game card will begin
BlackFin user guide 8
The game have been recognized by the BlackFin Software, and now it can be dumped.
BlackFin user guide 9

Dumping a Vita Game Card to disk
Make sure the game card is authenticated, then select the game card to dump
Select the ‘Dump to disk’ option from the reader’s menu
BlackFin user guide 10
Select the directory and filename to save the ISO file
The game will be dumped from the Reader to the file you selected, wait until the game dumped finish.
BlackFin user guide 11
Add a game dump to the BlackFin Emulator MicroSD card
Insert the BlackFin Emulator to the Reader, any slots is ok.
Ensure the microSD card is formatted.
Select the BlackFin Emulator from the list of cards in the reader, then click ‘Add game’ button from the menu
BlackFin user guide 12
Select the ISO file you want to add to the micro SD card, then game will be added to the microSD card of the Emulator
BlackFin user guide 13BlackFin user guide 14

Launch a game through the BlackFin Emulator
Make sure the microSD card is formatted and with ISO games, insert into the BlackFin Emulator, then select ‘Card Emulator’tab
Click the ‘Bluetooth: Connect’ button.
BlackFin user guide 15
Inset the BlackFin Emulator into the PSVita after it finished, the software will be like this. On the left side, the game will show up as green if it is available on the server; If not, then shows red. All of the available games will be shown at the right side.
Select a game that you want to launch, then click ‘Launch game’ button, the game will be authenticated by the PSVita through the BlackFin Server.
BlackFin user guide 17The game have been launched and enjoy the game on your console.
BlackFin user guide 18Cobra BlackFin is currently supported up to PS Vita Firmware 3.57. We are now developing for fireware 3.60. Please don’t update your console over 3.57 fireware on the meantime — comes from BlackFin Team.


Latest news about PSVita flashcard — Cobra Black Fin

IMG_4199 We hear Cobra Black Fin at the end of 2015. This is a kinds of game sharing flashcard. Because the degree of safety of PSVita system is extremely high,  it’s very hard to break. Maybe some people think this is a rumor. But yesterday, the cobra black fin official website updated suddenly, the below is the detailed news:

“News Update!  We have been hard at work finalizing the BlackFin software the past few months. We are pleased to announce that this is now complete and the BlackFin hardware system is now available to order with immediate shipment available, We have uploaded the BlackFin-1.0 software package and the BlackFin user manual to the downloads section. Samples are being sent to review sites over the next few days, so you can expect to see reviews appearing on related sites in the coming days. Resellers may contact us to reserve stocks or place an order”
I have collating some datum about PSVita Cobra BlackFin flashcard, here i want to share with you.
1. Cobra Black Fin only run on system 3.57 or lower, is not compatible with firmware 3.60  currently. The Blackfin team advises players to stay on 3.57 or lower for now, but promise they are working on 3.60 compatibility.
2. Cobra Black Fin including 4 parts

  • Cobra Black Fin Emulator card
    Cobra Black Fin Reader
    Mini USB cable
    BlackFin USB dongle

3. You can share your cartridge to friends or others via Cobra Black Fin, but they can’t use until you insert the PSVita game card to BlackFin reader, and connected with internet.

Yes, as the page updated, the Cobra Black Fin hardware system is now available. If you have any interesting, welcome to visit PSVita Cobra Black Fin


iDrive USB2.0 Flash Disk for iPhone/iPad/iPod Backup

Nowadays, as the technological development faster and faster, people’s leisure life becomes more and more rich. But how to record every wonderful moment of life with iPhone or iPad when we are out. Most of us may meet this question: insufficient memory.

In this post, i will introduce you iDrive USB Flash Disk, which is specialized made for IOS system device. It’s competiable with iphone5/5C/5S/5SE/6/6P/6S/6SP, iPad 4/5/6, iPad mini2/3, iPod 4/amc, and even for the new upcoming any iphone products.
Compared with other flash card, iDrive is more stable and with fast transmission speed, use fluency! High-speed transmission, Data sharing, Needn’t jailbreak, Needn’t wifi, Batch operations, Resource Manager, one-click upload to share, Kmplayer.


What’s the function?
1. Backup photograph, video and files;
2. Easy to carry. Copy files to APP
3. View the video and files directly
4. Share pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
20160514_112218_031_Why choose iDrive USB flash disk?
1. Needn’t iTunes: Directly copy pictures and files at any time any where, no internet and PC required.
2. Support all of the computer and iphone above IOS7 and Windows/win7/win8/win10
3. Compared with other flash card, iDrive is more stable and with fast transmission speed, use fluency!
4. Very easy to use! Only need to download iDiskk Pro from App Store, support movie, music, picture and office use
transmit speed
How to use?
1. When the user insert iDrive/iReader first time to iphone device, there will appear a dialog box automatically. Follow the step to
download iDiskk Pro application from App Store, and install.
2. Open iDiskk Pro, there have four buttons on the below: iDiskk, App, iPhone, Set. All of the application files are saved in App. iPhone including all of the photographs. You can copy or share the pictures and files in iDiskk page.


For more information about iDrive USB Flashdisk, welcome to visit!

GATEWAY RELEASED NEWS Time Machine App & A9LH Installer

Finally after over a month of silent, Gateway Team has released news on two cool new apps called ‘Time Machine App‘ and ‘A9L Installer‘ with an planned full public release as early as of May 22nd for 3DS! This will be a good news for all of the gateway uses and 3DS communites. Please read the below post to know more about the updating, it will help you to make better use of gateway.
GatewayThe GateWait is over, we finally bring you the long awaited news of the big new firmware update for all of loyal Gateway 3DS owners, soon they can finally enjoy A9Hax and more more thanks to the hard-working efforts of their developers and beta-testers, it might had been a long wait, but it will surely be worth it in the end.

Gateway Time Machine App
It can be launched by the homebrew channel, valid up to v10.7.0-32 system or any higher homebrew advancements in the future. This free tool will have user verified region and device type files which greatly simplifies the a9 install procedure.

Gateway A9LH Installer
Gateway A9LH Installer is a highly integrated GW menu app exclusively for GW users, that auto detects system and state of install, considerably simplifying the install procedure especially for the N3DS. Once the A9LH Installer is complete the console will now boot automatically straight into GW menu within a few seconds after powerup.

To protect your console, please don’t download from other sources until the public released from Gateway official website.

If you want to play 3DS games on 3DS V11.0.0-33, Sky3ds and Sky3ds+ are the best choice for you.

Welcome to visit, you will get a free ACE3ds Plus, R4i Gold 3DS or memory card as gift if buy Sky3ds/Sky3ds+ before May 20th.


Recently, Fuze Entertainment company announced Tomahawk F1 will be on sale at 2016 Summer. It will comes out with two different version: Normal and Elite version
The surface of Tomahawk F1 is close to PS4, and the handle is just same as Xbox One. It’s on the bases of Android system. From Fuze Entertainment official news, there have more than 200 agent at the moment, even including Koei Tecmo, Ubisoft and Deep Silver these international well-known company.
Meanwhile, except game, Tomahawk F1 will provide a different kinds of video for players, such as movie and TV play. Besides, Tomahawk VR will be launched after Tomahawk F1, it will let the player experience the interesting of VR virtual reality.

Basic data of Tomahawk F1
Basic resolution: 1080p
CPU:NVIDIA Tegra K1(TD575D)Cortex-A15 Quad-core 2.2GHz
GPU: NVIDIA Kepller 192 CUDA core
Flash Rom:eMMc 32GB
HDD:500GB (Only for Elite version)
Interface: HDMI 1.4b(1)、SATA 3.0(1)、USB 3.0(1)
Tomahawk F1 feature
1. Tomahawk F1 is not only a game console, but also a Internet entertainment center for family
2. High quality output picture
3. Can connect 4 handles at the same time
4. Variety games come from 200+ global teams
5. Small and exquisite design, easy to put and carry (190mmW x 190mmH)
6. Wireless charging (Only for Elite version)
7. Extended storage
8. USB Expansion


Cobra Black Fin is the first ever peer to peer game sharing device for PS Vita! It allows the players to share your friends’ game titles by connecting to a P2P network via from your PC. It allows you to access hundreds of titles over a P2P network,  is the ultimate P2P network system for your Vita.

Cobra Black Fin 02

Cobra Black Fin Emulator card stores game ISO’s on Micro SD and the Black Fin Card is then inserted into the Vita/Vita Slim console. When connected to the Black Fin servers authentication of the Vita game is performed by matching the ISO on your Micro SD card to the same original game running on a peers’ Black Fin reader connected to his PC and the Black Fin servers or friends’  servers.


Huge resources have been poured into designing a flash card which is the same size as the original Vita card itself. Yes, the Cobra Black Fin squeezes all of its technology into a card no bigger than a Vita game card with tons of features and packing serious hardware power! When you look at the circuit board design and components used you start to understand the expertise and time required to pull off a design of this magnitude.

Cobra Black Fin 03

If you are interested in Cobra Black Fin, please visit! The package will includ a Cobra Black Fin Emulator card, a BlackFin USB dongle, a micro card reader and a USB cable.




Great news! Today, Nintendo announced that 3DS System have updated to V11.0.0-33. This updating is mainly to improve the overall system stability and other small adjustments, to enhance the user experience.

This news is come from Sky3ds official website:
It’s confirmed! sky3DS/sky3DS+ can support the newest 3DS V11.0.0-33 (05/10/2016)


The players who want to update can connect eShop to download patches, and update 3DS System to the latest version
Ninjhax 2.7, oot3dhax, and Arm9LoaderHax can be also used with V11.0.0-33
All of the flashcard support the latest version 11.0.0-33 emuNAND, including Gateway flashcard. Sky3ds and Sky3ds+ support 11.0.0-33 directly.
For more details about Sky3ds and Sky3ds+, please visit