Beautiful Nintendo 3DS Console Stickers

In order to protect our mobile phone and make it look as good as new, most of us like to use phone shell. Nowadays, Nintendo 3DS Console is very popular among youngsters. This is same as our phone and table PC, we should protect it well.

In this situation, you can cover your Nintendo 3DS Console with a sticker. It can provide full protecting from inside and out. You will not worry about  your device is scratched at anytime after with it.

It is made with a High quality environmental protection material, no pollution, very light and thin.There have many different colors and cartoon patterns for your choosing, including Personality, Fashion, Kawaii, Cool. The very important is it can be used repeatedly, no glue residue.

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Some days ago, Gateway officical website release the news that the next big updates with 10.3 and A9hax support will coming in the next days. Many player may want to know more about A9LH, ok, please see below brief introduction.


1. What’s A9LH?
A9LH is the abbreviation of arm9loader Hax. It’s another superior method of loading hax that runs early in boot and opens up the opportunity for things such as true custom firmware.

2. What’s the advantage of A9LH?
Loading speed: Strat to Coldboot directly, load arm9loaderhax.bin file in the same time
It will not crash no matter how you start, 100% Bootrate
Support the newest firmware version in 3DS system
Compatibility: A9LH will not affect the theme loopholes which you have done. 100% compatible with other menuhax on your dervice

3. Some place need to improve
It required a TF or SD card. You must make sure the 3DS built-in TF/SD is saved at arm9loaderhax.bin, this will be loading while starting up. If not, the new version of A9LH will be shot down automatically.
All of the SYSNAND is patched CFW
Can’t go into the “real system”
The only way to unload A9LH is to restore the installation NAND which A9LH done before.

4. Compare A9LH with MenuHax
Boot priority: A9LH > MenuHax
Perform Homebrew suffix: A9LH: *.bin   MenuHax: *.3dsx
Stability: A9LH  >>>  MenuHax
compatibility: A9LH <=  MenuHax

You must follow the instruction strictly when install A9LH, it maybe interrupt, just try more times, you’ll success. Click here to know more about Gateway flashcard