The famous DQ series DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS JOKER 3 have comes out on dated March 24th by Square Enix.

This time, the protagonist is a boy who lost his memory of past. Because installed with Reactor, his life is much different than normal. He noticed that his past was changed by someone, in order to get himself back, he started a long journey. The total monster is exceed 500, and strengthen the skills on the basis of Joker 2. You can ride all of the monsters in your play. It can increased the movement speend and can also take you to some unusual place just like sky and water. It have won the champion on the download game list.

We have tested this new 3ds game with Sky3ds+ on 3DS V10.7.0-32J. Download the realiable rom and copy to MircoSD card, then put it into Sky3ds+ and insert to 3DS console, it can work well.

You may meet some problem when playing, it should be caused by rom issue but not Sky3ds+. Just make sure your download rom is from the reliable sources, and dumped by the original retail game card, no modified and edited roms.

The two orange button on Sky3ds+ can switch the game back and forth, very easy to operate! Click here to let you know more about Sky3ds+


Gateway 3DS Flashcard officical website release the news that the next big updates with 10.3 and A9hax support, as well as a nice surprise, are just around the corner.

Gateway is always support V1 hardware from a few years ago, which in the case of this major update has proven quite challenging. We are very proud that users who bought Gateway 3DS flashcard 3 years ago still enjoy full support, although it has caused some delay. And we will continue to do so by making sure all Gateway users, old and new, are receiving more than they expected for their money worth.

10.3 support and A9Hax will be released separately in the coming days to save from further delays. We are starting to expand our testing panel to more Alpha testers on various consoles types, languages, regions, firmware etc. so it shouldn’t be long. But for a safety reason, please don’t use any new Gateway firmware until we have confirmed test results and released the official update.

Finally it’s very happy to see Gateway realize that A9LH is the future and they seem ready to deliver their offering. Should make cheating easier. No more menuhax (just deleted it) to load emuNAND for cheats. This coupled with arm9select and AuReiNand/Rei should cover most of what any Gateway user could fathom. This and CFW in tandem should be the last time I really mess with my 3DS setup until the next big feature add to A9LH. For all the Gateway users who remained patient. Looks like we will finally be rewarded.

It seems GW will be getting A9LH support. This should make the dying breed of Gateway users happy. Not very sure what the 10.3 support is, maybe a downgrader of sorts.

Let us together to looking forward to that day to come earlier!

PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller is very good to use


PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller is very good to use

PlayStation 4, it is a home console which launched by Sony, is the the fourth generation consoles of PlayStation game series.
It’s the hottest console in nowadays.
PS 4
Last week i received my PS 4 PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller, it’s much better than i expected. After tested, i found it’s completely same as the original, the material, the feeling, the shape, the speed, of course, except the price. It’s much cheap than the official. And the sensitivity design of PS4 for the buttons and sticks can give you a super experience. Here i want to share with yours guys. I believe you will like it.
There are several output ports built in controller, and also including a Mirco-USD port, an expansion connection port, and a mono speaker. The controller can charge the battery through the mirco – USB or exclusive charging dock.

When you get a new PS4 Controller, you need to activate it with a fine needle, just like the below picture. Click the small hole for a while, don’t loosen until the LED light flash orange color

Then you can connect it to PS4 console with a USB cable. Press ps button and the LED light will flash white at first, then stay blue all the way. You need to creat an user account for your controller, press confirm button to access. Now the USB cable can be pulled out, it can be controlled via Bluetooth function.

The screen will come to a new interface, you can click the menu to start a game.
If you don’t want to continue the game, press the ps button for some seconds, then choose quit.

Before you close the power, remember to log out your PlayStation 4 Controller safely (Just press ps button for some seconds and choose lou out)


PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller is very good to use


How to play with Sky3ds Plus


Why many people choose Sky3ds Plus? Here i list some tips for your reference.
1. Compatible all the functions which Sky3ds supported
2. Two orange buttons, switch the game back and forth freely
3. Copy the game which with .3ds format directly, no DiskWriter required
4. Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews
5. Can update the inside firmware


Step 1. Format your microSD card to FAT32 in Windows before use
Step 2. Download the newest firmware.bin and gamelistbin from the office website, then copy it directly to mircoSD card.
Step 3. Insert the mircoSD card to Sky3ds+, and connect with PC. You will see flashing with red light for about 10 seconds, then flashing with green light, then lights out. It means the firmware have installed to your Sky3ds Plus.

Step 4. Insert Sky3ds Plus to your 3DS console, and pull out after the game icon appeared. Then insert again to your PC again, you will find two files built in your microSDm setting.txt and .sav file. After open setting.txt, the first line is the version of firmware. and the below is open .cfg file ( that is if you want to build a individual .cfg file for each game) 0 means close, change to 1 then save mean open.

Step 5. Copy the game directly to the mircoSD card, then you can play game with your Sky3ds Plus.


Note: Because Sky3ds+ compatibility is not much strong, it is best to use Sandisk memory cards.

The user guidence of Gateway 3ds flashcard

Gateway 3ds card is the world’s first flashcard which can play 3DS games. It’s apply to NEW3DS/ 3DSLL, OLD 3DS/ 3DSLL/ 3DSXL and 2DS console with the version 4.1-9.2

It support backup 3DS roms perfectly, and almost all 3DS roms. You need to make an emuNAND virtual system, it can be updated to the newest version emuNAND9.8. Then you can go to eshop to download eshop games.
It support cia, dlc, eshop, 3ds and nds games. You can fighting on Internet, and the very importand is that support bupassing region locking. It have the function of Game Card Dumper, means you can suck up the rom from the official card, then play with Gateway 3ds flashcard.
Gateway 3DS contains two cards: a red flashcard and a blue one. The below is some guidence for use.

Blue card
Step 1: Download fireware from office websit with the blue card (of course, it can be instead by R4i gold 3ds or ACE 3ds plus), then copy the two documents which with .rpg and .nds suffix to your mirco SD card.
Step 2. Then copy the .dat file to the console nirco card
Step 3.  Insert the blue card to your console, choose set to launch Gateway mode
Step 4: Insert mirco SD into red Gateway card, you can copy the 3DS games directly

Red card

There have detailed instructions, if you have any other question or problem just visit this site.

Nintendo 3DS system updated to version 10.7.0-32

Nintendo 3DS system updated to version 10.7.0-32
Good news, the systems of 3DS system have updated to the newest version 10.7.0-32



From March 15th 2016, Nintendo has officially released the latest update patch 3 ds, the updated version to upgrade to 3 ds system 10.7.0-32, its main contents are added to improve system stability


3ds consoles welcomed a new firmware update, the updated version of the system for v10.7.0-32, will be on the host system to enhance convenience for use, resulting in more comfortable operation and game experience for players.


This upgrade mainly aims to “further improve the overall system stability and other small adjustments, in order to improve the user experience”.  Sky3ds+ support all 3DS console, NEW 3DS/3DS XL, OLD 3DS/3DS XL, 2DS


There is no pressure to crack,  any region, any firmware (include the latest version 10.7.0-32E/U/J)


After tested, both Sky3ds+ and Sky3ds cand support this new version 10.7.0-32, including DS flashcard, such as R4I GOLD 3DS,  ACE 3DS PLUS and R4I SDHC 3DS RT.

sky3DS+ &sky3DS can support the newest 3DS V10.7.0-32

Now Nintendo 3DS system has been updated into Version 10.7.0-32U, we can update our system by wireless Internet connection. The updated system will be more stable, some adjustment has been made to improve the user experience.At the same time, I’ve tested the sky3DS+ and sky3DS flash card. After testing, it can perfectly run on the newest 3DS V10.7.0-32. The below is the picture when I test.

Do you know how to play the games is the most fashion trend today?  Yes, we can play all the 3DS games which download from Internet with only one flash card. We don’t need to buy so many expensive Nintendo 3ds game card any more. Because we just need to take only one flash card, then we can play all the 3DS games which we want. Also, we don’t need to change the Nintendo 3ds game card one by one when play games, what we need to do is to download the games which we like from Internet, buying a flash card, then we can start to play the games. Now the sky3DS+ &sky3DS can support the newest 3DS V10.7.0-32 directly, I’ve tested it.You can check the below picture here.