Gateway or Sky3DS?

Since sky3ds team first announced sky3ds support any newest  3ds version, gateway was always catching up with it to follow this step but without any sense result so far.  Then, What’s your choice? gateway or sky3ds?

Firstly, let me show you the newest features for you to compare with what’s differences:

Sky3DS working for any 3DS games directly on 3DS/2DS/NEW3DS 9.4.0-21
* First 3ds card to support all of 3ds/xl,2ds,new 3ds(xl/ll)
* Compatible with newest V9.4.0-21 (include lower versions)
* No game limit (new sky3ds with blue button)
* 100% 3DS Multi-rom compatibility
* Support eShop game  playing
* Plug & play , easy to use
* Compatible with any of micro SD, SDHC, SDXC 2GB~64GB

Gateway 3DS flash card SUPPORTS ALL 3DS ROMS
Gateway 3DS 
* First card to support 3ds (xl/ll) (only support to v4.5)
* emuNAND 9.4.0-21 available
* eShop game support
* No game limit , region free
* CIA, Devmenu, Homebrew support
* blue card to play ds games (only support to 3ds v6.3 & dsi v1.45)

Through gateway released a video to show that gateway will support new 3ds 9.2.0-20 months ago, but there is no update patch released anymore. They just roll out news again and again ,  comfort users to wait with more patience, perhaps you can easily count how many words appear such as “soon”,”very soon”,”close to release”, “within days”… Some of the gateway fans may wait more days with patience , but the common users will think this make them very dispoint for such long time waiting but turn to choose the sky3ds flashcard.