Will the r4i gold 3ds support new Nintendo 3DS?

Several days ago , the Nintendo launched a youtube video that they will release the New 3DS for public.
Let’s watch this New 3DS Preview below


  • Second Circle Nub
  • Slightly Bigger Screen
  • ZL and ZR
  • Better 3D that can be viewed from the sides
  • Micro SD Support
  • Better Browser
  • More Ram
  • Faster CPU (Some games can only be played on the New 3DS such as Xenoblade)
  • Auto Brightness adjust like in phones/tablets
  • Wireless PC file transfer to SD card and such
  • SFC Buttons
  • Customized menu and themes (Will come in an update for older systems thank god)
  • Faceplates (for smaller 3DS)

Then, someone may eager to know will the r4i gold 3ds┬áSTILL support working on the New 3DS? Editor think that the new 3ds will fit for new 3DS system, there maybe some blocks for ds or 3ds flashcarts running. However, this is another revolution for hacking the new 3ds. Let’s keep update for the further of news about new 3DS.