Can R4i GOLD 3DS play GBA games?

gbaemu4DS by ichfly, is the GBA emulator for the DS.This emulator is working and tested on r4i gold 3DS from


for wood user (v1.45 or newer) (If you use use an older Version you need to update as this won’t work on an older Versions):


1. Download and unpack the latest Version (link(alpha 2 fix 4)) to the root of your SD

2. copy the gba homebrews and roms you want to play to your SD (the ending must be .agb, .bin or .mb (.gba dose not work at the moment (this does not work because wood disallows it. I can’t fix that. Ask the creator of wood)))

3. finished you can now lunch your gba homebrew/roms like the DS homebrews/roms


Manual settings

1. Download and unpack the latest Version (link(alpha 2 fix 4)) to the root of your SD

2. copy the gba homebrews and roms you want to play to your SD

3. start hbmenu.nds

4. follow the instructions in this Video



GNU General Public License v2 or (at your option) any later Version



ichfly (ichichfly)

MT card Hardware Ver1.4 officially released

Lasted news from mt card official: the mt card hardware v1.4 released.

This update improves Eshop ROM compatibility and supports .3dz ROM .

It is an hardware update, just directly update your MT card(any version) to V1.4. While updating, don’t disconnect the USB cable. This update works with V.12 launcher.dat.

For” * .3ds “game, save file is” *.sav”

For ” *.3dz” game, save file is“ *.zav”

For NAND backup games(card2), the backup data directly stored in the ROM, don’t rename the file extension. If you once rename the file extension, when you enter the game, the backup data will be deleted.


1.Hardware update(VIA USB)

1.1 Enhance Eshop ROM compatibility.
1.2 Support .3dz ROM.(support online play)


Download the Upgrade package from click here
To buy MT card from United Kingdom official reseller –

3DS new update version 7.2.0-17 is now available!

New Version 7.2.0-17U for 3DS now available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:
-Added new Parental Control features
-Parents can now register an e-mail address within Parental Controls
-Parents that have registered an e-mail can send themselves instructions on unlocking
-Parental Controls if they have forgotten their Parental Controls PIN
-Improved system stability and usability
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.


is worth to use gateway 3ds 2.2 OMEGA firmware?

Gateway 3DS team released the new gateway 2.2 omega firmware on May,9th. we are very pleased to see that gateway team present Gateway firmware 2.2 “OMEGA” which is packing quite a few of highly anticipated features!

then, let’s  look at what updates:

* Online support 

That’s right, now you can play online with your friends!

As we hinted in our previous firmware release, the current “scene” dumps are missing critical data which is needed for online support.
Our game card dumper however does create proper dumps, and will allow you to play online.

To play online you will need a game dumped with our Game Card dumper and you must rename the file extension from .3DS to .3DZ in order to avoid
accidental activation of online support.

As always, use online play at your own risk. Since online play is linked to a genuine Game Card,
we do not recommend that multiple users go online with the same game dump simultaneously as it will most likely result in a future online ban.
We cannot help you if your 3ds console gets banned from online play.

* Homebrew support 

It was about time this happened, so now you can develop and run homebrew games and applications just like the real deal!
In particular, we would like to thank smea for his contributions, otherwise none of this would be possible.

You can find a sample homebrew 3ds game in our downloads section, and we hope to see many more!
Note that the ctrulib homebrew library is not yet completely stable, as can be seen in the graphical artifacts and when closing the homebrew application.

* Savegame backup and restore 

Some users have requested the ability to backup and restore savegames from retail cards, so here it is!
Simply launch the Gateway menu by holding L and you will see two new icons for savegame backup and restore.
The savegame will be stored on the regular 3DS SD card.

* Improved Game Card Dumper 

We fixed a minor bug that caused some Game Cards not to be detected by our dumper. This should now work. So , Those powerful functions really worth to use the firmware for your gateway 3DS.

What’s the Gateway-3DS future updates?

So far as we known, the gateway team released the most important update this year – “GW 2.1 OMEGA Final release “ which had many useful and powerful functions been added for players. However, someone may be eager to know what will be the next step  for gateway 3ds? What’s the Gateway-3DS  future updates?

Editor supposes the next best step would be that they are working on 5.x,  6.x or 7.x support. Logically their next goal would be to achieve compatibility with higher firmwares. With Omega 2.1, the work:profit ratio is already maximized. Anything further improvements on the feature set just means greater work with significantly diminished profit. Most people that have 4.x consoles already got a GW/MT. There’s little reason for them to add new features.

HOWEVER, if they can figure out 6.x 7.x, their profits will skyrocket due to the whole new market.

(Bottomline, piracy for 4.x is already optimized. Doesn’t matter whether 4.x exploit is publicly released or not, it will not affect 4.x piracy. Hence there must be other more personal and possibly sinister reasons as to why we have not yet seen a free solution based on 4.x exploit)

We hope to see in the future:
– Achieve compatibility with higher firmwares(FW 5.X / 6.X /7.X …)
– RTS function (Real Time Save)
– Online 3DS game support
– 3DS Homebrew support
– Autoboot system exploit  (people don’t have to launch the exploit every time)
– More eShop games support 

Nintendo 3DS games collections








0227 Nintendo 4.2.0U 4 GB

Biohazard Revelations

0228 Nintendo 4.0.0U 1 GB

Mario Kart 7

0229 Namco Bandai Games 4.3.0U 256 MB
Naruto SD Powerful Shippuden
0230 Nintendo 4.2.0U 512 MB
The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina??of Time 3D
0373 Atlus 4.4.0U 2 GB
Shin Megami Tensei IV
0374 Nintendo 4.1.0U 512 MB
Nintendogs + Cats – French??Bulldog and New Friends
0375 Nintendo 4.1.0U 512 MB

Nintendogs + Cats – Shiba & New Friends

0376 Nintendo 4.1.0U 512 MB

Nintendogs + Cats – Toy Poodle And New Friends

0377 Nintendo 4.4.0U 512 MB

Mario Tennis OPEN

0378 Nintendo 4.4.0U 512 MB

New Super Mario Bros. 2

0379 Nintendo 4.0.0U 512 MB

Super Mario 3D Land

0380 CTR3ANRJ.png CTR3ANRJ_DL.png Nintendo 4.1.0U 1 GB
Star Fox 64 3D
0381 Nintendo 5.1.0U 512 MB
Tohoku Daigaku Karei Igaku??Kenkyuusho – Kawashima Ryuuta Kyouju Kanshuu – Monosugoku Nou wo Kitaeru??5-Funkan no Oni Training
0382 Nintendo 5.1.0U 1 GB
Luigis Mansion2 – Dark Moon
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