3DS homebrew has come to us already?

This is native 3DS homebrew, not DS homebrew on a 3DS. Anyways, read the 3DS homebrew progress blog linked earlier in this blog. Its legit, and this is awesome, because we may soon see better emulation than the DS flash carts allowed, as well as the ability to use the entirety of the top screen instead of being limited to the DS dimensions. And heck maybe in the future, 3DS homebrew will allow for emulation of NES, SNES, etc. games in stereoscopic 3D like the few 3D classics officially released.

New 3DS Emulator comes out

Today we will share a project that someone has been working on with a few others for the past few months – the first public project to attempt 3DS emulation. “Citra” (https://github.com/bunnei/citra/) is an experimental Nintendo 3DS emulator/debugger written in C++ (and licensed under GPLv2).

At this time, it is in the very initial stages of development, and is only capable of running homebrew. It currently supports:

  • ARM9/ARM11 interpreter for the 3DS “appcore” – the processor core dedicated to running user applications
  • (Some) OS HLE to support userland interaction with the various 3DS OS services
  • Loading of ELF and launcher.dat files
  • Framebuffer rendering
  • Debugger with ARM11 disassembler, register view, callstack and symbol loading (written in Qt)
  • Supported on both Linux and Windows (MS Visual Studio 2013 Express)

They  want to emphasize that for the long-term, this project will only (potentially) be useful to developers – there are many non-existent components that are absolutely essential to even loading a commercial game (and furthermore there is no gamepad or hardware 3D support, among many many other things).

Some screen shots for the 3DS Emulator:

[New Tutorial]Update MT Card to Hardware V1.3 & Software V1.2

There is a good news coming from MT official that  the latest hardware Ver1.3 & software Ver1.2 released for MT card ! This update mainly fixed 3 eshop games (“HarmoKnight” , “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies”,”Super Mario Bros. Deluxe”), and also fixed the problem with low speed Micro SD card which causes animal crossing and pokemon X/Y games can not be played.
So , this post aims to show you how to update MT-card to the latest hardware Ver1.3 & software Ver1.2 via picture presentation.

  • 1. Download latest mt-card hardware ver1.3 and software ver1.2. Then extract the rar file.


  • 2

    Open the “MT_Card_Updater_1.3″ folder. You will see the “MT_Card_Updater v1.3.exe” file.

  • 3

    Connect the MT-card 3ds flash card (yellow card) with your computer.

  • 4

    Run “MT_Card_Updater v1.3.exe”. Make sure the MT card is well connected to the computer while updating; don’t disconnect, or your MT card may be damaged if you disconnect.

  • 5

    Click “Update”. Then it’ll ask you if you’d like to update your mt card firmware v1.2 to v1.3.

  • 6

    Click the “Y” button to continue.

  • 7

    Just wait the update complete.

  • 8

    Copy “launcher.dat” into your SD card to replace the old one.

  • 9

    Your upgrade is done!

Sure, you can buy the latest version mt-card (without any update) online before beginning.

Which is the Best Flashcart for 3DS Roms?

We are paying attention to the 3DS flashcarts for a long time. As we known, Gateway 3ds is the first one can run 3DS roms and NAND-emulate.
Then R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe and 3DSLink Released with cheaper price.
At the end, MT-Card 3DS came out, which was the first and only 3ds flash card can support multi 3ds roms in one Micro sd card, it really has many powerful functions for players,  and just now , we noticed MT-Card official reseller Digimartz.com news: MT-Card V1.1 firmware & V1.2 Hardware released!  With this update , it can support NAND-emulate, region free,ESHOP,NAND backup, the popular 3ds games are all available(such as Pokemon X/Y , Animal crossing …) . And so far as I known, the V1.2 firmware , which fixed many eshop games (eg: Harmo Knight , Phoenix Wright 5, Super mario bros deluxe) , will be coming soon!
So, till now, MT-Card’s functions and also the great value are the best 3ds flashcart as i known. Even for the OMEGA 2.1 firmware released , the GATEWAY 3DS‘s  multirom function had been extended and become the 2nd to support 3DS Multi-ROM.

Brand new MT card review updated

MT card as the world first multirom support 3ds flashcart ,  such as the multirom , emunand, eshop games, pokemon xy available  those wonderful features brings us new feelings in gaming experience.  Perhaps , we are eager to know more about the mt card by a professional review for us.

Today , the gbatemp.net released a   review for brand new MT card formally : http://gbatemp.net/review/mt-card.138/ 

The review can make us more easily understand the mt-card through Packaging and Contents,Design and Impressions,Hardware Requirements,Software Requirements,Grey Shell Flashcart Setup,White Shell Flashcart Setup and Compatibility… And lastly getting an objective conclusion below

+ Easy setup and use
+ Ability to back-up save files
+ Works with all currently dumped games 04/10/2014
+ Local multiplayer works
+Region free
+Firmware spoof
– No online gameplay
– Only supports FAT32
– No homebrew (yet)
– Requires a 3DS on older firmware
7 Presentation
As far as 3DS flashkits go in terms of presentation the MT-Card is pretty average. The flashcarts are stocked in blister packaging with resealable plastic cases. The 3DS flashcart is made of a nice durable plastic which could last through your typical wear and tear. It also has teeth to leverage the device against the 3DS as well as metal screws to secure the PCB in the shell. On the top of the shell there’s a switch, micro USB port, and microSD card slot. The DS flashcart included on the other hand is just a restickered R4 made with lesser quality plastic, doesn’t have teeth, and is held together by small plastic pegs.
9 Gameplay
Gameplay on the MT-Card is pretty much the same as you’d expect on a retail 3DS game with a couple exceptions. The exceptions being that online multiplayer features do not function and roms take a couple seconds longer to boot. With the addition of multirom you’ll be able to flawlessly transition from game to game without having to re-flash a rom to your microSD card.
8 Lasting Appeal
With the MT-Card’s latest 1.2 update the MT-Card is now able to play all currently dumped roms regardless of region. That being said having the entire 3DS game library at your disposal to play will last you quite a long time and the only downside I see to this is having trouble deciding what game to play.
9.0 Overall (not an average)
With all things considered the MT-Card has a good build, works as advertised, and is getting updates from the MT-Card team. The only downfalls being no online functionality in titles, it only supports FAT32 formatted microSD, it currently doesn’t allow you to play homebrew, and that it requires a 3DS on 4.5 or lower to use it.

Gateway 3DS Updating emuNAND to access 3ds official cart online

Someone may have 3DS official cart (such as Animal Crossing), can it play online without having to update the 4.5 console?
And with an official cart or the ROM? Also how do you update the emuNAND to access?

With the original cart,assuming you haven’t done any of that if you want to run and update emuNAND

1- launch the gateway boot screen ( while holding L )
2- backup system NAND will take about 10 minutes after that move the NAND from 3DS SD card to your PC and keep it safe.
3- from the same gateway boot screen select format emuNAND ( will take 5-10 minutes )
4- boot gateway mode
5- open settings to make sure that everything is ok and you must see GW before the firmware version that means you’re on emuNAND now
6- don’t exit or close the settings ( or you’ll revert back to the original NAND ) open internet settings and make sure the WiFi is on and set up your internet connection
7- after setting up your WiFi agree to the terms of service ( don’t close the settings like I said make sure there is GW before the firmware version) open other settings and system update
8- download the update
9- after the update the 3DS will restart after that open settings and make sure your original firmware is still the same 4.x or lower
10- if you succeeded in everything when you open the classic mode or gateway mode check your emuNAND it should be 7.x


FYI: when you close the settings the 3DS reverts back to the original firmware so you’ll have to boot the gateway again.

How to setup for updating MT-card to V1.2

MT official released a new software ver. 1.2 yesterday .With the MT-card V1.2, MT card supports animal crossing, pokemon XY. This update program is to update the FPGA chip and CPU data, no need to use another launcher.dat, same V.1.1 launcher.dat in the SD card.

MT_card V1.2 USB Software: http://www.mt-card.com/download/MT_Card_Updater%20v1.2a.rar

1. Download the MT_Card V1.2 software and Unzip the file, click to run the program file MT_Card_Updater v1.2a.exe

2. Use a micro USB cable to connect MT card to the computer.

3. After connecting , the computer will automatically install the drivce, and then shows you a picture as below, “update” is available.Click “update”, it will detect the driver installation of MT card

mt card update V1.2

4. Then , there will be a warning to ask if you want to update your MT-Card firmware from V1.1 to V1.2.

Sure you can click “YES” to go on . But please don’t disconnect during the updating.

mt card update V1.2

Updating, start writing data to MT card

mt card update V1.2

mt card update V1.2


mt card update V1.2

When you look at the “OK/ Update Success!”  message , then it means you have successfully update your mt card to V1.2

OK, that’s all  processes for updating Mt card.

Buy mt-card v1.2 now!