Gateway 3ds flashcart finally starting to ship!

Since gateway-3ds official team claimed the first units to ship since on 29/07/2013, many 3ds users want to order the gateway 3ds as it’s really most powerful to play backup 3ds roms ! But, as the stock of the gateway 3ds flashcart was so poor that many guys cannot order it anymore. They just waiting for the gateway 3ds finally starting shipment. At same time , many merchants just provide the pre order for the gateway 3ds.

gateway 3ds flashcart in stock
gateway 3ds flashcart in stock
However, today,just now,just here.  The gateway 3ds flashcart finally starting to ship on online store. In stock , No delay , shipment arranged once you order!
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M3i Zero Update Guide for 3DS 4.5.0-10 and DSi 1.4.5

M3i zero (GMP-2003) can support to 3DS 4.5.0-10 and DSi 1.4.5 . If your m3i zero card cannot work on it please try to follow this guide to update it.

Step 1. Download the M3i zero “SYSTEM” kernel file here:

Step 2. Download the  old  “F_CORE”  (V4.1) here:

Step 3. Extract those you downloaded (You will get “SYSTEM” folder and a “F_CORE.DAT” file), and then copy them to the ROOT of your TF card.

Step 4. Connect  between the m3i zero card  and PC with the usb power cable.  After the connection,your m3i zero will turn on red light then turn off , usually you can unplug it 15 seconds (Make sure unplug it until the light turn off).

Step 5. Download the 3DS4.5&DSi1.4.5 Update patch here:

and download the newest F_CORE (V4.5) here:

Extract the zip file to the root of your TF card, then overwrite those in TF card. This time your directory of the TF card will exist “SYSTEM” + “M3GUpdaterPlus_450HW.nds”  + “F_CORE.DAT” . With a dslite console and running the “M3GUpdaterPlus_450HW.nds” to upgrade. After about 1~2 minutes, the update finished.

Step 6. You should reconnect between the m3i zero card  and PC with the usb power cable.  After the connection,your m3i zero will turn on red light then turn off , usually you can unplug it 15 seconds (Make sure unplug it until the light turn off).Then, insert your m3i zero into your 3ds v4.5


Step 7.Power your console,if you see this icon,then congra,you have flashed your m3i zero successfully. : )



User Guide : How to update R4i-sdhc rts 3ds for N3DS V6.2.0-12

3DS Firmware has been updated to V6.1.0-12,yet following cards can work well on it :

R4i gold 3ds flashcart
Supercard dstwo
R4idsn 3ds
R4i-sdhc rts 3ds card

and following is a detailed guide on how to update r4isdhc rts 3ds for N3DS V6.2.0-12

1. Download the latest r4i sdhc 3ds kernel V1.73b

2.unzip it, open the folder and you will get these files,like following pix shows

 photo 004-3.png

3. copy these files into your micro sd card and insert your micro sd card into r4isdhc rts 3ds flashcart,then put them together to your 3DS/XL (lower to V6.2.0-12)  or DSi  or NDS/NDSL and so on.

4. Power your console,then enter R4i-sdhc GUI, click the third icon   “Config” just like following pix shows to update your r4isdhc rts 3ds card

r4isdhc rts 3ds

5. Click start  to start the update,during the update,pls dont power off your console or take your card out

3ds flashcart photo 07-10.jpg

After upgrade complete, you can make your r4isdhc rts 3dsflashcart work well on your N3DS V6.2.0-12.

3ds flashcart photo 08-6.jpg

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MOTO X Phone allows you to enjoy customized services from U.S.A?

Did you have a desire to customize you own smart phone ever? Today,  you times arrivals !! MOTO X phone allows you to achieve this desire. XPHONE makes you phone with over 6 colors choices for the covers (both font and back), texture, volume keys and lens ring color, memory, wallpaper, boot greeting all in the official website of the book pages customized for any match , after assembled in U.S.A , then you can have it. In addition, you can customize your favorite signature on the back cover of your phone

The Moto X phone release date will be announced at the Motorola's event on the first of August. The phone will likely feature an always-on listening service, allowing users to wake the device with their voice (Photo: Twitter/ evleaks)

See what you may be concerned that additional customization to increase the price ? Will that let you want to wait a longer time? The answer is NO! Not increase, four days delivery(for American only). 14 days unconditional go back and re-design, free Depot ones,

About the hardware parameters, listing them for you below:
-A display that’s “in the vicinity of 4.5 inches”

-1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon MSM8960T (S4 Pro) processor


-1,500 MAh battery

-A “near stock” version of Android 4.2.2

-Removable Kevlar back cover

We can note easily that the focus is not on hardware competition for MOTO X phone, but pay more attention to human custom. This is a significant progress, real phone YOU times has begun!