Digimartz credit card payment guideline

Digimartz credit card payment simply integrate into 3D Secure verification system as part of our online payment solution.

Many of our customers may have questions on credit card using in recent days .

This page provides guideline to 3D Secure. It is recommended that all members and customers read this section

Three parties involved in the 3D Secure process are the following:

1) The Vendor

2) The Acquiring Bank

3) Visa and MasterCard

>>If you have already opened the 3D Secure functionality ,you just need to input your password

>>If you haven’t opened the functionality before ,you simply need to do below steps:
1. Activate the functionality

2. Verify your identity

3. Create your personal password for online transactions
4. Activation successfully
Please note that above guidelines are for your reference

No related posts.  For any problems you met during payment, please feel free to contact our staff through sales@digimartz.com