Help you figure out the “no card insert” issue of Acekard 2i

If your are an owner of a AK2i and you may have suffered  from the “no card insert”  issue like the picutrue shows below.

However, please don’t worry, this blog will help you out of this problem, just follow the belowing step by step .

Some things required:
Original AK2I,
Any flashcard(which can work on DSL or DSI console,under ver.v1.43),SD card,Card reader,PC.

Here i will take the DSTWO card as a example. I will use a DSL to fix the problem.
1. Format your SD card.
2. Download the DSTWO kernel, and unzip it, copy all the files on the root of the SD card.
3. Download the AK2i latest update patch, unzip it, you will get two different files, one is for DSL and the other is for DSi. Copy the “ak2ifw_update_3ds43_dsi144_onDSL.nds” on the root of the SD card. (If you are using a DSi, you should copy the DSi.nsd file)
4. Insert the SD card into DSTWO card, and power on DSTWO with DSL console. Find the “ak2ifw_update_3ds43_dsi144_onDSL.nds”file and run it. You can get the screen below:

5. Do not do any steps, just eject the SD card and dstwo, then insert the ak2i (without SD card) into the DSL console. Press “B” to continue, you will get the pic below:

6. Press “Start” button, the card will update itself, DO NOT power during this process, or your card will be damaged. When the update completed, you will show:

7. Just power your console, and then  your Acekard2i can work again now!