Wood r4 kernel V1.54 has been released

R4ids official has released the new wood fw – wood r4 firmware V1.54 on Nov.1st, that is very amazing news for those r4i gold users
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Change Log (WOODR4 V1.54)
– fatfs updated to 0.09a.

– ‘pokemon – version blanche 2 (France)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – version noire 2 (France)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – schwarze edition 2 (Germany)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – versione bianca 2 (Italy)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – edicion negra 2 (Spain)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – edicion blanca 2 (Spain)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – versione nera 2 (Italy)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – weisse edition 2 (Germany)’ fixed.

Download it now (Note: this fw. for both R4i gold non-3ds & R4i gold 3ds cards).

New Arrivals! Fashion Samsung GALAXY NOTE 2 Flip Case Cover review

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exquisite workmanship,colorful ,  fit is also in place, the appropriate thickness, looks wearable! There four original colors available : black, white, red and blue.

That’s good flip case , will make your GALAXY NOTE 2 more fashion,look cool . Here the youtube video for the review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54381st3iFs&feature=youtu.be

“Lightning” hacked? Engineering Edition has been released!!

So far as we known, the iPhone 5 with a new generation of data interface which has a new 8-pin design called “Lightning“, but “authentication chip” interface was stumped third-party accessories manufacturers. However , according to relevant practitioners, at least 3-4 ones have completed chips hacking work, it is no longer the problem for the basis  data transfer and charging, or even 1:1 ratio with perfect compatibility.
iphone 5 lightning data line
iphone 5 lightning hacked
iphone 5 lightning chip
In fact, the domestic type certification chip is no stranger those years , the office equipment manufacturers such as Epson, HP began to join anti-counterfeit chips in the cartridge, used to prevent the domestic enterprises to produce compatible products (cottage) and joint supply (continuous for ink) system, for these cartridges domestic enterprises many years, In security chip technology, Apple is not strong enough to let a professional company can not crack the extent ,but for the battle of  the original chip can not break before, perhaps it due to some cottage manufacturers trying to earn high profits.

According to the forecast, in two months later , with the popularity of the technology, the prices of “Lightning” data lines expected down to about $20 dollars. The final editon of  “Lightning”  will be supplied on digimartz.com very soon!

Wood r4 v1.53 official released !

Today , R4ids official team has been released new firmware- Wood r4 V1.53 firmware for the R4i gold 3DS. This firmware fixed many compatibly update. Please see the change log for more information.

r4i gold 3ds

QUOTE: Change Log
  • ‘learn with pokemon – typing adventure (europe)’ fixed.
  • ‘tinker bell and the great fairy rescue (europe) (en,sv,no,da)’ fixed.
  • ‘pokemon – white version 2 (usa, europe)’ fixed.
  • ‘pokemon – black version 2 (usa, europe)’ fixed.

New wood r4 1.53 firmware with new style and fashion feeling…

 Wood r4 1.53 download