NesDS 1.2b Download

NES emulator for Nintendo DS has been updated:  Download

A open-source NES emulator for the Nintendo DS. It can be compiled with GCC(devkitPRO/devkitARM, the version supported) or ADS(the original version, no update).

– VRC6 sound channel added! Now the nesDS supports: Triangle, Rectangle, Noise, DPCM, RawPCM, FDS, VRC6 Channels not supported: VRC7 MMC5 N106 FME7. The classic game that uses VRC6 is – Mapper253 added. You can play some special Chinese games on nesDS.

More Features:

  • fds supported, with fds sound.
  • .ini supported.
  • Multi-players supported
  • DPCM added. The sound is nearly perfect.
  • short-cuts added.
  • Almost no graphic mess on a lot of games!
  • Cheat added.
  • .gz .zip supported.
  • Double Screen Show
  • VCR6 added.