PokeMini Emulator 0.5.2 Download

PokeMini Emulator 0.5.2 Download

The new version of the emulator (starting 0.4.x) was designed to have compatibility over performance, no real optimizations will be started until it emulate the system extremely well.

Please note that the emulator still in alpha phase.

> History:

-: 0.5.2 Changes :-

  • Opening .minc files now opens the linked .min files
  • More accurant PRC timing and triggering
  • Minor changes Debugger Only:

  • Recent ROMs list
  • Drag & Drop ROM files support
  • Added file association to .min and .minc files
  • Moved PRC Counter from Timers Window to Misc. Window
  • Added more special registers for printing and controlling the debug output
  • Reorganized the menu
  • Improved the memory content components
  • Added 16-bits memory filler into memory viewer
  • All viewers and main window position & size are now saved Win32 Only:

  • Fixed command-lines and closing code
  • Recent ROMs list
  • Drag & Drop ROM files support
  • Added “Pause when inactive” window option
  • Added file association to .min and .minc files
  • M3i Zero Core 4.1.0-8 Download

    Core update for Dsi 1.4.4 and 3DS 4.1.0-8     Download

    Core for M3i Zero only:(1-6-2012)

    M3i Zero Core data file V4.1.0

    1.Support M3i Zero Model:GMP-Z003 & old Models;
    (*Old Models have no improvement after upgrade)

    2.Support 3DS Japanese firmware Ver. 4.1.0-8J;

    Support 3DS USA firmware Ver. 4.1.0-8U;

    Support 3DS European firmware Ver. 4.1.0-8E;
    Support iDSi Chinese firmware V1.4.5C;

    Support NDSi/NDSi LL Japanese firmware V1.4.4J;

    Support NDSi/NDSi XL American firmware V1.4.4U;

    Support NDSi/NDSi XL European firmware V1.4.4E.

    1. All machines are upgradable: even your machine has already been in firmware 1.4.2. And no need to find another bootable machine to perform the upgrading process.
    2. risk-free: flash card will not be damaged even the upgrading process is not successfully.
    3. fast and easy to update
    just plug in the “programming cable” and wait for about 30sec.
    For details please read the PDF file below.
    M3i Zero firmware Upgrade Manual(*.pdf file)

    If you have SD card compatibility issue on 3DS, try to use M3GUpdaterPlus_142.nds to upgrade with compatible SD card or on NDS/NDSi to complete.

    (For M3i Zero GMP-Z003 only)