To halt flash cards, Nintendo upgraded the DS firmware from V1.4 to V1.41 on Sep 7th, 2010

To halt flash cards, Nintendo upgraded the DS firmware from V1.4 to V1.41 on Sep 7th, 2010. Most flash cards can’t run in the new NDSI version, such as AK 2, SuperCard Dsone, M3i Zero,R4i,R4i Gold and so on. For DSi, Nintendo also offered upgrate service to DSi and Wii users. The target was to cover flash cards which could run in DSi ROM before, and to clean ISO software in Wii. It seems, Nintendo succeeds in anti-jailbreak. But actually, the game of mouse and cat never stops.
Some flash card manufacturers gave notice to their users. Player was suggested not to upgrade NDSi to V1.41 before the upgrade kernal of flash card. Many flash card users choose no upgrade firmware to avoid incompatible. Others are still watching.
Before the release of NDSI V1.41, SuperCard team claimed they were upgrading the SCDStwo flash card kernal. The new kernal would support V1.41. And few days later, they succeeded to issue the latest kernal which can run in NDSi V1.41.
Aim at NDSI V1.41, R4i-SDHC released new product R4i-SDHC V1.4.1 on Sep 23th,2010. The upgraded kernal R4i-SDHC V1.26B was issued at the same time. Users can download the new R4i-SDHC V1.26B kernal to support NDSI V1.41.
Nintendo were failed to halt three flash cards: EZ-Flash Vi, iSmart DS and Hyper R4i. These cards can run in DSi V1.41 as usual.
It is believed, other flash cards manufacturers are also upgrading their kernal. Later more and more kernal who support NDSi V1.41 will be released.
flash cards halted by V1.41 firmware:
Acekard 2i
SuperCard DSOne/SDHC
M3i Zero
R4i Gold
Flash cards support V1.41:
EZ-Flash Vi
iSmart DS
Hyper R4i
SuperCard DSTwo (after upgrade new kernal)
R4i-SDHC V1.4.1